Counter-spin: On average, a project has been implemented every 3 to 8 days?!

The accusations of Russian interference in Macedonia are not unjustified

Counter-spin: VMRO-DPMNE’s double standards regarding the refugees

Gruevski is mistaken, the fires in Makedonski Brod didn’t claim a victim

Counter-spin: And who exactly wants and needs our identity?!

SPO has mandate both for investigations and indictments until 2020

Counter-spin: SPO’s target is not VMRO-DPMNE, but the crimes committed by individuals from the party’s leadership

It promised 20, but now SDSM’s new government will have 25 ministers

The repeal of the unsuccessful measure for external examination is not populism

Counterspin: Gruevski has ruled “dictatorially”, we’ll see about the others

The abuse of the Rules of Procedure to prevent the transfer of power is political violence

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The unavailability of Sead Kochan as an occasion for creative interpretation of the Law on Criminal Procedure

The party membership is of decisive importance for employment in the public administration

Ivanov talks about economic growth that is simply nonexistent

The disclosure of SPO’s investigation only protects the other possible suspects

VMRO-DPMNE does not represent the entire “nation”

Soros is not on Freedom House’s donor list