What has the Government done in the first phase of the reformatory Plan 3-6-9?

Information becomes more accessible, the Law will be amended by the end of the year

The amendments to the key media law have been prepared

“Tariff” – Suspicions of abuses in ELEM

“Transporter” – Transportation of pupils that costed more than the transportation of pupils in Tokyo

“Total” – Investigation on tax evasion by the owner of “Total”, “Mediamaks” and “Total media centar”

“Lawn” – Three illegally built holiday homes in Zelenikovo

“Trajectory” – Commissions for the Chinese worth millions ended up in government officials’ pockets

“Thaler” – The SPO initiated an investigation on the illegal financing of VMRO-DPMNE

“Trust” – Abuses of a tender of ELEM worth millions

“Three hundred” – Illegal procurement of 300 vehicles for the Ministry of Interior

“Tiffany” – the SPO suspects that underwear and purses were bought through a company

“Blackboard” – The principal of the elementary school “Rexho Ruzhit Zajazi” as a suspect

T.N.T. – Investigation on the strongmen who demolish out of vengeance

“Fortress” – destroying the wiretapping equipment

“Titanic” – SPO’s first investigation

“Tenders” – Investigation on the construction of the extensions of the Museum of VMRO

“Tank” – Investigation on the purchase of the Mercedes for the Prime Minister