The Special Prosecutor’s Office has listened to more than 500 thousand phone conversations, 193 thousand of them are private!

What has the Government done in the first phase of the reformatory Plan 3-6-9?

Information becomes more accessible, the Law will be amended by the end of the year

The amendments to the key media law have been prepared

“Tariff” – Suspicions of abuses in ELEM

“Transporter” – Transportation of pupils that costed more than the transportation of pupils in Tokyo

“Total” – Investigation on tax evasion by the owner of “Total”, “Mediamaks” and “Total media centar”

“Lawn” – Three illegally built holiday homes in Zelenikovo

“Trajectory” – Commissions for the Chinese worth millions ended up in government officials’ pockets

“Thaler” – The SPO initiated an investigation on the illegal financing of VMRO-DPMNE

“Trust” – Abuses of a tender of ELEM worth millions

“Three hundred” – Illegal procurement of 300 vehicles for the Ministry of Interior

“Tiffany” – the SPO suspects that underwear and purses were bought through a company

“Blackboard” – The principal of the elementary school “Rexho Ruzhit Zajazi” as a suspect

T.N.T. – Investigation on the strongmen who demolish out of vengeance

“Fortress” – destroying the wiretapping equipment

“Titanic” – SPO’s first investigation

“Tenders” – Investigation on the construction of the extensions of the Museum of VMRO