The Law on the languages will be effective everywhere, but applied somewhere

Nobody asks Jakimovski to shelter 5000 refugees

SPO has mandate both for investigations and indictments until 2020

It promised 20, but now SDSM’s new government will have 25 ministers

The repeal of the unsuccessful measure for external examination is not populism

Ivanov talks about economic growth that is simply nonexistent

There is no blackmail for government, there is a blackmail for mandate

The constitutive session is not the occasion for requesting details on the agreed majority

The construction of the wastewater treatment plant in Strumica is behind schedule

Tender for construction of new sports hall for Rabotnički hasn’t been published yet

It is not correct that Janeva must attend a session of а parliamentary committee

The diplomats have not violated the Vienna Convention

Ahmeti previously did not want to even think about it, but now he is ready for elections without the opposition

MP Ilija Dimovski’s “illustration” of SDSM’s media bill is inaccurate

Inconsistent: Gruevski has no say in Officers’ Mess sale

Ahmeti: Ramadan precludes June elections

Gruevski: Electoral register can be revised in days