“Vault” – Equipment for UBK overpaid by 860.000 euro


Three chiefs in UBK and one chief in MOI produced financial benefit for “Finzi” DOOEL in the amount of 862.045 euro during the procurement of telecommunication equipment from Great Britain

In the press conference that took place on 28 September 2016, the Special Prosecution Office (SPO) announced that it has initiated a new investigation under the code name “Vault”. The director of “Finzi” DOOEL Skopje was Kosta Krpach, who took his own life in April 2016 under suspicious conditions.

According to the investigation, three chiefs in the Administration for Security and Counter-intelligence (UBK) and one chief in MOI produced financial benefit for “Finzi” DOOEL in the amount of 862.045 euro during the procurement of telecommunication equipment from Great Britain. In the period from July 2010 to the end of 2012, the suspects abused their posts and procured equipment for UBK’s needs and by doing so, they directly damaged the budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

As the prosecutor Fatime Fetai said, it’s a case of extreme abuse of the budget resources:

The financial resources in question are resources that belong to all the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, resources that you dedicate daily on various grounds from your incomes and entrust to the governing elites to create safer and more prosperous society for you and your offspring.

Instead, the evidence in the case I am about to present give space for justified suspicion that such resources, through abuse of office by certain bearers of functions, through damaging the budget, have been used for other purposes, specifically for gaining financial benefit – personal enrichment, which pursuant to the Criminal Code is a punishable act.

This investigation has been initiated because there is justified suspicion that the acts of three chiefs in the UBK and one chief in the MOI helped them producee financial benefit for, the recently well-known legal entity, registered in the RM as “Finzi” DOOEL Skopje, in the total amount of 53.015.794,00 denar or 862.045 euro, and the damage done to the budget of the Republic of Macedonia is in the same amount

Referring to court sources, the NOVA website published that suspects in the “Vault” case are: the former director of UBK, Sasho Mijalkov, the former superintendent of the Fifth Administration Goran Grujovski, the chief of Mijalkov’s cabinet, Toni Jakimovski, and the former assistant Minister in the MOI and member of Telecom’s Steering Board, Nebojsha Stajkovic.

The entire press conference is available here (in Macedonian), and the media reports regarding this event are available here (in Macedonian).


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