Independent and efficient Anti-corruption Commission hasn’t been formed yet

SDSM hasn’t instituted the Energy Ombudsman

The Government still hasn’t taken measures for free hospital treatments

Unfinished Bardovci kindergarten used as a recycled promise for Jakimovski`s campaign

Kumanovo still hasn’t solved the waste problem

Tender for construction of new sports hall for Rabotnički hasn’t been published yet

More than 1400 pupils of the Ismail Qemali primary school in Chair educated in miserable conditions

Two years after the wiretapping scandal, the security system is yet to be reformed

The promised 12 million euro from Motherson blown by the wind from Bunardjik

Unfulfilled: Shtip hospital construction to “begin somewhere between 2014 and 2018”

Unfulfilled: New Clinical Centre becomes ‘clinical case’