An American doctor introduced as a 109-year-old cardiologist from Macedonia who advertises an unregistered drug

A 109-year-old cardiologist from Macedonia shares the secret of longevity and good health. Sounds interesting and enticing to read, doesn’t it? What you need to know from the start that this doctor is fake, the medicine he offers is untested and this is a typical online scam


The article we are reviewing, which is shared on social networks, shows an alleged doctor Mihael Treneski who presents him as a 109-year-old cardiologist from Macedonia who offers a cure for blood vessels that will help you in many diseases and make you feel younger.

There is no such doctor in Macedonia! The character of this doctor in this text is completely fictional.

First, there is no cardiologist in Macedonia named Mihael Treneski who is 109 years old. Such a doctor cannot be found in the list of specialists of the Health Insurance Fund from the code list of Specialist doctors from public and private health institutions.

His name does not even appear when searched on Google, which means he does not exist.

The alleged doctor is posted with a photo under which it reads: At the age of 109, Dr Treneski also received congratulations from the president. Photo from the office of Dr Treneski.

This is an absolute lie. The photo does not show Dr Treneski, nor did he was congratulated by the President.

When his photo is searched on Google, it is clear that he is not a doctor from Macedonia. The photo is of Dr Walter Watson, from Augusta, Georgia, USA. In 2010 when he was 100 years old (not 109) he was the oldest doctor in the world with 63 years of experience as an obstetrician.

Dr Watson died in 2012, at the age of 102.

The exact same text can be found in English. But there this doctor is introduced as Dr Clyde Butler. Again, fake news and manipulation. In that text, unlike this one in Macedonian, the medicine is called “Blood Balance Advanced Formula”.

On the Macedonian language website, the medicine is called “Hypertea”. The text claims that it helps clean the blood vessels, and some of the many benefits attributed to it are regulating blood pressure and improving general health. But this is not a cure. It is not official, it is not approved by relevant institutions, and it cannot be found on the official drug register of the Ministry of Health, nor in pharmacies.

This tea, which is advertised on several websites and Facebook pages, is, in fact, a supplement whose effectiveness is neither confirmed by official research nor by any evidence. There is no data either on its composition or specific data on the manufacturer. The text tells a lie about drug-related research, which aims to sound true, but it is not.

The official statistics from the clinical studies are presented on the website of the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases. About 2 thousand patients participated in the clinical trials and all of them used “Hypertea” in the treatment.

There is no such Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases in Macedonia, so the results that are allegedly obtained with alleged clinical studies are, in fact, fabricated and unrealistic.

This is a typical online scam that unethically uses the suffering of people who have health problems in order to lure them to buy an alleged drug and spend a lot of money. It uses a non-existent doctor with a false identity, who was created to present a false reality in order to deceive people and entice them to spend money without them actually receiving the help they need.





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