Counterspin: Contrary to Bujar Osmani’s Statements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Was Supplied With Russian Fuel the Day before the War in Ukraine

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On March 7, RNM Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani agreed with his Ukrainian colleague on TV21 that “Russian oil is the blood of Ukraine,” adding that “the purchase of Russian gas is financing the Russian army.” However, although he was informed about the exact day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the ministry he heads, just one day before the invasion bought fuel from a Russian company “LukOil” operating in this country, writes



Author: Ardit Ramadani



In the show, Click Plus on TV21, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that the purchase from Russian companies is financing the Russian military.

SPIN: “I think Russia, the Russian Federation, is mainly funded through energy sources. The dominant revenues of the Russian Federation are from gas, oil, energy resources. Certainly, their purchase is financing the Russian army, there is no doubt about that,” Osmani said. He stressed that the possibilities of blocking any indirect or direct assistance from the RNM to the Russian Federation are being considered.

[Source: TV21 / Facebook – date: 07.03.2022]

COUNTERSPIN: The statements of Minister Osmani are not in accordance with the actions of the Ministry. The problem with such statements is that Osmani was informed of the “exact day and hour” of the Russian occupation of Ukraine, and yet that did not stop him and the ministry under his leadership from buying fuel from the Russian company.

“We knew few weeks before it happened, and in the last days we knew the exact time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Osmani said, among other things.

The last time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bought fuel from the Russian company “LukOil” was a day before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, on February 23, 2022.

This act is not in line with what Osmani says, who, knowing this very important fact, approved the purchase of oil, and if we use the words he uses to spin, then it turns out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs financed the Russian army to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

His statements that “Russian oil is the blood of Ukraine” are contradictory, and the flow of that “blood” is facilitated, among others, by the institution he runs, giving money to Russian companies.

If our country, according to him, “considers the possibilities of blocking any indirect or direct assistance from the RNM to the Russian Federation” then buying oil from LukOil is the opposite of this claim.

The ministry headed by Bujar Osmani has several times bought oil from a Russian company, more precisely “LukOil”, in North Macedonia. According to the data provided by from the Open Finance platform, it turns out that only in February did the Ministry of Foreign Affairs buy oil from the company “LukOil” for a total of 165,157 denars or 2,678 Euros.

Regarding these statements, the Albanian opposition parties also reacted.  According to the leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Ziadin Sela, Osmani is one of the financiers of Russia, and Arianit Hoxha from the BESA Movement pointed out that Bujar Osmani “speaks one thing and acts differently.“





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