Message to NATO: Ivanov’s speech is dangerous and shall not be ridiculed

Многу зборови -малку поткрепа. Фото: Веб страна на Кабинет на Претседател на РМ

The speech makes reference to a special war against our country, without presenting any arguments or taking precautionary measures. This means these guys can trust and act upon any given conspiracy or rumor, without checking the facts.


Author: Ramadan Ramadani


The speech of the person who occupied the Presidential post of a country that has problematic elections – currently subject of pre-investigation by the Special Prosecutor – is not ridiculous at all. Instead of ignoring it, we must take a cautious approach, given the danger carried by such illegitimate occupation of a vastly important post with numerous authorizations.

1. We live in a country where the security structures framed a case back in 2002, known as “Rashtanski Lozja”. Thereof, any mentioning of security threats, migrants and similar should be seen as an opportunity of preparing similar framings.

2. The only ICTY convict for crimes against humanity was part of these structures, under direct command and accountable to the President.

3. Further on, those mentioned as being involved in last year’s events in Goshince and Kumanovo are also part of the Agency under the authorities of the President. This case is not closed by the court yet, thus we can’t know their role in the one-day horror of the citizens of Kumanovo and whole Macedonia. Equally, we don’t know the role of the President, back then and now.

4. The speech makes reference to a special war against our country, without presenting any arguments or taking precautionary measures. This means these guys can trust and act upon any given conspiracy or rumor, without checking the facts.

5. It is due to the same irresponsible person, his great political mistake and decision of collective pardoning that further deepened the political crisis in the country. By doing so, he has greatly damaged the international reputation of the country.

6. Security threats, wars and armies were also mentioned in the speech – they all are rather serious claims, voiced by a greatly unserious being.

7. Another top official had been using the services of a fortuneteller, indicating that this might be the wider case and might include the President.

8. As an institution, this person should personify the unity of the nation. Instead, he behaves like part of a sect, alienating his citizens who’re protesting, the recognized institution of the Special Prosecutor, as well as the legitimate political party (DUI and SDSM). This is a serious and worrying handicap.

9. His illegal acquiring of the names of those subjects of investigation remains unresolved; they were later pardoned and one of them paid this with his life. Kosta Krpac was just a witness in a pre-investigation procedure of the Special Prosecutor.

I thus believe it’s high time to a have a wide message delivered to NATO – as a political and military organization – by all citizens, expressing our worries over the security. Appreciating the constant and benevolent commitments of NATO in advancing the political and democratic landscape in Macedonia, we shall deliver a direct message to the Organization and the country. Measures and decisions should be taken in order to further improve the democratic climate, security of the citizens, rule of law, as well as the opportunity of meeting the entry criteria which are set by the Organization for our country. The appeal is primarily addressed to NATO because of the seriousness of the situation we’re finding ourselves in. This is obvious, particularly by the statements given by these people on behalf of responsible institutions, referring to special wars and military or other engagement of the security forces, against all or some of the citizens. The other reason why this appeal is directed to NATO lies in the fact that numerous avenues were already explored, as to defend the citizens of the country. NATO is a structure that can efficiently guarantee the security– it’s an institution trusted by the overall majority in the country. We believe that NATO would be helpful at our pre-accession stage, against the potential external threats. Hence, we consider that this would be appropriate given the current interior political and security deterioration.


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