More than 1400 pupils of the Ismail Qemali primary school in Chair educated in miserable conditions

Ismail Qemali primary school. Photo: Truthmeter


The project for expanding the Ismail Qemali primary school in Topansko Pole was promised in Democratic Union for Integration’s Election platform for the parliamentary elections in 2014. The project was supposed to be completed by the end of 2015, however, until now (15 March 2017), this promise remains unfulfilled



The Ismail Qemali primary school in Topansko Pole is still facing the lack of space for more than 1.400 pupils being educated in this school. The authorities have promised expansion of the school in multiple instances, but there hasn’t been any real solution to this issue. The school’s management, faced with such circumstances, has decided to relocate the primary schoolers in the kindergarten located across the street. Although in good shape, the kindergarten has insufficient conditions to accommodate the children.

The Minister of Education and Science, Abdulaqim Ademi, a year and a half ago promised that if a request by the school regarding this issue is received, such request shall be included in the program for the next year, 2016.

If the school’s management reaches to us via the Municipality of Chair for possible expansion of the school, or for new premises, or for refurbishment of the existing object, we will most certainly review that and we’ll be able to include it in next year’s program. (Source: ТВ21, 20 November 2015)

Though this issue is unfamiliar to the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), Ismail Qemali primary school’s management says that requests for opening new classes and employing new personnel are constant, but there are no positive answers with excuse that the school has property issues.

Their excuse is that there is no possibility. For the first time last year, we received a response from the Ministry that the school’s property situation hasn’t been regulated yet, i.e. the procedure hasn’t been completed, and that’s why the request hasn’t been taken into account… The school’s yard is owned by the municipality, whereas the object itself is owned by the Ministry of Education and there are certain conditions that have to be met so the school can be completely owned by the municipality. (Source: Алсат-М, 26 June 2016)

Besides the lack of necessary premises, this school has other problems too: old roof, reeking sewage system, broken windows etc.

This school’s issue remains unsolved in 2017 as well.

The number of pupils has grown to an alarming level, there are more than 1.450 pupils and all of this will be a problem in the future too, because the settlement is growing, thus the number of its inhabitants… (5:32) the school doesn’t have the capacities for all of these pupils… (5:40) it is different when you teach 20-25 and 35 pupils, and such difference affects the education’s quality, but the conditions are such. (Source: Алсат-М, 23 January 2017)

Truthmeter went on site to check the school’s condition. The school is still facing the problem with overcrowded classes, and part of the students are still being educated in the kindergarten across the street. The management says it has sent the necessary requests for school’s expansion.

ismail qemali cair
Photo 1, 2: Ismail Qemali primary school – Chair

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It was promised that this school’s expansion will be finished by the end of 2015, but so far, no positive step has been made toward solving this problem. According to what we’ve managed to see and investigate, as well as in compliance with Truthmeter’s methodology, we consider this promise and unfulfilled




Assessed by: Rabie Abazi

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