Tender for construction of new sports hall for Rabotnički hasn’t been published yet

In September (2016), Žernovski promised that a tender for construction of new sports hall for Rabotnički will be published in November (2016). Photo: Print screen


I had a wish to announce this news in November, but there, I’ll do it now. A tender for new sports hall for Rabotnički will be published in November (2016). The location is City Park and City Park only. (Andrej Žernovski)


Subject of this analysis is the assessment of the promise made by Centar Municipality’s mayor, Andrej Žernovski, that the tender for construction of sports hall for the basketball club Rabotnički will be published in November 2016. Žernovski made this promise on 16 September 2016 on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Rabotnički, and so far (27 January 2017), it hasn’t been fulfilled.

The first time the mayor of the Municipality of Centar announced the construction of a new sports hall for KK Rabotnički was on 7 April 2016 during the press conference of the 14-time champion, which according to the media, was attended by the mayor as the club’s sponsor.

If you take a close look at the proposal for the new urban development plan for the City Park, you will understand our thinking regarding this topic. I wouldn’t like to open this topic, for now, but I’ll do that soon for sure. Fact is that Rabotnički deserves new, modern hall and I believe and we’ll achieve that in the near future. You’ll be additionally informed about the details. (Žernovski)

In the middle of September 2016, at the club’s 70th anniversary, the mayor actually confirmed this intention by promising that a tender for KK Rabotnički’s new hall will be published in two months (in November 2016).

So far (21 January 2017) the tender for construction of new hall for KK Rabotnički hasn’t been published. The public procurements’ archive on Centar Municiaplity’s website doesn’t include a tender for construction of new hall for Rabotnički. The electronic system for public procurements within the Public Procurement Bureau doesn’t offer information for such tender as well.

On 8 January 2017, VMRO-DPMNE’s councilor in the Municipality of Centar, Goran Bogdanovski, criticized the mayor’s work regarding KK Rabotnički by giving the following statement:

The situation in the club is desperate. The players and the technical staff haven’t been remunerated for several months. Žernovski has promised that by altering the Detailed Urban Development Plan (DUP), the basketball club Rabotnički will get a new, modern sports hall. Žernovski’s term is almost over, and still nothing has been done in terms of this promise. Additionally, the club owes tens of thousands of euro to several sports capacities for rent. Is this the European club that Žernovski is building? Is this how the Municipality of Centar and Andrej Žernovski work? (Bogdanovski)

Though the tender for construction of a sports hall hasn’t been published yet, such critiques by VMRO-DPMNE toward the mayor Žernovski are not completely truthful. Namely, Žernovski announced the construction in April 2016, not at the beginning of his term. He mentions KK Rabotnički in the Election program that he offered for the local elections in 2013, but it doesn’t contain any precise promise what he is going to do for this basketball club. On page 24 in the Election program, in the section titled: “More investments in the sport and recreation”, inter alia, is stated:

Unfortunately, Municipality of Centar has poor sport infrastructure. The development of sport is impossible without appropriate, decent sports infrastructure. Therefore, most of our efforts will be directed toward erecting the required sports infrastructure.

Return of the Macedonian sports icon’s old glory, basketball club Rabotnički

On the other hand, the Municipality of Centar has reacted to councilor Goran Bogdanovski’s statement by issuing a press release, which, inter alia, says:

After the new authorities came in power in the Municipality of Centar, there has been a significant increase in the resources allocated to the Macedonian brand with the most trophies. For 2017, the Municipality of Centar has allocated 19 million to KK Rabotnički. In 2013, VMRO-DPMNE’s management has allocated ridiculous 7.5 million denar, or trice the less resources. (Municipality of Centar)

Still, this press release doesn’t contain information regarding the publication of the tender for construction of a sports hall.

So, taking all of the stated arguments into account, the promise of the mayor Žernovski for publishing a tender for construction of new sports hall for KK Rabotnički in November 2016, is assessed as unfulfilled.




Assessed by: Milena Josifovska

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