The man selling medical masks was photographed in Romania, not on a bus in Skopje


These past several days, a post is being shared on Facebook of a man holding medical masks allegedly selling them for 80 denars on a bus owned by the Skopje Public Transportation Enterprise.

The underground has always been faster than the institutions… photographed today on a SPTE bus… a box of masks costs 1200 denars… one mask costs 120 denars… otherwise, under normal conditions, the mask costs 7 denars… (in his bag there are more than 500 masks), reads the Facebook post.

Some of the citizens believed this information, but some suspected that it was not a SPTE bus. Some have even managed to discover that the photo was made in Romania, not Skopje.

If you surf Google, you will find out that the photo has already been posted on other sites, such as the Facebook page of the site, where the photo was posted on 25 February. According to the status, the photo was taken in the town of Craiova, Romania.





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