“The Market of Terror” is in Indonesia, not in Wuhan

[Review: (Video) The Market of Terror from which the coronavirus originated]


At a time when the coronavirus is a major concern in the world, the media must be especially cautious with republishing news related to this virus.

Link to original article: (Видео) Пазарот на ужасот од кој почна коронавирусот ((Video) The Market of Terror from where the coronavirus originated)

Date and time of publishing: 30 January 2020

Date and time of review: 3 February 2020

Reviewer: Ana Anastasovska

In our attempt to capture the fake news and misinformation that has begun to spread about the new coronavirus, and to unmask it, we have come across this article, which broadcasts a video of “the market of terror from which the coronavirus originated”. The video was transmitted by most of the Macedonian media, although it is false.

This video was transmitted by Makfax as well, and the article reads:

Although called the Seafood Market, Huanan, this market sells much more than seafood. In such markets, in addition to dead and alive poultry and livestock, there are various live wild animals: birds, rabbits, rats, foxes, bats, snakes and other reptiles, donkeys, camels, and even monkeys.


What is the truth about Wuhan’s market of terror?

The truth is that this video is not of a market in Wuhan, nor anywhere in China, but it is of a market in Indonesia. When you play the video you can see the name of the market in large letters, i.e. Pasar Estream Langowan, and when you search, if you do not know where Langowan is, you will find out that it is in Indonesia, not in China.


If you search on Youtube, you will find out that the same video has been published in December 2019.


At the height of the coronavirus, someone took this video, gave it a new title: wuhan china, from here it all started the market and published it as the market of terror from which the coronavirus started spreading.

The falseness of this video was also noted by the AFP FactCheck and Faktly.

Nearly 48 organizations around the world united under the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), from last week are working to unmask coronavirus misinformation.

The International Fact-Checking Network for the new kind of coronavirus will work as long as the disease is spreading, and its work can be followed on social media through the hashtags #CoronaVirusFacts and #DatosCoronaVirus.




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