There Are No Public Health Doctors That Work For a Salary of 250 Euros


 We received confirmation from three sources that there is no doctor in North Macedonia who is paid a salary of 250 Euros. Salaries are much higher.


We are reviewing a post on Facebook in which a text is shared with the title “Only in Macedonia: Baker with a salary of 600 Euros, and a doctor with 250 Euros”.

In the content of the text, the doctors are not mentioned even once, i.e. in no way is the information given in the title of the text supported with facts that there are doctors who receive a salary of 250 Euros. That information is only given in the title and is mentioned only once.

“Truthmeter” addressed the first man of the Ministry of Health, and he told us that there is not a single doctor in the state health who works for 250 Euros or 15,500 denars.

There is no doctor in the state health whose salary is 250 Euros. The compensation of the interns is 30 thousand denars, said the Minister of Health Venko Filipce for “Truthmeter”.

Dr. Nenad Lazarov, president of the Association of Trainees and Young Doctors, also denied that doctors in the country work for 250 Euros.

The state has set a state average for a young general practitioner and it is around 26 thousand denars, confirmed Dr. Lazarov for “Truthmeter”.

Dr Ile Kuzmanovski, from the Association of Trainees, also denied this information.

No, there is no doctor in the state health care with such a low salary. Everyone gets better salaries than that, said Dr. Kuzmanovski.

Hence, we assess that the information presented in the title of the text we are reviewing is false. In the country, doctors’ salaries are not 250 Euros. In the Clinical Center “Mother Teresa”, i.e. the state hospital, according to our unofficial information, the basic net salary of the doctor is at least about 55 thousand denars, but this does not mean that all doctors receive this amount. Doctors on multi-duty earn much more, but also work longer hours.






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