This Video is not from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, But It Is Two Years Old

Фото: Принтскрин видео

According to Reuters, the video is falsely related to the crisis in Ukraine and is part of a Russian air show from 2020


The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused an avalanche of videos on social networks, but among these videos, there are some that do not date from the Russian invasion, but from earlier.

Such is the case with this video, which is said to depict Russian fighter jets flying over Kyiv. The video was released on February 24, 2022, the day the Russian attacks began. The text says that Russian fighter jets have been flying over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv since the morning (that is, from February 24, 2022), because Russia has completely disabled the Ukrainian air defence system with high-precision weapons.

Moscow said early in the morning that special operations were under way against Ukrainian military bases, air defenses and other military facilities. You can watch the video on the following link, the news reports.

However, the video from which there is an illustration or photo is not from 2022, but from 2020 and is not related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The original video was posted on YouTube on the next channel on May 4, 2020.

According to Reuters, the video is falsely related to the crisis in Ukraine and is part of a Russian air show from 2020. The title of the original video is Flyby Moscow, which means it was probably shot in Russia, not Ukraine.

Additionally, when searching for videos on YouTube from May 4, 2020, similar footage can also be found, where Russian planes fly over Moscow in similar formations as part of Victory Day exercises.

The same assessment was made by the fact-checkers of “USA Today”.

Hence, we assess that the video published and presented as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine from February 24, 2022, is not from this year and can not be related to this operation, but is from Moscow from 2020.




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