Wiretapping scandal set 19: The Macedonian nuclear program and the party employments

Party employments, party votes, party lustration. Photo: Screen shot


The first conversation, previously presented in the sixth bomb, is between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski and their topic is “the bastard from Bitola, Vlado Talevski”, who caused a bunch of problems and embezzlements regarding the transport of the students…

The second conversation is between the head of the Municipal Committee of VMRO-DPMNE in Bitola and Mile Janakieski. The local party head complains about Taleski’s rating drop, 13% in just two months. Janakieski also emphasizes that Taleski works poorly, and Zoran Ilioski stresses that he worked poorly in the past as well…

Next, we hear two conversations between Vladimir Taleski and Vlatko Mijalkov. In the first conversation, Taleski lobbies with Vlatko Mijalkov to remove the people from the opposing side, thinking of the superintendent of the Illegal Trading and Smuggling Unit (ITS) in Bitola, Kire Bozhinovski – Katangata. He says that not only he gets money from Vlatko Chingo (director of REK Bitola) and from Siljan Micevski (Cile) but he also takes money from the Council of the Municipality of Bitola… We hear that the brothers “are shaking” the police and the customs administration, and Taleski complains that there isn’t even a “p” from the Bitola police, because the police warns the businesses which are targeted by the municipality for inspections. In the next conversation the things go even further, so Taleski says that these particular people participate in all dirty works.

Next, we hear a conversation in which the interlocutors talk about Blazho – “Mardi”, who obviously refused to obey Taleski’s will – and he also dared to request a compensation for the land expropriation. Janakieski replies that this is the reason why he called the mayor of Bitola – in order to know how the things stand… and then he says: “we will f*** him, I know what we are going to do. We’ll kill his business”.

In the following conversation Taleski and the director of REK Bitola, Vlatko Chingoski, talk about the possibility for the same people, residents of Goce Delchev street in the Kravari village, to vote in the street with the same name in Bitola. They are considering this possibility prior the elections of 2011, as Vlatko Kovachevski the MP from SDSM, leading this press conference clarified, and they have done the same at the local elections of 2009. This is an idea of Siljan (Micevski). In the next conversation we hear Micevski promising that he will sack all employees who are “insecure voters”. Chingoski calms him down and says that he should not sack them, he just has to persuade them to vote – and if they don’t, they will be sacked. Micevski says that he will persuade them all, not only the disputable ones…

Afterwards, we hear a conversation between Chingoski and Martin Protugjer. The second one calls in order to request all of the employments to be from the party, because 9 were not, and the director of REK explains that those employments are for the nuclear program, which should be kept secret, and that Prime Minister and Peshevski already know about it. Protugjer first requests to complete the party employments, and after that they will consider the nuclear programme. Chingoski tells him about an employee, ordered by the Socialists party, who defined his job place on his own.

The next conversation is between Jankuloska and Kiril Bozhinovski, government’s Secretary General. Jankuloska reacts because the current vice president of SDSM, Frosina Tashevska Remenski, was elected as a vice dean of the Faculty of Security at Bitola’s University, although she criticized both MOI and VMRO-DPMNE. Bozhinovski, on the other hand, says that he is going to call Zhoglev, the rector, “in order to correct the thing”. Jankuloska says that a harsh critic has been elected, instead of several good professors who did much for the party, and that Tashevska – Remenski is also given a function that will create a special relation between her and the students.

Later on, we hear wiretapped conversations from which we hear about the party’s organization regarding the lustration. From the conversation between Jankuloska and Gruevski, we find out that the president of the Lustration Committee, who is from Bitola, was “hammering out” the conclusion with Martin Protugjer, before being delivered to the government, and this is where he screw everything up, because he was too late.

Next, we hear Jankuloska talking with Gruevski’s secretary, whereupon we find out that the Prime Minister called the people who are responsible for the lustration to come in his office.

The final two conversations from today’s set are between Antonio Miloshoski and the president of the Lustration Committee, whereupon we find out that people have been lustrated upon party’s order. Miloshoski organized a request for lustrating a judge from Kichevo. It is a part of VMRO-DPMNE’s revenge because the judge was jeopardizing the party’s local interests in Kichevo, so Miloshoski urgently requests to be proclaimed as a cooperator of the intelligence services. Adjiev promises that would be done immediately…


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Press conference of Vasko Kovachevski, president of the Basic organization of SDSM in Bitola and an MP, in Bitola, 8th of April 2015

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