Wiretapping scandal set 32: VMROesque piece

The force and the militancy of the government “illustrated” with recordings. Photo: Screenshot


The conversations from this set show the “monocracy” of VMRO-DPMNE, the violence that thrives among the actors in the government, the fulfilment of the own vagaries without pre-consideration…


The first conversation from the 32nd set represents a rather frightening combination of shooting, VMRO-DPMNE’s hymn and a conversation between Sasho Mijalkov and an unknown female interlocutor. This is a VMROesque piece, says Mijalkov, who requests somebody beside him to “turn up the hymn”.

In the next conversation, also between Mijalkov and an unknown interlocutor, we find out that the shooting occurs in Gorno Lisiche, and Mijalkov expresses his joy about the shooting, it’s like a war, with “a military – around 50 people. We are having a party here”. Also, we hear that 5 Kalashnikovs were firing at the same time. “VMROesque piece, f**k it”, Mijalkov says. These conversations reveal that shots are fired from illegal weapons or weapons belonging to the defense forces, right in front of the eyes of one of the most important people of the Macedonian defense and all of that for a party celebration.

In the following conversation, between Martin Protugjer and Gordana Jankuloska, we hear that, as Zoran Zaev said in this press conference, Dejan Mitrovski – Urko, Gruevski’s personal bodyguard, accompanied by 20 other people, “knocked the stuffing out” of doormen and personnel of a café in Skopje. Jankuloska is startled from what Protugjer told her, and says she has to think of an excuse, whereas Protugjer advises her not to tell anything. The incident occurred three days prior this conversation, and we also find out that the public is not informed about this. In the conversation afterwards between the same interlocutors we hear that another man “from the security guard here”, meaning either from the Prime Minister’s security or some other Minister’s security, is smuggling oil, i.e. delivers a ton to the schools but forces the responsible ones to sign that they received 3 or 5 tons. We also find out from this conversation that “Pajakot (The Spider)” had some guilt too.

Furthermore, in a conversation between Mijalkov and Jankuloska we hear that there was a similar “sheriff” at Mijalkov’s too – Utka, who was pointing guns to people’s heads during the local elections in Struga and was acting like a local sheriff. Mijalkov believes that this is Utka’s job, and not to be, as Mijalkov says, “a ballerina”.



Then we hear a conversation between Nikola Gruevski and Mile Janakieski in which we hear about the locations picked by the government’s chief for his baroque dream. He is talking about the location near “Bristol” hotel, where “some pretty, baroque-style building” should be built… Janakieski warns him that that space is overcrowded with buildings, and Gruevski replies “there are only ugly buildings over there, I want to adorn that space”. The next conversation is between MIjalkov and Jankuloska, in which both arrange how to bitter a cop’s life because he went on a protest for Ljube Boshkoski. Mijalkov wants him put in the Analytics department in (the prison of) Arachinovo, so he won’t be able to “gasp for air”.

We also hear how Protugjer wanted to kill, as Zoran Zaev said in the press conference, Dragan Pavlovikj – Latas, because he was working for Serbian intelligence service, but Sitel’s editor in chief is not the only one Protugjer wants to kill. He wants to square the accounts with the journalist Zoran Bozhinovski, when he will be brought from Serbia to prison in Skopje.

Afterwards, we hear three conversations related to the case in Gostivar, when a policeman murdered two citizens of Gostivar after they started a quarrel over a parking spot. Jankuloska and her assistant, the spokesman Ivo Kotevski, make calculations with the policeman’s little daughter, who ended up in jail, and plan to “expose” the little girl to the media for party goals. Also, Sitel TV station’s editor Slavica Arsova – Caci, is supposed to play her role in this situation. Then we hear how they deliver exclusive information to the eligible media for the purpose of authoring content in favor of the government at the party, for which they already have prepared “a scenario”. We also hear that Kotevski’s wished to have some journalist “knocked out” during the protests in Gostivar.

From the final four conversations we hear the attitude of the Ministers and other “distinguished persons” from VMRO-DPMNE towards the Albanian partner in the government – DUI.


All of the “bombs” are here.


Press conference of Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM, in Skopje, 15th of May 2015

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