Wiretapping scandal set 7: Fake voters, pressure and threats towards citizens and companies

The conversations of this set reveal how the ballot boxes were stuffed with “phantoms” and foul play.


In the first five conversations of this set we hear about the election rigging by VMRO-DPMNE, about forged IDs, about the phantom voters and how as much as 50 of them were “registered” on same addresses, i.e. in one apartment, but also that the the ruling elite is afraid that this will be easily revealed. We learn that was done because some Municipal Committees of VMRO-DPMNE did not provide enough addresses on which the phantom voters could be registered, so the party had to “register” large number of phantoms at the small number of “addresses”, whereas in Gazi Baba, phantoms from Sveti Nikole vote in a few polling places. We also hear about a village with only 40 voters, in which 19, 22, 42 “phantoms” are registered at several houses. Moreover, in a conversation about the electoral results in the Municipality of Centar, Nikola Gruevski states that if they had the “people from Prespa”, that would have done the trick. Jankuloska on the other hand, is mocking with the “phantoms” by saying “These tiny humans vote and stay mute. And they are nodding”. It is also arranged to proclaim the elections as fair and calm beforehand, except for Struga, and then VMRO-DPMNE will announce the victory.

In the next set of four conversations we hear the arrangements for pressure and manipulations on the transporters to vote for VMRO-DPMNE, as well as for future “brainwashing” meetings; then we hear how inspectors from the Public Revenue Office (PRO) fined “marked” businesses with several thousand euro; we hear Janakieski’s instruction to revoke a taxi company’s license; we hear about inspections in Strumica who are sent with a command to impose hefty fines; how the government is under threat of protests organized by the farmers.

In the next set of three conversations we hear about dawn raids in the agricultural product dealerships in Prilep, Radovish, Kavadarci, Negotino, Rosoman; about a disobedient inspector who dared to impose a fine to a president of a Municipal Committee of VMRO-DPMNE; about visits from party members to farmers who have received subsidies whereupon they were asked if they are going to vote for VMRO-DPMNE.

The topic of the next six conversations are the pressures and manipulations upon social welfare recipients, i.e. the arrangement for making lists of users who receive assistance or disability living allowance before the elections so they would “later” be instructed how to vote; then also creating lists of people, mainly Roma population, who will receive social welfare benefit if they vote for the governing party, whereupon we hear that the process must be accelerated; how the money for the social welfare recipients who are supposed to vote for VMRO-DPMNE is being prepared; then we hear about the promised flour in exchange for the votes or some Roma people; we hear how Jankuloska is working on a scheme of special biometric documents illegaly made for VMRO-DPMNE to make sure that the Roma population from the Kumanovo region is going to vote for them.

The following conversations unveil the pressure put on the administration workers – Janakieski instructs the directors from Mogila and Novaci to pressure the employees to vote, emphasizing one company and REK Bitola; the party should telephone every teacher in the Municipality of Centar to solicit one more vote for VMRO-DPMNE; how to persuade the teachers employed during VMRO-DPMNE’s rule to vote for them. We then hear about the pressure on employees in the Municipality of Centar that were liking Zhernovski’s Facebook statuses, and among them were people employed during VMRO-DPMNE’s rule – we hear how those people should circle the ballots with triangles instead of circles, to prove they voted for VMRO-DPMNE. Furthermore, we also hear about the “disciplining” of the employees of JSP, Gradski parking, Vodovod, Universal Hall, Children’s Creative Center, Museum of the City of Skopje, of the secondary schools, of the Public enterprise for the parks and the greenery, of the Public enterprise for the streets and the roads…

Then we hear a set of conversations about the pressure of the party in power – VMRO-DPMNE – upon the media – how Emil Stojmenov, Kanal 5’s owner, solicits instructions for sabotaging an “illegible TV show”; we hear about the arrangement of materials intended for TV stations close to the government and about the arranged interview of Gruevski on Sitel TV station; we hear a conversation of Latas and a Minister making fun of A1 TV station and also we hear Latas expressing his joy about the Prime Minister’s great appearance on Sitel TV station…

In the following conversations we witness the “raid” of VMRO-DPMNE in the State Election Commission when party members took the electoral roll with the names of the people who have voted; we witness how Gruevski instructs “their people” to make more spoilt ballots; and how Jankuloska tells Janakieski where they should void the votes.

In the last, the largest set of recorded materials played in this press conference, we can hear Irena Misheva intervening to have a mobile phone of an activist of SDSM blocked in order to stop him to agitate for SDSM; we hear Jankuloska’s confession about the existence of electoral headquarters at MOI’s premises consisted of people from the party’s Municipal committee in Centar and even the existence of a call center for the needs of VMRO-DPMNE, and that the ambassadors have been welcomed in another hall a floor below. We also hear Janakieski soliciting Spiro Ristoski to “to the trick” regarding problematic pensions; we hear Jankuloska`s suggestion to provoke members of SDSM in order to “have the grounds for” filing a lawsuit against SDSM; we hear about the party members who manage the organized voting at MOI’s premises; how MOI with Jankuloska as a Minister sends the political opponents’ busses, especially SDSM’s busses, to vehicle examination when they drive people to electoral rallies. In addition, we hear how Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov arrange the “tone” of the elections, whether there were or there were not incidents; how Gordana Jankuloska arranges with Vasil Pishev in Strumica not to sign the protocols for the polls where VMRO-DPMNE is “weak” and in the second round they would “force” the Roma population to vote, and then she repeats the same with Slave Goshev. There is also a conversation between Jankuloska and Janakieski about voiding votes in Centar – because they are losing.

We hear a death threat for the president of the Football federation and his family, who could end up “in a ditch”.


All of the bombs are here


Press conference of Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM in Skopje, 6th of March 2015

(Below you will find the transcripts in English of the records played in this press conference)



Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozinovski

KB: Except in case… i.e. unless this is just one stage of their story, you know. But, I doubt it. Because that would mean they have evidence. So now, they present one news story, another tomorrow and another the day after come out with something else, you know. But what can they disclose? What do you say? This was closed 20 days ago.
GJ: Well, the Voters List is closed.
KB: I don’t know if something is being printed in the meantime. Those [ID] cards are all printed.
GJ: Look, you know… Yes, yes, yes.
KB: As far as I know.
GJ: Their [ID cards] are printed, people already have them. There’s one tricky thing, but we knew about it and that’s why I insisted the committees to give us more addresses. As you know, we have 50 people in an apartment of only 40 square meters. It is what it is.
KB: OK, but that’s that. Can they see that, I mean their address?
GJ: They can. That’s written in the Voters List.
KB: Aha.
GJ: Cause, you know, [ID cards] read: address of Kiril Bozinovski, that and that address, that and that number.
KB: Yes, yes, yes. That’s possible, yes.
GJ: It is what it is. We knew that. You also know when we were at the Prime Minister’s, I insisted the committees to give us addresses, but they didn’t.
KB: Yes, yes. All right. They gave more [than they could], but it doesn’t matter now. I think that…
GJ: That’s how things stand.
KB: How should I explain it you. That’s that. OK.
GJ: OK. Greetings. Ciao.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: Kire, these [people] from Gazi Baba, from Sveti Nikole?
I: What [about them]?
MJ: Are they are on one address or on many?
I: No, they are dispersed.
MJ: But, do you have 10-15 people on one address?
I: From them? Yes. They are repeating, yes. They are repeating, it goes in circles.



Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

I: Hello.
GJ: Hey Viki, speak.
I: Briefly. This is the situation. Checks are negative, you know that. So, considering that you registered 42 people on one house [address], 44 on another, all in villages with a total population of 40 voters. 44 are registered at one house, somewhere 19, somewhere 22, somewhere 42. Now, the only thing that can be done, but on the other hand we fear, that everything could be disclosed in the media. She is a manager at the administrative service and communist. I only talked to Nade. We can ask her to do another round of checks, like ask the administrative service to check again whether these people can be found at the addresses indicated.
GJ: Yes, of course.
I: You know, as follow up to an information request.
GJ: Yes.
I: However, I don’t know. Let’s say from 44, at least 10 we can make positive.
GJ: That’s right. That’s what I wanted to tell you, since you can’t do it with all 40.
I: Not all. That would be sticking out.
GJ: Do not make it obvious, but at least half.
I: To have at least some of them [confirmed]. You gotta give something to take something.
GJ: Yes, of course.
I: Because we are under observation and I fear that OSCE would be activated again, would start barking…
GJ: Right, right. That’s why I’m exerting pressure to have this done faster, because the pressure is bigger every day and if we can’t [register them] all… I’ve been pressing for this for 3 months now. So, with every passing day, the pressure is bigger. If not all, then finish the job at least partially.
I: At least partially.
GJ: We should have a clear situation by tomorrow, and know. If there are 200, then 200. If there are 10, they are 10. If there are 500… you know.
I: Look now. We’ll ask for new checks [to be performed] for all.
GJ: Yes.
I: Wherever possible, wherever Mende can manage, with “our” policemen.
GJ: Right.
I: It’s important to be “ours”, nobody to…
GJ: Totally “ours”.
I: We’ll make positive as many as possible.
GJ: Goko is there, he’s interested. His [job] is at stake.
I: Yes. All others will be handed with negative decisions.
GJ: Yes, of course.
I: We’ll tell these people: re-enter your application and we’ll manage it better, in terms of addresses. If we manage [to issue new ID cards] to these people for the second round of voting, we’ll increase their number with as many as possible, if not… we’ll have them for some future elections.
GJ: That’s right.
I: Now we have to be careful, because we are under observation.
GJ: I agree Viki. I mean, you can’t have 40 new people in a village with a population of 5.
I: Yes, and later because of local coordinators who have not managed the situation well the police will be blamed.
GJ: No. Do as many as possible. But, make sure we have as many as possible.
I: But smartly.
GJ: And balanced.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Nikola Gruevski

MJ: Hello
NG: Mile, how it’s going?
MJ: Kapistec has two polling posts, we’re in the lead. 23 polling posts have been processed.
NG: Yes.
MJ: 43 are unprocessed; we’re in the lead by 140. It’s mixed. Meaning, only where… In my opinion, it will be plus or minus 600 votes and there might be a second round, because, on average, Municipality of Centar has had around 1000-1500 invalid ballots…
NG: Aha, aha. So, if we had the people from Prespa, we would have done the job?
MJ: Yes.
NG: Well yes. OK Mile. Talk soon. Call me from time to time with updates about the result.
MJ: Agreed.
NG: Bye.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Protoger

GJ: Medrano.
MP: So, it’s a circus show?
GJ: He says. You know we sent Riste to report from the site, and he says: one woman from SDS is holding on to the radiator and is scratching me, while banging herself on the radiator. Poor menial people come, vote and don’t make a sound. They nod their heads. That crazy cop says: madam, step away…. Looney bin! I mean really, it’s really crazy there, but these people are voting. Hahahaha…
MP: People are vote unhindered.
GJ: I think. I would like to see how this woman bangs herself on the radiator yelling: Riste, I know you! You’ll see what I’ll do.
MP: Hahahaha…
GJ: She knows him and where he works.
MP: Yes, yes, yes.
GJ: Circus show, Medrano.
MP: Crazy house, but it’s going well.
GJ: As long as these poor menial people are voting. Everything else I tell you is less important. [I have deployed] the borderline nuts policeman there, to intervene.
MP: Hilarious.
GJ: You know, there are provocations and all sort of things, but the poor menial people hold hands, enter and vote, their mouths sealed.
MP: Hahahaha…
GJ: Well, they have them on tape holding hands while entering; Libertas published the photos or maybe someone else. Circus show, circus! Looney bin! We, I’m organizing it now, are holding a press at seven to say that [the elections] were fair, democratic, peaceful; there are no incidents reported, except for those in Struga; I’ll leave space for that.
MP: Yes, yes. Make space for Struga. Agreed.
GJ: As for the other thing, we declare victory.
MP: Yes, yes. Great job.
GJ: Bye now.
MP: Ciao.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Yes please.
MJ: Stevce?
I: Yes please?
MJ: Transporters need to be somehow supported. We’ll spread the rumour that if SDSM comes into power, it would give the Ministry [of Transportation and Communications] to an Albanian.
I: You want it officially, on letter or?
MJ: No, no. Blijana should do a round, gain their support for us. I mean, to have the support of transporters, their employees from Radovis…
I: Well, I wanted to gather the bigger [transportation companies] on Tuesday, both passenger and commodity transporters, gather them at one place in Macedonia, somewhere in Central [Macedonia], and have a meeting with them. What do you think?
MJ: Do that.
I: What?
MJ: Do that. Gather those from District 4…
I: I’m starting the list now. I’ll send it by e-mail.
MJ: From District 4.
I: I’ll send everybody from District 4 and I’ll send you the list you requested, for telephone calls.
MJ: Ciao.
I: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Goran Trajkovski

GT: How are you?
MJ: Good.
GT: Satisfied from this today?
MJ: Screaming-yelling, what can I say?
GT: Yes?
MJ: There will be screaming and yelling.
GT: Good, right? From 24 that were on the list you gave us, we imposed 8 severe fines in amount of 4,800 EUR and closed 2 establishments. With these, you know, wholesale buyers, for not calculating personal income tax and shops. But those you are mentioning, the four shops in the gypsy neighbourhood, i.e. Turkish neighbourhood, that list was not given to my people.
MJ: No, no. You should find them on the site, there’s no list.
GT: How on the site? Somebody should tell them. I asked my people: did you go to the gypsy neighbourhood, 4 grocery shops, check them out. They say no, nobody took us there.
MJ: They should call Slave, our coordinator. Want the phone number?
GT: I have Slave’s number.
MJ: Call him, he’ll tell you.
GT: Yes, yes. I wanted to ask something else. You know that last Sunday when we had the rally, we went to Marijan’s for an inspection. Zoki requested it.
MJ: Yes, yes.
GT: Why are they bickering? Same team from Skopje is there, should they visit him again?
MJ: Let me speak to Zoki first, to avoid any trouble.
GT: Good. I’ll call him. This is the second time we have identified irregularities and will have to close his pizzeria.
MJ: Let me speak to Zoki.
GT: But give me a sign, not to keep my people there by tomorrow morning.
MJ: No, send them to the other locations…. It’s enough.
GT: Bye then.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hello.
MJ: Goca, do something about this taxi company. They are driving all commies in Centar.
I: What should I do about that? Tell me.
MJ: Withdraw their license.
I: What? We’ll only irritate them further. I cannot withdraw their license.
MJ: Another thing, tell me which… no, no. Hold a minute. Take their license to see which company is the founder. Look in the Central Register. Who’s the person, find his name, investigate.
I: OK, I’ll find out.
MJ: We’ll ask him to cancel his services for them for Sunday morning and they’ll be stuck with 500 less votes.
I: Good.
MJ: Bye now.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski

SR: How is it?
MJ: It’s a located problem.
SR: Go deal with Strumica. What did you do so far? You have just arrived in Strumica.
MJ: Everything is under control.
SR: What’s under control? Martin called. Inspectors are in the field. You should coordinate with your people. People from your own list are blowing the whistle.
MJ: Who should I coordinate with? I will fuck his mother, that one from Novo Selo.
SR: That’s the one, he got on my balls this morning. I’m fed up. Martin as well.
MJ: Pucarov’s people are his buddies in crime.
SR: Well, if he spares criminals – that is not my problem.
MJ: Spiro, let me tell you one thing. He lowered the price of cabbage from 10 to 4 MKD and tomorrow they want to go out on the streets and throw cabbage crops. What should I do?
SR: I understand you brother. But, I’m telling you, he should stop sending messages, stop bothering Martin and me.
MJ: Mother-fucking spies.
MJ: That’s the idea. We pressed them and there will be no strike tomorrow. You know what they did? Zoki went to the wholesale centre and he brags 10 MKD, cabbage was never 10 MKD. Next day, wholesale centres are closed and one day later he lowered cabbage price to 4 MKD. What should I do? Pat him on the back?
SR: You are doing the right thing, just continue.
MJ: You solve me those 100 pensioners. Bye now.
SR: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Yes.
MJ: Where did you get this idea from?
I: I had the idea from… I was comparing everything to see how things are moving, you understand. Like, what I did before and sat down to write the report, especially for you, so you won’t be a cry-baby later…
MJ: Yesterday, I made an intrusion in Prilep, I fucked his mother. I did the same in Radovis.
I: Look, you know what needs to be done, but I have to remind you additionally.
MJ: I did the same in Kavadarci, and also in Negotino.
I: Good.
MJ: I did the same in Strumica. I left Rosoman to Spirkovik and don’t know what else to do about Rosoman.
I: No, no, no. I’m just saying. You did this great. My conscience is clear. That’s what I’m saying.
I: That’s what I’m saying. Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hey Mile.
MJ: Ljupco, this inspector is no good, he fucked up yesterday. I’ll fuck his mothers cunt. He didn’t lock up the person he was supposed to, allegedly, it was a friend of his.
I: Who?
MJ: You tell him. Can Beti Cingaroska go to him and have something agreed?
I: Its possible. Why not. You tell me what needs to be done. This person is very honest, let me tell you.
MJ: He wrote a fine to a president of our local committee.
I: He’ll have to withdraw them, fuck him.
MJ: Have Beti go to him immediately, and have him call Beti.
I: OK. Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hello.
MJ: Milica?
I: Yes Minister.
MJ: You know we don’t have a report on the subsidies.
I: Subsidies? As far as I know Pance Danevski submitted it to Dejan.
MJ: I need a report on what Dimitar was tasked with.
I: Minister, we have the report, we have it. Didn’t they submit it yesterday?
MJ: Yesterday? Anything else?
I: Decisions you were presented with have been positively decided, and they were sent to the municipal offices for information and so they would visit these people. Tanja wrote a report that everybody had been visited, that everybody confirmed they would vote [for us]. She wrote the report and will present you with it tomorrow.
MJ: Good, tomorrow or maybe tonight Nade should send you a circulation letter.
I: Good.
MJ: We need information from municipal level whether there are new problematic people that could benefit from subsidies.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Ljupco Dimovski

MJ: Halo.
LjD: Minister! It’s Ljupco Dimovski here, Minister of Agriculture.
MJ: Ljupco, hi.
LjD: Yes, yes, I’m listening…
MJ: How is payment of tobacco wholesale purchase progressing? I was in Mogila, people are complaining.
LjD: Look. We pressed that guy and within a week he should pay everything. He has 33% left for payment, at least that’s what he told us.
MJ: Who?
LjD: From Strumica Tabak, the guy called Mojsej.
MJ: But, please, press this thing harder.
LjD: We are pressing all the time. I even threatened him with having his licence revoked.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Dusko Minovski

DM: Minister, yes please.
MJ: Don’t you ‘yes please me’. Give me an USB stick. Somewhere it’s a disaster, 400-500 are left, in other places – 50. Negotino, for example, cannot move up from 50.
DM: What is this about? Visits to social allowance beneficiaries?
MJ: No, about these cases, third-party care allowance…
DM: There are too many with third-party care allowance, Minister; 850 in only two days for the Strumica region. Figures maybe low in Kavadarci, Negotino. Here, the deputy minister, i.e. state advisor, summoned them for tomorrow, you know. I’ll make sure at least one team to be left here, for Skopje, and the two others to stay there.
MJ: You should make a round tomorrow, visit Kavadarci, Negotino, bigger [towns].
DM: No problem Minister, but I’m planned for this round on Sunday, I agreed with Zoran, whose number you gave me. I’ll come, if you are free. I’ll come in the morning.
MJ: You don’t need me. You visit them. I don’t know how [the situation] will develop on Sunday.
DM: Good. Good. Agreed. Then I’ll go with the person whose phone you gave me, with Zoran.
MJ: And be strict, to hell with them, they don’t want to work.
DM: Right. Right. Agreed, Minister. Done deal. I’ll come by these days.
MJ: You call them tomorrow and visit them on Sunday, please.
DM: Done deal. I’m there, be sure of that. I’ll start at nine in the morning. Agreed.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

I: Forgot to tell you. We discussed this with Spiro, and since you’re headed there anyway, it would be good to tell Miroslav to compile a list tomorrow, both for Gypsies and for other places where we need to disburse social allowance.
GJ: Good. Great. I’ll tell him.
I: Make the list and have it submitted to me, I’ll forward it to Spiro, and social allowance will be disbursed to those families.
GJ: Agreed. Agreed.
I: Where needed, and gain [the votes] of these Gypsies by doing that.
GJ: OK. Great. I’ll tell him.
I: C’mon.
GJ: Let’s.
I: Greetings.
GJ: Greetings. Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

GJ: Hello?
I: Hello. Greetings.
GJ: Miroslav, you did not give me the lists on social allowance I told you to.
I: Oooo. They’re completed. There are 18 people.
GJ: But give them to me. It’s not sufficient that lists are compiled; give them so we can arrange payments to the people.
I: Well, I told them.
GJ: Have them sent to me or have somebody sent them to Riste at my office.
I: OK.
GJ: Good. Bye now. Ciao.
I: Greetings. Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

I: I wanted to ask you about families on social welfare. I’m still waiting for Miroslav to tell me how much money will be needed, because I have some here.
GJ: All right.
I: Now, should I give him the money?
GJ: I don’t know who else you can give it to.
I: I’ll take them from Spiro and hand them over to him.
GJ: Yes, of course.
I: All right.
GJ: They should know how to proceed afterwards.
I: How?
GJ: He should know what to do.
I: Yes, because it’s secondary.
GJ: Yes. But it’s better [to give it] to him.
I: I’ll give them to him. Good.
GJ: It’s his responsibility.
I: Done deal.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: Yes.
I: Hello.
MJ: Hey, what’s up?
I: I’m here at Mala Stanica. All the Gypsies turned out [at polling stations], there are around 60 something, 68 votes, 62 votes. We just promised them 25 packages of flour, what should be done.
MJ: Yes. We’ll give them.
I: Give them, because they’ll start going out and complain; they’ll start talking nonsense on the streets.
MJ: Yes….Toni!
I: Please have this organized.
MJ: Bye. Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

GJ: You need to be very careful there, because Cic has a firm grip on them, the Gypsies. Remember the approach we took during the floods. Someone might rat on us.
I: Well…
GJ: We need to be careful, with a well-developed plan…
I: Look. It’s a public secret; this guy here does the work; he sent three people, collected the biometric passports and that’s it. In return, they should give their [votes]…
GJ: Yes. We’ll make an assessment on how many are possible. Not to make futile efforts, especially in locations we are not sure of, we cannot expose ourselves.
I: Yes, of course. Absolutely.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hello.
MJ: Where are you?
I: Tetovo, doing field work.
MJ: What are you doing in Tetovo?
I: I’m in the gypsy neighbourhood, with Natasa and Goran. How about you?
MJ: I wanted….
I: Wait, I can’t hear you. Let me move aside. Speak.
MJ: I need your support in Mogila and Novaci.
I: Yes.
MJ: First, your directors should press their employees, there are lots of employees.
I: What should they do?
MJ: Kick them, lobby with them, and so on.
I: All right.
MJ: Second, these companies are complaining. There is a company there, I think, it‘s called Scorpion. Is there such thing?
I: Scorpion? Yes, there is one.
MJ: SDS from Novaci has left something, that’s all he talked about.
I: I’ll talk with Tuta, he’s the head. Ask them, Tuta is the head of that company. That’s his name.
MJ: Can you do this. I want you to take directors from REK [power plant company] one afternoon.
I: All right.
MJ: Have a meeting in a broader composition, include those from Mogila and Novaci, and blow some air in their wings.
I: All right. It can be done.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Irena Miseva

MJ: Irena?
IM: Yes.
MJ: Please call all teachers, from the call centre.
IM: All right.
MJ: With the following message: We thank you for turning out at polling stations to vote.
IM: I’m listening.
MJ: For the final victory of VMRO-DPMNE in Centar, we kindly ask you to secure another vote for VMRO-DPMNE.
IM: OK. OK. Ciao.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: How many we have employed during our mandate, during Todorovik’s mandate, in the education sector? Are there many?
I: In education, there are some, but not too many.
MJ: How many?
I: They should be at least 100.
MJ: Should we call and scare them that Zernovski will fire them?
I: Let’s. Although, they have their decisions [for permanent employment], they don’t give a fuck. I’ll pull out [their info]…
MJ: But, who knows…
I: OK. OK. I’ll pull out [their info].
MJ: We need to pressure them strong. They were pressured the last time, but people need enormous pressure.
I: I know. People we employed in the municipal administration in 2009, 2010, they are putting likes on Zernovski’s Facebook profile. What can you do?
MJ: Who are they?
I: Two-three people. Yesterday I visited them with a broom and told them that by next Monday they will all be kicked out with the broom.
MJ: Who are they?
I: Some of the employees here. In the financial sector. Here and there. What can I say? Half of the people here are commies. I mean, some of them were there [before we came], but the other half, those that we have employed, they go and like Zernovski’s page. I’m lost for words.
MJ: What about… catching them [in flagrante].
I: No. I threatened them, but don’t want to cause a counter-effect. I told them, if we win, I’ll send you to the streets, to clean the streets, with brooms, just like the Gypsies, and Saso will be your boss.
MJ: What did they say back?
I: Why me? I say: I saw your likes. They: No, no, my Facebook is used by my cousin; she knows my passwords; they’re beating around the bush. All right, I say, you should know. It seems opening a Facebook profile is expensive so she [the cousin] had to use yours.
MJ: We should tell them to vote for us and provide confirmation that they have voted for us.
I: How will they confirm that?
MJ: Tell them to vote by making a triangle, and we’ll check your ballot, if you have not voted, you’ll be out of job. We are winning one way or the other. That message should be sent.
I: Yes, of course.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Irena Miseva

IM: Hello?
MJ: Hey.
IM: I just sent you [the lists from] JSP [Public Transportation Enterprise], and whole package from City Parking…
MJ: Via e-mail?
IM: Everything is being sent to Igor, from your office.
MJ: Via e-mail?
IM: Yes.
MJ: Igor sits next to me, he’s next to me.
IM: Right. We sent JSP, City Parking – complete package, Water Supply Company, Universal Hall is also a complete package, Children’s Cultural Centre is complete, Museum of the City of Skopje – complete package, secondary schools “Vlado Tasevski”, “Braka Miladinovci”, “Nikola Karev”, “ASUC”, “Maria Kiri Sklodovska”, “Pance Arsovski”…
MJ: Where is the situation tight, tell me.
IM: Sinisa is now working on [the list] for PE Streets and Roads, but the weakest is PE Parks and Green Areas, we have great troubles there, and we pressure them more. I’m being honest. Talk to you soon.
MJ: Bye.


Conversation between Martin Protoger and Emil Stojmenov

ES: Hello.
MP: Hey Emil…
ES: What’s up Martin? How are you?
MP: Good. Good. It’s the last day and that’s…
ES: .., aha – aha. I know you’re busy… that’s what we do all the time; always reflecting on what to do with this, with this guy’s show for the evening, you understand…
MP: … Aha
ES: … now, they’ve heard from somewhere; he is dragging his feet; he’s not bringing in the tape, threatens with this or that; we have not told him that the show will not be aired…
MP: …aha -aha.
ES: We’re playing some tricks, but he handed over the show announcement…
MP: …mhm.
ES: It’s about WikiLeaks, you understand, the most recent…
MP: …aha-aha.
ES: Second, the announcement is about the new government that would win and who’s going to give the boot to whom on Monday, you understand…
MP: …mhm, mhm.
ES: He produced a well-timed show; that must be it…
MP: You can air it with poor audio, with interruptions…
ES: Listen, we’ll figure something. To tell you the truth, I even though of having the electricity supply cut at the television, fuck him, you understand…. I’ll think of something and let you know. We are still reconsidering [options], but he should first bring in the tape…
MP: No, no. Broadcast it with interruptions, with poor sound, people won’t be able to watch it and will change the channel once they see…
ES: Agreed. We’ll think of something… you just enjoy.
MP: All right buddy. Thanks a lot. Ciao.


Conversation between Martin Protoger and Vlatko Mijalkov

MP: Hello.
VM: Brother, it’s not enough. I’m in the car heading towards the campaign quarters, I just finished pulling out….
MP: I’m … I’ll tell you… the news on TV Sitel is closed, the 18 o’clock slot on TV Kanal 5 is about to end, I’m watching them now, next slot for the news on Kanal 5 is at 19.30 and we’re keeping some air-time in case something additional turns up… as for the news on Sitel, the Chief (Prime Minister) will be a guest and they’ll last until midnight, meaning, they’ll start around 22 and last till midnight. Maybe we can send them to MTV…
VM: I’m bringing them to you. Are you at the campaign quarters?
MP: Yes, I’m there.
VM: I’m bringing and handing over to them, and you should know that you have everything there, the contents, names and surnames…
MP: All right.
VM: Everything’s at your disposal; see how you can fit them, what can be fitted…. I’m leaving it up to you.
MP: All right. I’ll make sure they are aired on MTV …
VM: It’s mine to bring them, if they coincide with the concept – OK. It can turn out to be good…
MP: All right, all right.


Conversation between Dragan Pavlovik-Latas and Zoran Konjanovski

DPL: Speak Zoki.
ZK: Good evening.
DPL: How are you? Good evening to you.
ZK: I’m watching the Prime Minster [on TV].
DPL: I haven’t seen him this relaxed and to-the-point in the last 5 years…
ZK: He’s great. Ivona is hosting the interview very well and the Prime Minister is doing well.
DPL: Visually it’s good; the ambience is good. I saw that on A1, looks like it is being recorded in a woodshed…
ZK: I changed [the channel] for a second and the entire time, instead of Rada, they are showing the empty chair…
DPL: No, no. Secondly, in visual terms, there is negative energy in their studio…
ZK: Green, ha, ha, ha…
DPL: Yes, yes, yes…
ZK: What are you doing?
DPL: Nothing, I’m relaxing after having finished everything. I’m waiting to see how it will turn out on Sunday.
ZK: You’re quite a bomber, I should take you in [my Ministry of] Defence.
DPL: hahaha… I feel that as my natural ambience.
ZK: I tell my people in the last two day from a Minister of Defence I have become Ministry of Offense, and will take Latas [in my team]…
DPL: Hahahah. Look, we are those 5-6 people, I’m being serious, I told Martin 10 people are the whole team… So much money was wasted on employments, privileges, trips abroad, then lunches and again [you’re left with] only 10 people…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: So listen now. President of [election committee in Municipality of] Centar is a moron that works in the General Secretariat, at a department, i.e. in Sule’s department at the General Secretariat, so we can press him to obtain the Voters List from there, with circled names about who voted and who didn’t vote, make a copy thereof and return it…
MJ: Where does he work?
I: In the General Secretariat…
MJ: What’s his name?
I: Kosta is his name, I don’t know exactly, but he works with Kire and I think his boss is this Sule person…
MJ: Sule?
I: Yes, Sule, Sule.
MJ: All right. I’ll talk to them.
I: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Nikola Gruevski

NG: Yes.
MJ: 51 polling posts are processed… we are losing by 580 votes difference.
NG: What do you think? Will there be a second round?
MJ: I’m collecting the invalid [ballots] President, there are lots of invalid ballots, there always were more than a thousand, and if we continue this trend I think we can go for a second round…
NG: How many [invalid ballots] is enough? What’s the threshold for enough?
MJ: Between 1000-1500 [invalid ballots] were counted on previous elections, now in average there are 20 to 30 per polling station, so there should be around 700-800 invalid… their number will be close to that.
NG: How many we need to have a second round?
MJ: Difference between SDSM and VMRO should be lower than the number of invalid [ballots].
NG: But I’m listening to Saso, he’s making some assessments that they would beat us by more than 1000 in Centar…. Is that possible?
MJ: Vodno [election committees] counted [votes] for Koce (I’m talking with the Prime Minister), Koce won in both, and they are big [polling stations], Koce won there by 140 …
NG: What about our [candidate]?
MJ: They’re counting for Todorovic, they took Koce first, City of Skopje Council and Koce…
NG: But it’s not the same, it’s not the same.
MJ: I know.
NG: Yes.
MJ: It would be around there [that number], 100 plus minus …
NG: That could be [tricky], tell our people there to make as many invalid [ballots] as possible… halo.
MJ: Yes, yes. I’m listening.
NG: I say: tell Saso to send a message to our people there to make as more invalid as possible…
MJ: He’s been told that, he knows, he was told that this morning…
NG: And make similar result reports, so later we can…
MJ: Yes, yes, have remarks…
NG: To be able to go to court…
MJ: Yes, yes.
NG: Go now.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski

MJ: How it’s going?
GJ: I think we can take Kumanovo, if we have a way to agree with DUI, because there are no too many votes…
MJ: Excuse me?
GJ: 88 thousand voters are registered there, and we are losing by 1700 votes.
MJ: What you mean? Should we annul [the voting]?
GJ: That’s right. If we annul, for example…
MJ: Is there any ground?
GJ: Well, the same ground we used in Strumica, we annulled [the voting] in 10 polling stations and threaten the Albanians not to turn out for voting…
MJ: Good, do that.
GJ: That’s it. Good. Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Irena Miseva

IM: Say Mile?
IM: Hello, hello.
MJ: Hello.
IM: Hey, speak.
MJ: Can you arrange one thing, put one telephone [number] out of use?
IM: Which?
MJ: SDS’s, they are lobbying from it, number is 306 775…
IM: What?
MJ: 306 775 to be turned off, disconnected or something …
IM: What’s the number?
MJ: 306 775
IM: What’s the prefix?
MJ: 070
MJ: Put it out of work, so they won’t be able to call…
IM: Otherwise, things are going smooth with the institutions, you should know, I’ll write you… talk to you soon…
MJ: I’m at the campaign quarters.
IM: I’m listening. No worries. Talk to you soon.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozinovski

GJ: SEC [State Electoral Commission] sent a letter about these people that messed up, but they haven’t indicated a deadline for acting upon [their recommendations] and I’ll answer them on Tuesday.
KB: Yes, of course.
GJ: First I need to see ODIHR’s assessment of the elections and then, I’ll answer them.
KB: On Tuesday, and you can answer one nice Tuesday in June…
GJ: No, there will be a second round of voting. They’ll say things about me in public. I don’t want that to become a topic, you know.
KB: Yes, yes.
GJ: That VMRO is hiding something, but after Monday.
KB: Absolutely, absolutely.
GJ: I’ll see what I should answer, whether what they are asking me or something else, I’ll think about it…
KB: Right, right… Gorde, keep an eye on Kire. I’m just saying, follow him… I’m following him also. You know, he is in action with this other guy…
GJ: They are here, 5 meters from the place where I’m talking to you, Kire… hahaha. We are all at work, we have our campaign quarters here. We have two quarters, one is here on my floor, and works as local campaign quarters of VMRO for Centar. We have everything. The other is downstairs, in the hall, where we receive the ambassadors, and I go there from time to time, for ambassadors to see that everything is OK. Then I go upstairs, and we do party work. That’s how we are organized.
KB: Yes, yes, wickedly genius…
GJ: If you want, you can come by and supervise how the call centre is working?


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Spiro Risteski

MJ: Hello.
SR: Don’t fuck with me, I’ve been waiting for a minute and a half on the phone… from the Cabinet of Minister Janakieski… answer your mobile, don’t… c’mon.
MJ: To connect with you, I can’t.
SR: Speak.
MJ: What happened with the pensions? Did we finish the job?
SR: What?
MJ: The problematic pensions, you know?
SR: [I’ll let you know] after we finish them, it’s not that easy… We finished about the pensions, we changed their health resort vacation, but I’m still waiting for a call about the other thing…
MJ: I’m so good at solving problems; you have to admit that…


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor

GJ: How’s the atmosphere at the legal [department]?
I: On level…
GJ: Victorious? Do you have problems?
I: Yes. You at MOI?
GJ: We at MOI, VMRO-MOI the same, we have two campaign quarters… one party and one where we receive the foreigners… We have no problems, unlike other institutions, we are not restrained in any manner… we have a call centre in the very heart of MOI…
I: Nice…
GJ: Right?
I: Agreed.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hey Mile, I know you will be going there, I was at MOI, came to you, and I know some members did not turn out.
MJ: Press them brother, unleash the police, if necessary, to take them out of their homes.
I: We’ll go with cars now. The call centre is not as effective as the cars – right from their homes.
MJ: Go now.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Gordana Jankuloska

MJ: Goca?
GJ: Hello?
MJ: This Goran called about the buses, some buses from Tetovo were redirected for technical [inspection]…
GJ: Maybe they have been redirected Mile, now… DUI is also campaigning… I’ll call later…
MJ: Look into this, see what’s it about?
GJ: I know what it is about. We do the same thing DUI is doing now. That’s…
MJ: What, we take them for technical [inspection]?
GJ: Whenever there is a rally, we always send their buses to technical inspection, to have less people.
MJ: And DUI?
GJ: Well everyone…. DUI are not bringing that many people… but we have completely crushed SDS…


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozinovski

GJ: No quitting now that we have been defeated…
KB: Yes, yes…
GJ: You know. If it was in an earlier stage – OK… but since things have gone this far, we don’t need to show them fear. We need to lead them on into behaving aggressive, somebody should tape them and leak the tape… then, they would be the ones with criminal charges for electoral violence…
KB: Yes, yes, yes.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov

GJ: Nino?
NT: Yes, please?
GJ: We need to coordinate about the tone we are pursuing after the elections, because really there are more incidents than in the first round.
NT: Yes…
GJ: How should we pursue this matter?
MT: Look, I told everybody here to go with: it’s calm, with several small incidents… here and there.
GJ: I postponed my press at 12, cause I don’t know how should we act, and rescheduled it for 14.
NT: Yes, of course. Well no… It’s better if there’s not much from your side, right? It’s OK for 14 o’clock.
GJ: That’s why I’m coordinating, unless we decide that we need to have some tension…
NT: Well, no… it’s better this way…. It’s good, calm… this and that….
GJ: There’s a situation in Strumica that is not in our favour…Somebody, the person with the balloting box is a communist, and we’ll go with it, with everything. But, there’s one of ours, husband of the prison director, they recognize him, but there’s no hard evidence… He fired in the air…
NT: He is the one who fired, mother fucker?
GJ: Yes. Let’s see how the situation develops… See who knows what… We’ll see, maybe in the end we can motion criminal charge against him for firing a gas gun…
NT: For disturbance of public peace and order …
GJ: Something like that… Is not that he fired at a polling station, he fired in the air… but at the moment, you should be aware of it…
NT: Call him, tell him we will fuck his mother… if he does something else…
GJ: That’s the only situation that doesn’t suit us… other things include apprehension of commies, in Kocani, many…


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Vasil Pishev

GJ: Hello?
GJ: Vase, how’s the situation?
VP: It’s good here, but it’s melting…
GJ: Look, I told Slave, whenever you think that [results] are thin, don’t endorse the minutes, leave space for complaints, we don’t have the control there, leave space, and later one Gypsy after another, we’ll take them out by their ears… Now we have to do this, because the polling stations are closed… OK Vase…
VP: All right, all right…


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Slave Goshev

SG: We did good. We’ll have a second round. We’ll see if this is definite according to the result reports…
GJ: So, he was not elected in the first [round]?
SG: Nooo… Of course not, ours will celebrate…
GJ: Those [polling stations] are in Roma settlements?
SG: Two are in Roma, two are in the city where we have influence, we can….
GJ: If it’s among Roma, we’ll bring them out by their ears; nobody should make a sound… But what’s important is that he wasn’t elected in the first?
SG: They are not [celebrating] across town…. That’s it.
GJ: You should have said this earlier Slave, you only call me when you’re in trouble, god dammit…
SG: Chief, listen, I’m not Silvana Boneva, hahaha…
GJ: No worries, I’m proud of you… especially for you.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski

GJ: Yes, please?
MJ: [election committee at the school] “Pestaloci” has been closed with the police and that’s where we won’t have an elected [councillor]?
GJ: Wait to check this with Riste, there were some [problems] but…?
MJ: I called Riste, he doesn’t know, he’s checking now…
GJ: Well no, I have to check with him, he’s not saying anything, I see he has left, the door is open…
MJ: Listen, what’s [the situation] in Centar? We are losing by 180.
GJ: All right.
MJ: There were invalid [ballots], 917, at the other [polling stations] there were around 100…
GJ: Annul them [the results]. We were talking with Riste that you should invalidate some [ballots]…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Martin Protoger

MJ: Hello?
MP: Hello?
MJ: Yes please.
MP: This monkey from the Football Federation is purposefully not issuing more tickets for the game, to prevent a full stadium.
MJ: I told his guy, I talked to him today… if they don’t print [the tickets] by Monday…
MP: If they don’t print them by Monday, tell him that he, his wife, his kids, everybody will end up in a ditch… mother-fucking communist-loving faggot…
MJ: Bye now…
MP: Bye…


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