Zadorozhnyuk: Ukraine Does Not Glorify Nazism; the Country Lost Over 8 Million People in World War II

Ambassador of Ukraine in Skopje

Ukraine lost more than 8 million people in World War II between 1939 and 1945 and has no reason to glorify Nazism, Ukrainian Ambassador to the country Natalia Zadorozhnyuk said after yesterday’s protest in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Skopje under the motto “Against Nazi glorification in Ukraine”


The Embassy of Ukraine in Skopje says that they want to use yesterday’s organized action to inform that Russia is waging war against Ukraine on all fronts, including the information one.

“In today’s world, information is one of the most powerful means of control. Therefore, during the Russian-Ukrainian war, the escalation of the security situation by Russia, by making ‘crazy’ demands on the West, the Kremlin actively uses hybrid information aggression – spreading disinformation, falsifications, waging an information war against Ukraine”, states ambassador Zadorozhnyuk in the article “Truth always wins” submitted to

The ambassador writes that an old and favorite topic of Russian propaganda, which the country cynically uses and persistently tries to push through, is to portray Ukrainians as Nazis.

Zadorozhnyuk recalls that before World War II, between 4 and 7 million Ukrainians died from artificially induced “Holodomor” from 1932 to 1933 under Stalin’s brutal totalitarian regime.

“Hundreds of thousands have suffered from the ‘Great Terror’ – Stalinist repression because the independence movement of Ukraine was gaining momentum at that time. World War I began in September 1939, a week after the conspiracy between two dictators, the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact,” the Ukrainian ambassador wrote.

About 7 million Ukrainians fought on the side of the Soviet army during World War II, of which less than half survived. As part of the Polish army, 112,000 Ukrainians fought, in the US Army up to 80,000, on the side of Great Britain and Canada about 45,000 and on the side of France – 6,000.

The crimes of the Stalinist regime in Ukraine are glorified by modern Russia, and it has built its hysterical anti-Ukrainian campaign on the principles of “whoever is not with us is a fascist,” wrote Ambassador Natalia Zadorozhnyuk.

“In Russia, from the very beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, it was claimed that the reason for its invasion, first in Crimea and then in the east of the country, was a ‘coup d’etat’ and as a result the ‘neo-Nazi regime.’ Not accepting a disadvantage for Moscow, not accepting others to choose their own path is a state policy of Russia,” said the Ukrainian ambassador.

“If Ukrainians do not want to live like the Russians, they choose a different path of development for their country and heroically defend their country from Russian aggression – this is neo-Nazism in Moscow’s understanding,” she wrote.

The Ukrainian ambassador added that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, about 14,000 people have died so far, 2 million people have been forced to flee their homes, and the material and moral damage inflicted on Ukraine cannot be calculated. Zadorozhnyuk comments in the article that these are the manifestations of Nazism in the 21st century in the heart of Europe.

She also recalls the use of savage methods to fight opponents – killing their opponents in the center of the capital, poisoning people with polonium, organizing explosions in other countries, crashing a Boeing 777 passenger plane near Donetsk (298 people died) and many others.

“Despite all these crimes committed by Russia against humanity, Moscow is trying to convince the world of the danger posed by Ukraine. Thus, we, the Ukrainians and our country are the most dangerous threat to Russia, because a free, independent, democratic Ukraine that adheres to pan-European values is a punishment for the totalitarian Russian regime,” the Ukrainian ambassador to Skopje concluded in her article.


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