Although Mayor Bexheti Promised, Construction Work on the Saraj Polyclinic was not completed in February

Поликлиника Сарај, Фото: Порталб.мк (25.03.2022)

Although the mayor of Saraj, Blerim Bexheti, said that the construction works of the polyclinic in this municipality will be completed in February, it has not been realized. According to the field photos, the work in this building continues. The work will not be completed for at least another month, writes


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In January this year, Bexheti said that the works will be completed in February and then it will be up to the Ministry of Health to procure the equipment and the polyclinic will be put into operation.

“The contractors told me that they will finish their part of the work in February and then it will be up to the Ministry of Health to provide the equipment. I was in communication with the Ministry during the approval of the budget, and they assured me that they have such equipment and of course I expect the polyclinic to be put into operation as planned,” said Blerim Bexheti, mayor of Saraj.

[Source: TV 21 – date, 23 January 2022]


Saraj Polyclinic, Photo, (25.03.2022)

As the promise for this time frame has not been fulfilled, Bexheti made another promise a few days ago, saying that the other phases will be completed within 45 days, after which the clinic will be put into operation.

“The procedure for medical staff and other staff has been started, more precisely by the health center, according to the law; it takes place through the Health Fund, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, where it has also passed the filters. In 45 days maximum, I hope and believe that they will be completed, maybe even earlier, but this is the deadline when they should be completed. The Municipality, for the other part, has started the procedure for the physical division of the construction plot and everything is coming to an end “, said Blerim Bexheti, Mayor of Saraj.

Saraj Polyclinic, Photo, (25.03.2022)

Let us remind you that the polyclinic in Saraj has been promised for years. In the campaign for the local elections in 2017, the current mayor Blerim Bexheti, who was then a candidate for mayor, promised that if he wins the elections, the clinic will be ready in 2018.

“We publicly promised that in 2018 we will start with the construction of the Saraj polyclinic. This will be done in cooperation with the Government of Macedonia as required by law. The municipality has allocated the plot for the polyclinic, there is a decision by the Government with which the budget for 2018 provides funds and construction works will begin. The municipality will only take care of the location, and the rest is left to the central government and there is no need for our pressure,” Bexheti said. (Source:

Moreover, this will be the first Polyclinic in Saraj, which has 23 settlements, spread over an area of 229 square kilometers and, according to the last census, has 38,399 thousand inhabitants.




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