DOSSIER – All of SPO’s investigations


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The goal of the mini dossier is to arrange the basic data as well as the links to all investigations published and initiated by the Special Prosecution Office (SPO) in one place, thus saving the time of all interested individuals such as journalists, researchers, students, citizens, activists etc., and all organizations that see the need to become acquaint with and/or report about SPO’s work


For the time being, the mini dossier contains information about the investigations initiated by this prosecution office, the issued indictments and the reports as well, which according to the Law, should be submitted to the Parliament every six months. It does not contain unpublished data or articles, but it will be regularly updated with new information and new activities (investigations, indictments, trials, judgements etc.) as they appear. Each article below contains link to the transcript from the press conferences or SPO’s reports, which announce new investigations, as well as link to journalistic articles (aggregated by the news aggregators) that have covered the same topic.

The mini dossier does not aim to replace the official and journalistic information sources about and concerning the SPO, but to allow swift reach to basic information, as well as faster and simple approach to already existing information related to this topic.

In accordance with the future circumstances, the mini dossier will also comprise additional information which is believed to be important.



  1. “Titanic” – SPO’s first investigation – (12 February 2016)
  2. The violence in front of Centar Municipality’s building – the second indictment, first for Gruevski (15 September 2016)
  3. “Fortress” – Destroying the wiretapping equipment (30 March 2016)
  4. “Transporter” – Transportation of pupils that costed more than the transportation of pupils in Tokyo (14 April 2016)
  5. T.N.T. – Investigation on the strongmen who demolish out of vengeance (21 April 2016)
  6. “Vault” – Equipment in UBK overpaid by 860.000 euro (28 September 2016)
  7. “Toplik” – Investigation on the sale of the building plots for the “Sun City” elite settlement (20 October 2016)
  8. “Tenders” – Investigation on the construction of the extensions of the Museum of VMRO (20 October 2016)
  9. “Target” – Nearly 6000 citizens illegally wiretapped by the UBK (18 November 2016)
  10. “Tank” – Investigation on the purchase of the Mercedes for the Prime Minister (24 January 2017)
  11. “Tariff” – Suspicions of abuses in ELEM (24 January 2017)
  12. ““Trust” – Abuses of a tender of ELEM worth millions (02 June 2017)
  13. “Tiffany” – the SPO suspects that underwear and purses were bought through a company (23 March 2017)
  14. “Total” – Investigation on tax evasion by the owner of “Total”, “Mediamaks” and “Total media centar” (23 March 2017)
  15. “Three hundred” – Illegal procurement of 300 vehicles for the Ministry of Interior (23 March 2017)
  16. “Blackboard” – The principal of the elementary school “Rexho Ruzhit Zajazi” as a suspect (23 March 2017)
  17. “Thaler” – The SPO initiated an investigation on the illegal financing of VMRO-DPMNE (22 May 2017)
  18. “Trajectory” – Commissions for the Chinese worth millions ended up in government officials’ pockets (22 May 2017)
  19. “Lawn” – Three illegally built holiday homes in Zelenikovo (22 May 2017)