Not a Single Multi-Storey Car Park Has Been Built in Ohrid


On 24 April 2019 in the pre-election campaign, Konstantin Georgieski as a candidate for Mayor of Ohrid promised to build two multi-storey car parks.

Konstantin Georgieski, the candidate for Mayor of Ohrid from SDSM, in an announcement to the public states that for many years Ohrid has been facing a lack of adequate number of free parking spaces at the peak of the tourist season, but also a lack of parking space in the urban area, during of the whole year which imposes the need for construction of modern multi-storey car parks. Georgieski informed that a Feasibility Study for the construction of a multi-storey car park at the planned location near the City Market is being prepared. Also, in accordance with the urban planning, construction of a multi-storey car park is planned in the area near the Sports and Recreation Center “Biljanini Izvori” on ASNOM Street.

[Source: TVM TV; date: April 2019]


This promise of the Mayor of Ohrid, Konstantin Georgieski can be assessed as unfulfilled. The main tourist center in the country still does not have a single multi-storey car park.

Namely, the municipality informs that they started with the realization of the project in November 2019. They developed a conceptual design and a feasibility study for the construction of a multi-storey car park and started the process of land expropriation at the location near the city market.

On 2 November 2019, the mayor announced once again that Ohrid will have the first multi-storey car park.

The feasibility study is ready and the car park will be built through a public-private partnership.

In order to build a multi-storey car park, expropriation is being done and then a public-private partnership announcement will be made. The feasibility study for the garage has already been completed and we believe that the public-private partnership is the most favorable way. We will complete the procedure for expropriation of those ninety square meters of land and publish the announcement, said Mayor Konstantin Georgieski.

After a year and a half, on 7 May 2021, the mayor in the TV show “Questionnaire” explained that the multi-storey car park as a capital project was suspended due to the Management Plan for the Ohrid region, along with two other capital projects, the quay and the marina.

The project of a five-storey multi-storey car park in the city market cannot be realized for the time being. The project was drafted and costs 4 million denars, but the height of the building is disputable.


  It is an enormous project of about 8,000 square meters, it will be a multi-storey car park according to the DUP is P plus 5, but here we have a problem with the Management Plan. The problem with the multi-storey car park is that according to the management plan, P plus 2 is provided here, and we have a facility of public interest. I hope the officials in the Cultural Heritage Administration will listen and cooperate, explained Georgieski.

Permission is currently awaited from the Office for Protection of Cultural Heritage to continue with the project. If approval is obtained, an announcement for a public-private partnership will be published and the first multi-storey car park can be built, according to the Municipality of Ohrid.

It is a fact that there was an attempt to realize the project, formally legal obstacles, but it is also a fact that to date no multi-storey car park has been built in Ohrid. Given the situation, it cannot be built until the end of the term of Mayor Georgieski. That is why we assess this promise as unfulfilled.

Georgieski was elected Mayor of Ohrid in May 2019, after the previous mayor, Jovan Stojanoski passed away. Georgieski, before being elected to this position, held the position of Acting Mayor of Ohrid for almost five months.

Assessed by: Sonja Rilkovska


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