The Clock Tower in Star Dojran Has Been Restored

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Election promise: Restoration of the cultural and historical monuments Clock Tower and Turkish bath in Star Dojran

  [Source: Election program of the Mayor Ango Angov “Life in Dojran for everyone” p. 16; Date: October 2017]



One of the promises of the Mayor of Dojran, Ango Angov in the election campaign in 2017 was the reconstruction of the cultural and historical monuments Clock Tower and the Turkish bath in Star Dojran. We assess this election promise as fulfilled. In August this year, the Clock Tower was completely restored, and the Turkish bath was conserved.

Angov promised the mentioned project within his election program within the local projects for Star Dojran (p. 16), in order to improve the tourist offer of Dojran. For the realization of this project, the Municipality of Dojran applied for funds from the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program with neighboring Bulgaria. In August 2019, it was announced that funds had been allocated through the project “Revival of timeless symbols of Dojran and Nevestino”, worth 499,477 Euros, with the EU providing 85% of the value for the projects in Dojran and Nevestino from neighboring Bulgaria.

In May 2020, the mayor of Dojran, Angov, announced that a tender was underway for the reconstruction of the Clock Tower and the Turkish bath within the project with Nevestino from Bulgaria, in which Kadin Most was also to be restored.

Conservation and restoration works will be carried out on the “Turkish Bath” or “City Bath” on the preserved parts of the site, as well as clearing and arranging the area around the site in order to preserve the authenticity of the bath. The existing paths that connect the Clock Tower and the Turkish bath will be paved with stone (cobblestone) and stones will also be placed on the existing paths that connect the Clock Tower with the local roads, said then Mayor Angov.

Fieldwork began in December of the same year. The construction of pedestrian paths to these two historical monuments in the length of 530 meters had started. Mayor Angov expressed hope that this project will contribute to increasing the number of visitors to Dojran.

This means restoring the original condition of both buildings as they were before the First World War. We are working in cooperation and under the control of the Institute and Museum in Strumica with conservation approvals. I think that the old spirit will return to the old neighborhood in Dojran, said Angov at the end of last year. (1.32 to 1.47 minutes of the video)

After building the pedestrian paths, the Municipality of Dojran announced in the spring that the conservation and restoration works of the Clock Tower and the Turkish bath have started and that the realization of this project is proceeding according to the planned dynamics and will be completed within the planned deadline.

In August, the project “Revival of timeless symbols of Dojran and Nevestino” from the Cross-Border Cooperation Program between North Macedonia and Bulgaria was completed. In Dojran, the Clock Tower was erected as it was before the First World War, the paths for access to it and the paths to the Turkish bath were restored, and the Turkish bath was conserved (14.28 to 15.00 minutes)

The old clock tower, which dates back to the 14th century, is finished and the area around it is being arranged. I hope that it will soon be open to visitors for whom signposts have already been set, and pedestrian paths have been paved for easier access. The conservation of the old hammam has been completed, Angov told “” (15.00 to 15.26 minutes)

Considering that the Clock Tower has been restored, and conservation works have been carried out on the old hammam, i.e. the Turkish bath, we believe that this promise of Angov given for the local elections four years ago has been fulfilled.





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