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    All comments and remarks related to this and other articles of Truthmeter, the requests for corrections and clarifications, as well as the proposals for checking the statements of politicians and the promises of political parties, can be submitted through this form.


    Truthmeter – the public accountability, transparency and fact-checking website is published by the Metamorphosis Foundation.




    Project coordinator and editor: Vladimir Petreski (vladimir [AT]

    Deputy editor: Olivera Vojnovska (olivera [AT]

    Editor-journalist: Teofil Blazhevski (teo [AT]


    External collaborators / authors:

    Ljubormir Kostovski,

    Ana Anastasovska,

    Rada Isovska-Manevska,

    Vlatko Stojanovski,

    Miroslava Burns,

    Simona Atanasova,

    Vesna Kolovska,

    Sonja Rilkovska,

    Vane Trajkov ,

    Stojan Sinadinov.


    Web-administrator: Miroslav Vasilev (miroslav [AT]

    Social networks: Katerina Pendarovska

    Translator (English): Frosina Gjorgieva

    Journalist-translator (Albanian language): Drilon Saliu


    To see how Truthmeter maintains the professional integrity of the team members working on this portal, please refer to the Integrity Policy, adopted by the Executive Board of Metamorphosis Foundation and implemented at all levels in the organization.


    Also, Truthmeter’s team fully complies with and implements the Code of Ethics of Journalists.


    Truthmeter is registered in the register of professional online media of the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CEMM) and the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM).


    Truthmeter is a member of The International Fact-Finding Network (IFCN) and a signatory to the IFCN Code of Principles. If you find that Truthmeter is violating these principles, you can file a complaint with IFCN through this form, following the network’s complaint policy.


    Address of the publisher:

    Foundation for Internet and Society Metamorphosis

    Address: “Apostol Guslarot” Street, no. 40, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

    E-mail address: info [AT]

    Phone: +389 2 3109 325