Corrections and Clarifications

All requests for corrections and clarifications can be sent within 30 days from the day of publishing of the material, for which the request has been sent by using this form. Please submit your request for rectifying any incorrectness, error, impreciseness and unclearness you think requires rectification.

The people in charge of each of the publications shall consider the remarks and shall respond adequately within 2 days.

Information about any correction or supplement, made upon the audience’s request, shall be clearly stated at the beginning of the article it pertains to.

Persons who are personally affected and would like to receive a response in their personal inbox, have to state so in the correction or clarification message.


Note: This corrections and clarifications guide is based on Metamorphosis Foundation’s Corrections and Clarifications Policy and it applies to all of its publications (such as Truthmeter). Article from the Constitution of RNM and the laws pertaining to this document can be found here (Annex 1).


Additional note: We ask social network users who are administrators of sites/groups or profile owners and who have remarks on Truthmeter’s fact-checks or contents shared from their sites/groups/profiles to submit their concerns within 7 days of publishing the fact-check. We cannot make changes to specific rankings after that period due to technical reasons related to the operation of the social network sites. We appreciate your understanding!


List of corrections, clarifications and responses

The fact-check of this post proved it incorrect and therefore it was removed. The fact-checked post and article did not quote a source for relating millet and kidney stone treatment. Truthmeter undertook an extensive search of global well-known medical and nursing sites, and quoted a statement by a resident doctor, but despite all, no connection could be found between millet and kidney stone treatment. After publishing the fact-check, a link was brought to our attention of a scientific study researching this relatedness due to which we decided to retract the fact-check. We also invite the editorial department of the site to link the studies they are referring to within the articles published.