Burns: The United States Respects the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine

The United States, along with allies and partners, will help Ukraine defend itself against further Russian aggression, said US Ambassador to Skopje Kate Burns in a commentary on the situation with Russia and Ukraine, published today on the US Embassy website in North Macedonia


“The world is watching Russia’s unprovoked aggression toward Ukraine. Russia’s actions are a threat not only to Ukraine, but to Europe and to the international rules-based order. Our aims are simple. We stand with our allies and partners to support European cohesion, strengthen our transatlantic relationship, and reinforce democratic states and institutions. We do this to improve the lives of both citizens of the United States and citizens of North Macedonia,” said Ambassador Burns.

The Embassy adds that over the past two decades, Russia has invaded two neighboring countries, interfered in others’ elections, used chemical weapons to conduct assassinations on foreign soil, wielded gas deliveries as a political tool, and violated international arms control agreements.

“In 2014, after millions of Ukrainians protested for a democratic future, Russia manufactured a crisis, invaded and occupied Ukraine’s territory in Crimea, and orchestrated a war in eastern Ukraine with Russian personnel and with proxies it leads, trains, supplies, and finances. This war has claimed more than 14,000 Ukrainian lives,” – Burns states.

She added that Russia continued to occupy parts of Georgia and Ukraine, but did not fulfill its promise to withdraw its forces from Moldova.

Ambassador Burns says the United States supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Unlike Russia, Ukraine has fulfilled its obligations under the Minsk agreements between Russia, Ukraine and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which were signed to ensure a ceasefire in Donbas,” the US ambassador wrote.

The full commentary of the US Ambassador to North Macedonia, Kate Burns, can be read HERE.



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