Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not a Placebo


Placebo- a saline solution of salt and water is used only in clinical trials, i.e. in the early stages, when the vaccine is in the process of testing to show its effectiveness. There is no evidence that people who received the vaccine received a placebo. If the vaccines were salt and water, and not real, the country would not throw them away, as happened with the donated 20,000 vaccines from Bulgaria, which had to be destroyed as medical waste because their expiration date had passed



We are reviewing a Facebook post in which it is claimed that a nurse from Slovenia resigned after realizing that some of the vaccines against Covid-19 that were given to the citizens were, in fact, placebo! That is, a saline solution of salt and water, not a real vaccine, so not everyone who receives the vaccine is not vaccinated.

This lie has become more and more common lately, as European countries, including North Macedonia, are enhancing protection measures, giving the obligation to prove the Covid-19 status of citizens with either a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test. Although placebo is given exclusively in clinical trials of the vaccine, which have long since been completed and were a requirement for obtaining permission for vaccines to be used in mass vaccination, the false narrative still finds its place on social media.

Brave, head nurse from Slovenia, who worked on vaccination, PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THE FRAUD WITH THE SERIAL NUMBERS OF THE VACCINES!

RESIGNED FROM WORK❤👏👏👏👍💪❤reads this Facebook post.

The post also shows a video in which a statement of a certain head nurse from Slovenia resigned because 30 percent of the vaccines given are placebo. According to her, it is unsure what will citizens receive: a placebo, a vaccine from “Johnson and Johnson”, or “Astra Zeneca”.

They may give you or show you the vaccine vial, but that does not mean that you have received what is written on the vial. It does not happen everywhere, but I have information from colleagues in Slovenia where it happens. So now they are saying that even if you have received a vaccine, you can mix it with a vaccine from another manufacturer. But you will never know if and which vaccine you actually received. Those who have received a vaccine card actually get numbers marked 1, 2, 3 on it. Those marked with 1 have received a placebo. Those who give the vaccine know who they are giving the placebo to, but you do not know- said the unnamed nurse.

And, at the end of the video, it is concluded:

Now we know why politicians so “bravely” receive a placebo vaccine on TV screens!!!

However, all vaccines administered – to citizens, politicians and medical staff – are genuine and not a placebo. Placebo is used as a method only in clinical trials, i.e. in the early stages, when the vaccine is in the testing phase to show its effectiveness. Two control groups are compared, the one that received the real vaccine and the one that received the placebo. However, after the vaccine is approved, as is the case for all vaccines that are administered in North Macedonia, only vaccines are administered and there is no clinical testing, but the process of real vaccination has begun.

In the country, vaccines are stored under special conditions precisely so as not to endanger the ingredients in them, which are effective and efficient against the coronavirus. There is no evidence that the refrigerators that store vaccines at minus 70 degrees actually contain a solution of salt and water instead of a vaccine. What guarantees this? The manufacturer! Each vaccine has a serial number, two doses, and some vaccines have special components that could not be salt and water. Such is the vaccine “Sputnik V” which has two doses that differ from each other and are administered in a special order.

According to official information published by the Ministry of Health, over 25 thousand individuals were included in the clinical trial for the “Astra Zeneca” vaccine, 40 thousand for the “Pfizer” and over 19 thousand for the “Sputnik V” vaccine.

For all vaccines, there are instructions for use that list the ingredients and the side effects that can occur after immunization, which are usually mild. If these vaccines were placebo, there could be no side effects or ingredients. The country has received many vaccine donations from neighbors, for example from Serbia and Bulgaria, and new donations are expected in the coming period. All of those vaccines were administered in a cold chain where a temperature that was low had to be maintained for the vaccines to be safe during transmission. In the same way, the vaccines are stored in the country, so that if they were a placebo, this would not have been done at all.

In addition, every citizen who will be vaccinated receives a card stating the date of receipt of the dose, the serial number of the vial, the date of the second vaccine, and the manufacturer. In the end, you get a vaccination certificate with a QR code that is unique and corresponds to the vaccine that was applied. To say that some people are vaccinated with a placebo is a false claim, especially since in such situations there would be no difference between the number of infected and dead between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. On the contrary, that difference in our country is enormous and only 20 percent of those hospitalized have been vaccinated. The facts are that the vaccinated rarely need to be hospitalized, unlike the unvaccinated.

If the vaccines were salt and water, and not real, the country would not have thrown them away, as happened with the donated 20,000 vaccines from Bulgaria that had to be destroyed as medical waste, because their expiration date had passed.

We assess that there is no evidence that those people who received the vaccine received a placebo. Placebo was given only to participants in clinical trials for vaccines before they were approved for commercial use.







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