It Is a Lie That Halyna Hutchins Was To Make a Documentary on Pedophilia in Hollywood


The post we are reviewing is untrue. Halyna Hutchins had no plans, nor was she involved in a documentary about an alleged pedophile network in Hollywood. Hutchins’s television agent, Craig Mizrahi, confirmed this to USA Today. This lie is only translated into Macedonian but comes from an entertaining site called World Gray News, where you can create fictional content yourself



We are reviewing a Facebook post in which incorrect information was presented, and according to the narrative, even the author is aware that they are spreading lies and disinformation, but that does not stop them from continuing the mission of repeating the disinformation in the hope that it will become true.

The short description of the post refers to the recent murder of Hollywood producer Halyna Hutchins, a tragedy that is in the spotlight of the American and world public. Actor Alec Baldwin shot the film’s director of photography, Hutchins, and wounded director Joel Souza in a tragic incident during the filming of “Rust” in the US state of New Mexico. Halyna Hutchins, despite attempts to be saved, died in hospital where she was airlifted. No charges have been filed against anyone, and details are being clarified as to how a pistol loaded with real ammunition was given to actor Baldwin, claiming it was empty.

This tragedy, in the post we are reviewing, is taken out of context, i.e. it is presented in a completely different light. The post says that Hutchins’ murder is not accidental and the tragic event is connected with the information that Hutchins was allegedly preparing a documentary to expose a pedophile chain in Hollywood.

Of course, if you search for something on the Internet, you will find that the independent “fact-checkers”, i.e. those who allegedly check the veracity of the news that is published, say that it is a lie. (We expect this text to be labeled as such as well), reads the post we are reviewing, which makes it clear that the manipulation is consciously spreading, although the unnamed author knows that the story is not supported by evidence.

The truth is that director Hutchins, who tragically died on the set of the film, never planned to make a documentary about a pedophile network in Hollywood.

“USA Today” investigators contacted Hutchins’s television agent, Craig Mizrahi, who said no such documentary was being prepared.

“Halyna was not working on, associated with or contacted by any upcoming documentaries. Her only proposed projects were traditional narrative films,” Mizrahi told the newspaper.

Where does the lie that Halyna Hutchins intended to make a documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood come from? This lie is only translated into Macedonian, but comes from an entertainment site where you can create fictional content yourself, called “World Gray News”.


The description of the website reads:

Purpose of this website is fun. It should be used for joking with your friends. We are not responsible for the content. If you are insulted with some content, send us the link on, and the content will be deleted.


There is even a template to enter the site and create your own fаке news.

Due to all the above facts, we consider the post we are reviewing as fake. Halyna Hutchins had no plans about filming, nor was she involved in a documentary about an alleged pedophile network in Hollywood. It is a lie.







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