“Makedonska Poshta” is yet to implement the service for the e-shops

The online shops are still waiting for the postman to ring.

These services will be offered to the business community in the Republic of Macedonia as well as to the companies that deal with online sales and they will represent logistics for successful development of business ideas.

The term “business services” covers the following: receiving packages from the business user and delivering them, while the prices will be formed on the basis of the number of visits to the business user’s premises; delivery of business packages of up to 100 kilograms the same day or the next working day; delivery of collective shipments, package formation, personalization and storing of packages (through storage space lease). The resources will be provided from the budget of “Makedonska Poshta” JSC. (Budget: estimated value 35 million denars. Deadline: 2014 – 2016.)



The promise of expanding the service portfolio with Business services was among the many in the “Certified” – The electoral programme of the VMRO-DPMNE – for the snap parliamentray electons in 2014, with which the party vowed for the citizens’ votes. The idea of the proposed Business service is a door to door service for the companies, with a specific weight on the online shops, i.e. “Makedonska Poshta” was to become a delivery service for the goods purchased online. According to this promise, the prices would depend on the number of packages – individual or monthly shipmend, but it also provision storage lease in warehouses of “Makedonska Poshta”, thereby lessening the inconveniences of the companies. On page 79 of the programme the party promises the implementation of this service between 2014 and 2016.

We could not find any information on the Internet that this kind of service is available for the business users. Also, browsing the website of “Makedonska Poshta” did not provide confirmation that this service is available and we querieed “Makedonska Poshta” by e-mail. They response was “The Business package service is in the process of implementation”.

There is still time for the realization of this election promise, therefore we assess it as in progress.



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