Navigating AI’s Impact on Human Rights in a Digital Era, at the 19th International Conference

The 19-th edition of the international conference Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: Finding the Right Balance between Innovation and Responsibility” that Metamorphosis Foundation is organising on December 19th 2023 at Hotel Marriott – Skopje (hall Ballroom I), is going to be closed by the Executive director of Metamorphosis Foundation, Bardhyl Jashari.

“Guided by the global and regional challenges we face, this year we focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on human rights. Striking the right balance between innovation and accountability is critical to fostering a digital environment that addresses issues such as privacy, bias, discrimination, and the ethical application of AI to protect human rights. The ethical application of AI is much more than just a matter of technological progress, but also involves the joint efforts of all key stakeholders to provide innovations that will make citizens’ lives easier, while protecting their rights and dignity. Young people as one of the most vulnerable categories are particularly exposed to this influence, with special emphasis on the use of generative AI (chat-bots) and the mental health consequences of improper use of AI-based tools, and as future leaders, it should be the priority for them to become digitally competent and responsible citizens”, says Jashari.

He adds that, as AI continues to shape our world, the need to protect human rights without stifling technological progress becomes the greatest challenge.

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