Neither Putin is Fighting Evil, Nor Gates is Poisoning People from the Sky

More than a year ago, the Russian military invaded Ukraine, which as a sovereign country has every right to defend itself. The narrative that “Putin is fighting evil” stems from Russian propaganda, struggling to justify the criminal acts performed on alien territory. Bill Gates is the favourite figure in various conspiracy theories, including this one – about spraying chemical poison from airplanes! The science community has not found evidence of the existence of chemtrails and has realized – for quite some time now – that the traces left behind planes are contrails, a consequence of condensation

We are fact-checking a post published on the social network Facebook (screenshot here) stating the following:

Putin is to blame for fighting evil.
Those poisoning you from the air are the good guys.
It’s not enough… Gates needs to increase your doze.

The narrative in the post is fully in line with the conspiracy theory according to which Bill Gates is spraying us with chemical poison with planes from the air. This conspiracy, although beyond the domain of facts, is a wide area for playing with the feelings and thoughts of citizens. For quite some time now, the scientific community has identified the trails as “contrails”, trails left by airplanes as a consequence of condensation. The clouds in the form of a line are produced from the exhaust gasses from the engine of the aircraft. They appear due to changes in the pressure of the air, usually from airplanes that fly several kilometres above the ground.

US researchers from Harvard University who were investigating conspiracy theories, say that “there is no evidence for the existence of chemtrails”.

Those who believe in this conspiracy theory think that because the airplane trail is visible for a longer period, it must contain some kind of dangerous additional substances. According to these beliefs, the regular trail from the aircraft should dissolve quickly therefore the clouds that do not disappear promptly must be full with additional, undiscovered substances – in this case poisons.

These claims have been categorically rejected by the science community. There is no evidence that the alleged chemical trails are different than the regular ones – familiar trails from the condensation left by the aircraft flying on high altitude in specific atmospheric conditions and are particularly visible when the sky is clear and the weather sunny.

Bill Gates is the favorite figure for various false accusations, including the one that he wishes to depopulate the planet, hence poisoning people (as claimed by the post we are fact-checking). However, with logical thinking it becomes clear that if such a massive extermination program really existed and was implemented, than that would demand a great deal of resources, many people – and money- involved. In other words, many people would have to know and such eventual massive poisoning from the air would have been discovered. But, of course, such a thing does not exist. On many occasions Truthmeter  debunked this conspiracy theory.

Particularly, this conspiracy theory cannot be correlated with the war Russia is fighting in Ukraine, which is sovereign country defending itself from military aggression and military invasion. Putin is not fighting evil, but is executing his territorial claims from Ukraine. On the account of that claim, numerous human lives are being lost and Ukrainian infrastructure is being destroyed. Thanks to the war, the world is already feeling grave consequences of economic nature.

Kremlin wanted to justify its military aggression with the alleged fight against evil, and that narrative was frequently stressed by church dignitaries absolving Russian’s military aggression against Ukraine.

Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin denied that it had a plan to attack Ukraine. That, however, is not true and the attack occurred the same day as the American intelligence predicted it would.

More than a year ago, Russia military invaded Ukraine and every day a large number of soldiers and civilians are killed there. 24th February 2022, Russia initiated missile attacks on locations throughout Ukraine, including the capital city Kyiv. Russian ground forces penetrated Ukrainian territory, and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded by introducing martial law, terminating diplomatic relations with Russia and general mobilization. This invasion is the biggest military attack in Europe after the Second World War and is subject to a worldwide condemnation as well as imposed sanctions against Russia.

Such narratives ”about Putin fighting evil” are coming from the Russian side in the attempt to justify the crime committed on alien territory, as well as the thousands killed on both sides, orphaned children and millions of displaced persons. This full military invasion was unprovoked by Ukraine, which is a sovereign country and has the right to be in a political and economic union with whoever it chooses. This is what Russia minds.

Due to all of the above-noted facts, we assess as untrue that Putin is fighting evil, as well as that Bill Gates is poisoning people with toxins.


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