Nikoloski’s Statement that No Cocaine Has Been Seized by the Authorities in the Last Three Years Is False

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Aleksandar Nikoloski, Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, publicly stated allegations related to drug trafficking in the Republic of North Macedonia (RNM) we are assessed as false:

“…Nowadays there is a cocaine on the streets of Skopje more often than ever in the history of Macedonia, and it is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. When was the last time you saw a kilo of cocaine seized by Macedonian customs or police? I will tell you – one gram has not been seized in the last three years. Even by mistake, when they are ransacking a truck, a bus or a car … I mean, even if they mistakenly find something, they send it back, because the SDSM structures around Zoran Zaev are in a criminal coalition with the drug gangs in Macedonia.” (A. Nikoloski)

It is a fact that Zaev and SDSM are in an informal coalition with the drug gangs in Macedonia (VMRO-DPMNE)

[Source: Alfa Analysis/TV Alfa – Aleksandar Nikolovski/VMRO-DPMNE/Press Releases, date: 21. January, 2020]



VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and former MP Aleksandar Nikoloski gave a false statement during an appearance on Alfa TV’s Morning program on 21 January 2020 that in RNM, in the last three years, not a single gram of cocaine has been seized, because circles in the ruling party close to the leader Zaev have been in coalition with drug gangs in Macedonia.

Before stating the facts, while it is incomprehensible why only cocaine has been mentioned, it can be noted that this statement of Nikoloski, i.e. his party is no accident after all.

Namely, this is in line with the statement of VMRO-DPMNE’s technical Minister of Interior, Nakje Čulev, who, just after being appointed on 3. January this year, accused, on 6. January, of involvement of the MoI leadership structures with criminal groups.

Nikoloski is now being more direct, addressing the public with accusations that this is a connection of SDSM people close to Zaev, and that as a result, not a single gram of cocaine has been seized, even by accident.

“Truthmeter” conducted a quick inspection on cocaine seizures and found that the claim of Nikoloski is false. However, it is still unclear why only cocaine is being emphasized, when it is known that much more accessible and more widely used, and therefore more dangerous, are amphetamines or the heroin.

The research referred to the extent to which the RNM Public Prosecutor’s Office had initiated investigations or filed charges, knowing that they were always due to previous criminal charges filed by the MoI, with the exception being the independent prosecution activities.

Examples of the last three years are as follows: for starters, only in December 2019,  in one case, 900 grams of cocaine were seized; earlier in Skopje, in another case, cocaine was seized again, although in much smaller quantities; in a third case, also in December, 14 grams of cocaine were seized in Gostivar; March 2019, 90 grams of cocaine seized in Skopje, also in March 2019 around 130 grams of cocaine seized and again in March in the third case, 270 grams of cocaine seized. In Veles in June 2019, more narcotics seized, and in May 2018 50 grams of cocaine seized on a dealer, etc.

More examples can be given, but whether bodies and institutions have done their job is proven by the recent major international action where the RNM’s MoI in an active investigation with the Spanish police, prevented 700 kg of Latin American cocaine from entering Europe. If the facts are carefully looked at, it is clear that if the cocaine had entered Europe, it could have also come to Macedonia. But, in addition, charges have been filed against citizens of this country.

Due to the above facts, it can be assessed that Aleksandar Nikoloski’s statement that no gram of cocaine has been seized in the past three years in RNM, the reason being that SDSM circles close to Zaev were in a criminal coalition with drug gangs, as well as the repeated allegation of the party the same day in their column “Facts of the day”, are false.

It is quite possible, as in any other police force in the world, that some police structures are linked to criminal gangs, as the new technical minister says. However, first of all, this claim has not been supported by investigation and evidence, and secondly, it is not at all possible to automatically extract allegations against the ruling party and its president. Especially not with the false claim that there has been no seizure of cocaine, not even a gram for the last three years.




Assessed by: Teo Blaževski 




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