Petrovska: We Support the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine

The Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska told TV 24 that our institutions are following the developments in and around Ukraine related to the deployment of the Russian Armed Forces on the border with Ukraine


“I must state that we fully support the efforts being made within NATO and the OSCE to overcome this situation. We consider this deployment of the armed forces to be a provocative and destabilizing action that actually reduces the security of the European continent,” said Minister Petrovska.

She stressed that the Republic of North Macedonia fully supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Minister Slavjanka Petrovska pointed out that the country unequivocally supports and respects the Washington Agreement, as well as all fundamental agreements and documents that guarantee the security of Europe.

“As a NATO member state, we call on all countries to do the same, because we do not think that the escalation of any conflict can contribute to improving the current situation. On the contrary, dialogue and discussions should be, above all, in the interest of all of us,” said Minister Petrovska.

The US State Department today ordered the families of employees of the US Embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine due to a possible Russian invasion. Non-essential staff is also advised to leave, as are all US citizens in Ukraine.

Washington has warned against traveling to Ukraine and Russia because of ongoing tensions in the region and the possibility of harassing US citizens, underlying that the Russian invasion could happen at any moment.

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