Portalb: Unnecessary Media Hyperbole and Glorification of Russian Military Equipment

This is an article that hyperbolically and sensationally glorifies Russian military equipment. The headline “Russia presented the Beast in the Sky: “We will deal with America using this” ​​is a typical example of unprofessional journalistic reporting, which aims to mislead the public, writes Portalb.mk.


On January 6, 2022, through a sensational headline, N-news Media informs readers that Russia has introduced a new combat drone. In the hyperbolized headline, the drone is presented to us as a “beast in the sky” whose purpose is to protect the interests of the Russian state from America. However, the content of the text at no time presents to the reader the claims made in the title of the media product. Content is poor in information and does not provide relevant sources for the information it presents to the reader.

“Russia has already released another version of its new combat drone, which is preparing for the first demonstration of the flight. The pre-serial configuration of the Russian Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik was unveiled at the Novosibirsk Aircraft Company during a visit by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko. According to open source data, the drone has a lifting weight of 20 tons and can develop a speed of about 1000 km/h. Serial deliveries of the drone to the military will begin in 2024”- the paragraph is all that the author offers to the reader, who will click on the post with a headline title.

While there is harsh language in the comments of the post towards the author, who unprofessionally glorifies the appearance of a country’s combat equipment, the large number of those who like the post should be worrying. It collected about 90 comments and 380 reactions, of which 325 Facebook users liked the content.

However, the “news” shared on the N-news media site, at a time when tensions in Kazakhstan have begun or at a time when Russia is threatening Ukraine, is not new to the international community. The same drone was first introduced in 2011 and has been upgraded ever since.

What is a Sukhoi S-70 Ohotnik?

In mid-December 2021, Russia introduced a new video of the drone called the Sukhoi S-70 Ohotnik. The first flight of this drone was announced on August 7, 2019, by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Ohotnik, which means “Hunter”, is a drone. It can carry out deadly attacks, as well as serve as an electronic observer during a war or battle.

However, the development of the Okhotnik drone began in 2011, and first appeared in public on January 23 in photos shared on Russian social networks while a tractor was pulling a flying drone in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Then, on May 14, Okhotnik was photographed at the Chkalov facility during a visit by President Vladimir Putin.

Satellite imagery has revealed that the drone is quite large, with a wingspan of approximately 19 meters. It weighs 20 tons and its maximum speed is in the high subsonic range. The drone’s spacious body has two interior spaces with a capacity for more than two tons of weapons or specialized equipment and is assumed to have enough fuel to provide the drone with a radius of more than about 6,000 km.

The configuration of the flying wing of the Russian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and the engine built into the fuselage bear a striking resemblance to the US Sentinel RQ-170 drone, whose existence was publicly acknowledged only after it was captured by Iran and then studied by Russia.

Pro-Russian propaganda

The author intentionally or unintentionally carried out propaganda that favors Russia. They are trying to portray this country as superior and as militarily more powerful than another, in this case, America. Given the context of tensions between America and Russia over the years, the author favors Russia, increasing the role of this drone and calling it a “beast” with a tendency for this “beast” to harm and declare victory over the powerless – in this case, America. The author has no information on America’s combat capability to offer a complete balance of information and insights into the capabilities of both countries, at least the capabilities of the air force – or drones so that the public can then assess who may have military superiority.

The problem with this news is that it arouses emotions, in this case – fear of a possible attack on America, which presents itself as an aggressor state, and on the other hand, Russia presents itself as an attacking country that must defend itself but possesses such weapons that will ensure victory over the attacker.

The published content also contradicts some points of the Journalistic Code of Ethics

By intentionally or unintentionally publishing such a media product, the author violates some basic principles of the Journalistic Code of Ethics. One of the principles of journalism, violated in the content we are reviewing is the following:

The role of journalists is to convey information, ideas and opinions and have the right to comment. Respecting ethical values ​​and professional standards in the transmission of information, journalists must be honest, objective and accurate.

So, regardless of the personal thoughts or comments of the journalist during the reporting, they should be left aside and it should be reported objectively. Some of the ethical values ​​that the author of this content should keep in mind are the following:

The way of informing in cases of disasters, natural disasters, wars, family tragedies, diseases, lawsuits should be free from sensationalism.

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