Russian Covid Vaccines Are Not Banned in North Macedonia

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The Sputnik vaccines are not banned in North Macedonia and they are still available for those who want to be vaccinated for the first time. In addition, the pineal gland, or the epiphysis cerebri, can in no way be affected by a COVID-19 vaccination. This disinformation aimed to create mistrust in the COVID-19 vaccine produced in the EU. All ingredients of all COVID-19 vaccines are publicly available, and the post offers no evidence that any of them affect the pineal gland. In a vague way, the post is manipulated, thereby arguing – with no argumentation – that this gland is somehow negatively affected by the COVID-19 vaccines


We are fact-checking a post on the social network Facebook (screenshot here) sharing a photo of a human brain and saying:

Without the pineal gland, a man is a slave to himself.
Why did they ban only the Russian vaccines?
Learn a bit more about what they do to you with these satanic vaccines that contain substances adverse to the pineal gland where the spirit of mankind resides.

The post is in line with the narratives that were shared at the peak of the vaccination against COVID-19 when disinformation was promoted about them containing harmful substances that cause, literally, all diseases. This time, however, something close to the QAnon conspiracy theory can be noted, i.e., that the vaccines from Russia are not harmful, while Western vaccines from the EU contain substances harmful to the spirit of mankind that will be entrapped. Of course, the word “satanic” is added, an epithet that dominates the QAnon tirade of disinformation.

Firstly, COVID-19 vaccines in North Macedonia that came from Russia were never banned. That is disinformation. Zdravsten Dom Skopje confirmed for Truthmeter that if a citizen went to Bit Pazar Polyclinic – where there is an active COVID-19 vaccination outlet – and wanted to be vaccinated for the first time, he/she will receive the Russian vaccine, i.e. Sputnik. Pfizer dosages are available for citizens requesting re-vaccination. At the peak of the COVID-19 vaccination, Sputnik vaccines were both delivered in North Macedonia and administered.

The fact-checked post also mentions the epiphysis or the pineal gland, claiming that non-Russian vaccines affect the gland negatively. Apparently, that was where the spirit of mankind resides, so in that context, Western vaccines are described as “satanic”.

The pineal gland or the epiphysis in humans has the form of a pine cone and is the size of a corn grain of 8 millimeters. It is the most developed in childhood, and after the onset of puberty, it decreases since the secreted hormones inhibit premature puberty. It is located on the top of the back of the midbrain. It is considered to belong to the glands of the endocrine system affecting the growth and development of the ovary and testis.

This gland cannot be affected in any way by vaccination against COVID-19. This is disinformation was created to evoke mistrust in the COVID-19 vaccines produced in the EU. All ingredients in all COVID-19 vaccines are publicly available, and the post offers no evidence that any of them affect the pineal gland. Statements are being manipulated in a subtle manner to push the conspiracy theory that this gland will somehow be adversely affected by the COVID-19 vaccines.

All ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines available in North Macedonia are listed on the vaccination website of the Ministry of Health. There is no information about any of them affecting the pineal gland, nor is there a side effect reported in any long-term monitoring of clinical vaccine studies.

Although the European Medicines Agency (EMA) did not approve Sputnik for the EU, the member states still have the sovereign right to decide. With a national license, some of them were using the vaccine, for example in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Among the countries that used this vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic is North Macedonia.

We need documents that we can review. We also don’t at the moment have data… about vaccinated people with Sputnik. It is unknown. That’s why I would urgently advise against giving a national emergency authorization, said in March 2021, Christa Wirthumer-Hoche, Head of the Managing Board of EMA.

In contrast, Pfizer’s vaccine was approved by EMA, as well as by the US Food and Drug Administration for full use, even in children. During the Covid pandemic, a conspiracy theory spread in the country according to which if one measured the temperature with a non-contact thermometer, then the pineal gland would be affected – disinformation that Truthmeter debunked with the help of statements provided by expert neurologists.

Approved vaccines against COVID-19 are safe and effective. They were tested on tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials to confirm they meet the specific standards of the European Agency for Medicines for safety, efficiency and quality. The safety of the Covid-19 vaccines is continuously monitored and evaluated. Most of the known side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are short-lived. Serious safety problems are extremely rare, according to EMA’s website.

Scientists from Meedan Health Desk said for Reuters that the research showed that mRNA vaccines are safe and effective. Nevertheless, false claims are spreading panic online about the side effects.

Due to all the facts noted above, we assess this post as not true. Sputnik vaccines are not banned in North Macedonia and they are still available for those who want to get vaccinated for the first time. Also, there is also no evidence that other non-Russian vaccines adversely affect the pineal gland.

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