“Tenders” – Investigation on the construction of the extensions of the Museum of VMRO


Првоосмничената за злоупотреба – раководно лице во Министерство за култура му овозможила на АДГ Бетон од Штип повластена улога на пазарот и заобиколувајќи ги прописите за јавни набавки, изведувале дополнителни работи на објектот за околу еден милион евра


The main suspect of abuse, head in the Ministry of Culture (MC), has given ADG “Beton Shtip” a favorable position on the market, and this construction company had been constructing extensions to the Museum of VMRO by evading the rules of public procurements


20 October 2016 – This investigation is about the construction of extensions to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, also known as the Museum of VMRO, which occurred in 2011.

SPO’s preliminary investigation showed that a head in the Ministry of Culture and the director of ADG “Beton” from Shtip have agreed to get around the public procurement rules by starting the construction first, and completing the public procurement procedure afterwards, which was an idea of the prime suspect.

The prosecutor Fatime Fetai gave the following explanations, among other things, regarding this investigation:

As I mentioned, on 18 July 2011, GTD “Beton Shtip” AD delivered an offer as a part of the public procurement procedure, but although all suspects knew that the company had already been constructing the extensions to the object, still the second, third and fourth suspect, members of the Public Procurement Committee, made a report on the conducted procedure from 19 July 2017 which says that the most favorable bidder is GTD “Beton Shtip” AD, and the decision on selecting the most favorable offer was made by the prime suspect on 26 July 2017.

Later on, on 5 August 2011, the contract on public procurements for construction of, as I mentioned, already constructed works, was concluded. The contract is concluded between the MC, represented by the prime suspect and GTD “Beton Shtip” AD, represented by the witness – a General Director, in the amount of 62.480.543 denar (nearly 1 million euro).

On the basis of that contract, up to and including 31 December 2013, the MC paid 54.501.336 denar to GTD “Beton Shtip” AD.

Details on Fetai’s presentation are available here (in Macedonian).

Media reports on this press conference are available here (in Macedonian).


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