The Association of Ukranians “Lesya Ukrainka” Urges Authorities to Take Measures for Unity with Ukrainians

The Association of Ukrainians in the Republic of North Macedonia “Lesya Ukrainka” today addressed the Macedonian leadership with a request to take all possible measures to show the unity of North Macedonia with the Ukrainian people and to support the right of each nation to choose its own future and decide on their own destiny.



“Ukraine is at the forefront of defending democracy and freedom. We call for a united front that will stand up for the protection of common European values ​​and will remain determined to oppose the aggressor,” the Association of Ukrainians “Lesya Ukrainka” said in a statement.

According to the Association, they together with the diplomats from the Embassy near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in the center of Skopje held joint action #StandWithUkraine. The main purpose of the action was to demonstrate the cohesion and unity of Ukrainians around the world and the right of Ukraine to choose its own future.

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