The Construction of the Sports-Adrenaline Park in Karpoš has Begun

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Promise: Park in Karpoš 4

The new park is planned to be built in Karpoš 4, starting from the protective greenery along the wells, along the River Vardar, to the recreational sports zone (near the tennis courts and the artificial rock) … Deadline: 2018-2020

[Source: Stefan Bogoev Electoral Platform for the 2017 Local Elections – „Life in Karpoš for Everyone“ (pg.21) – Date: October 2017]



The promise of the Mayor of Karpoš Municipality, Stefan Bogoev, to build a new park in Karpoš 4 near the “Climbing Rock” along the quay of the River Vardar, given in the local elections campaign (October 2017), is “underway”. This is one of Bogoev’s major projects listed in his election program, “Life in Karpoš for everyone!” (P. 21). With this program, he, as a SDSM candidate, sought the trust of the citizens to elect him as a mayor of the municipality.

The construction of the sports-adrenaline park behind the climbing rock in Karpoš 4 began on 10 October (2019) and is expected to be completed by the end of June next year (2020). According to media reports, this is a new green area for sports and recreation that will stretch on a surface of 10,000 square meters.

According to Mayor Bogoev, within the park, there will be new, arranged greenery covering an area of 4,000 square meters, 120 new trees, a children’s playground, a football court with seating, a beach volleyball court with seating, and a skate park with adrenaline content. This unit will be surrounded by a square that will cover an area of 140 square meters. The green sports and recreation area will be linked to the big park and to the wells of the River Lepenec.

After finishing the adrenaline park, we will focus on arranging the public space next to the wells of the River Lepenec. The permanent gain is the complete embellishment of this area and finally solving the decade-long problem of creating illegal landfills and lighting of outdoor fires, said Bogoev.

The funds for the construction of the park were provided by a European Union grant within the Local and Regional Competitiveness Project in the amount of 38,100,000 denars. Approximately 5 million denars were allocated from the Municipal Budget for the implementation of this project.

Information and photos about the start of the construction of this park are posted on the Municipality’s website and in several media.




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