The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Safe, So-called “Scandalous” Side Effects Are Normal

An unconfirmed “message” is spreading on social media claiming that a group of students after receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine had unusual side effects such as bleeding from the eyes, premature menstruation, etc. We talked about this topic with Dr Pajtim Asani who said that so far no side effects have been reported by young people after receiving the vaccine. For, he explained in more detail the possible side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine.

A group of people who want to be called “Anti-vaxxers” (who are against vaccination) are constantly spreading various conspiracy theories and disinformation on social networks. The purpose of the abovementioned individuals or groups is to weaken the process of immunization of the population and to convince the masses that the Covid-19 vaccines are not healthy and that behind the whole process of vaccination there is a secret and harmful agenda


In this particular case, a photo was shared showing a message allegedly written by a teacher concerned about the side effects from the COvid-19 vaccine that appeared among students, but it did not have the author’s name and surname. Thus, its author could be any who.

Initially, this photo was shared 3 weeks ago on Pinterest and “ifunny” by a page called “skcizm”, which constantly spreads conspiratorial and dangerous theories and is followed by many people.


“skcizm” – page flooded with conspiracy theories

In the message allegedly sent by a teacher, bleeding from the eyes, nose and premature menstruation are just some of the side effects that, according to this announcement, have appeared in hundreds of students.

I have to share today was a very hard day at school I am a teacher and last Friday many of my students in the middle school got their first needle – Today Monday just a few days later, lots of kids are reporting fevers of 104 headaches nosebleeds, three children fainted and had to be taken out in stretchers some girls started bleeding – My daughter was freaked out she is an eighth grader аnd witnessed these things. She saw two students bleeding from their eyesreads the reviewed message.

Often, even the normal side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are spread as “taboo” and “scandalous” information and all this aims to intimidate citizens and make them refuse to receive the only means of preventing the coronavirus – the vaccine.

We talked about this topic with Dr Pajtim Asani, according to whom no group side effects have been reported so far as a result of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, both in Macedonia and in the world. He added that the side effects of these vaccines are almost the same as those of other vaccines.

To date, no side effects have been reported by young people in high schools after vaccination. The usual side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are almost the same as those of other vaccines, said Pajtim Asani, a physician.


What are the recommendations of the WHO and its scientists

According to the WHO, vaccination is safe and the side effects of the vaccine, such as shoulder pain or a mild fever, are minor and short-term. More serious side effects are possible, but they are extremely rare.

Before being approved for use, each licensed vaccine is rigorously tested at all stages of testing. Scientists are also constantly monitoring information from a number of sources for any signs that a particular vaccine may pose a health risk.

Remember, the probability of serious consequences of a disease that can be prevented with a vaccine is far greater than with the vaccine itself. For example, tetanus can cause extreme pain, muscle cramps (joint blockage) and blood clots, and measles can cause encephalitis (brain infection) and blindness. Many diseases that can be prevented with vaccines can result in death. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks, and without vaccines we will have many more diseases and deaths, according to the WHO.

However, anyone with a vaccine dilemma can do more research on the WHO website, where answers to almost all questions and dilemmas about the Covid-19 vaccines can be found, as well as scientific information on the safety of the vaccines.



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