The effect of disinformation and foreign influences on the democratic processes in North Macedonia in 2023


In 2023, the creation and dissemination of disinformation were recognized not only as a media, but also as a security problem which disrupts the functioning of democratic institutions and the media sphere, posing enormous risks to society as a whole and jeopardizing fundamental human rights – from personal security and health to various freedoms.After the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2021, there was a global shift in the perception of the significance of this problem, which was previously ignored or minimized. Unfortunately, substantial investments by anti-democratic actors continued to strengthen the influence of disinformation, along with conspiracy theories and various forms of propaganda and political manipulation.

Metamorphosis Foundation conducted this research with support from the global network defending and promoting free expression, IFEX, as part of the comprehensive efforts aimed at exposing the impact of foreign propaganda in the Republic of North Macedonia. Through public education, the goal is to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders (civil organizations and activists, media and journalists, state institutions, and decision-makers) to actively participate in building resilience against harmful anti-democratic influences.


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