The fake Greta, who called PM Zoran Zaev, also called a US congresswoman

Конгресменката Вотерс. Фото: Википедија


This was just another stupid prank by the same Russian operatives targeting many US elected officials, including Adam Schiff, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and international heads of state such as Emmanuel Macron. The end.

This is the statement that US Congresswoman Maxine Waters gave to The Washington Post. She is the latest victim of the Russian pranksters (jokers that, by abusing someone else’s identity, discuss with and secretly record famous world politicians), whose aims are always politicians that pursue policies that can be considered hostile to Russia.

This time, according to The Guardian, pranksters “Vovan” and “Lexus” (Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov) besides Greta Thunberg, impersonated also the father of the world-renowned environmental activist. They succeeded in convincing the congresswoman that she should address a rally in North Carolina to protect a threatened island that actually does not exist, and she addresses non-existent protesters by phone.

During the conversation, she was informed by her interlocutors about details of allegedly indecent and offensive address by US President Donald Trump to Greta that happened during a fall session of the United Nations General Assembly, a meeting that also did not take place.

There is little doubt in the public acquainted with this topic that Russian pranksters have more sinister agenda than just randomly pranking foreign officials, especially since their targets are not supporters of the current Kremlin administration. ”Truthmeter” reported when Prime Minister Zoran Zaev admitted he was their victim last year.

Several months later, the Government also acknowledged that there was a new hybrid attack and an attempt by the fake Greta and her “father” to talk to Zaev (exactly as was the case with the US congresswoman). But, despite finishing the conversation, the prime minister suspected he was not talking to real representatives of Greta. At least that is what Zaev’s close associate, Marjan Zabrčanec said. You can read more about this on META. The fact remains that the prankers have not released Zaev’s phone call with the fake Greta after Government representatives came clean about the prank call’s existence.

The public in North Macedonia was not informed if the Government’s procedures and protocols been changed since the first attack on Zaev to protect the officials from such pranks, as Zaev hinted then, and whether specific countermeasures have been taken in accordance with the draft Action Plan of the Government of the RNM to combat misinformation.

The experience that Zaev can share, as well as many other world-famous politicians and public figures, shows that this type of fraudulent misrepresentation is not naive at all, and that these prank calls should not be taken for granted as jokes, public humour, and satire.



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