The National Portal for e-Services is operational

Фото: Веб портал на Влада на РСМ/принтскрин


SDSM, in the pre-election period in 2016, made the following promise to the citizens, which we deem as fulfilled:

We will modernize, simplify and accelerate the communication between citizens and state administration, with the aim of increasing the transparency of the public sector regarding provision of public services, by establishing a central e-citizens portal.

[Source:  СДСМ – План за живот, стр.259 – date, December 2016]



The ruling SDSM in the pre-election program „Plan for Life in Macedonia“ made a promise to simplify the services for citizens by using ICT, and this promise was fulfilled. It is about providing various services to citizens electronically, through a unified central software system that offers more services than the administration usually offers stationary at the counters of institutions.

On 16 December 2019, the portal e-Services ( was launched, which offers more services through a public domain and individual registration, and in the future, it is planned to offer even more.

The portal was presented in the Government of the RNM by the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the competent Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Mančevski.

The public domain is accessible to everyone without the need for logging in or identification. Information on the services provided by the competent authorities can be found here. The private domain is only available to registered and identified users of the Single Sign-on System. After the registration, citizens have the opportunity to submit requests in electronic form for receiving e-service, to pay for the service, as well as the administrative fee, to receive a response to the request and most importantly to receive electronic servicessaid Minister Mančevski.

According to information presented at the press conference, “127 e-services are currently available on the e-Service Portal. 57 services are offered electronically for the first time, while the other 70 have already been electronically available. This number will increase daily.”

The portal is available in three languages, Macedonian, Albanian and English. The Central e-Services Portal has been launched with little delay regarding projections in the pre-election program, given that it has been promised in the first two years of the government’s mandate as part of the urgent reform priorities of the administration. But still, as the mentioned National e-Services Portal is operational, the promise can be deemed as fulfilled.



Assessed by: Teo Blaževski



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