The Night Bus Lines of JSP Are Back In Traffic


Promise: In the first 82 days of my term through the program for modern Skopje with all 15 + 1 projects and my 82 action plan we will clean the illegal landfills in the city. We will change the timetable of the city traffic, and regular night lines will be introduced, especially during the weekend, said Danela Arsovska, mayor of Skopje in her election campaign.

[Source: MIA, statement of Danela Arosvska; Date: 15 October 2021]



Two days before the local elections held on 17 October 2021, the current Мayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, at that time a candidate for this position, promised that in the first 82 days of her term, regular night bus lines of JSP will return to traffic, especially at the weekend.

Arsovska wrote this in a post on Facebook:

Introducing regular night bus lines especially on weekends.


On 28 December 2021, the Public Transport Company Skopje (JSP) issued an official statement noting that the night bus lines are back in operation from this date.

Dear users of public transport, we inform you that from today, Tuesday (28 December 2021) the night bus lines start operating, as follows: 2, 5, 7, 22, 24, 41, 50, 57 and 65V. The introduction of night bus lines is the beginning of the changes for better public transport which is part of the program of the management of JSP and the city of Skopje. In this way, public transport is provided for the citizens of Skopje during the night hours, which was abolished as an option by the past leadership of the city two years ago. Bus lines 2, 22, 24, 41, 57 and 65V, will operate every day, and the rest will be in operation on weekends or combined, as well as during the holidays, announced by JSP Skopje.

The overview of the timetable and route of the lines is available on the JSP website, in the section Timetable / NIGHT LINES.

In the past, JSP repeatedly withdrew night lines from traffic because they had very poor utilization and incurred losses for the company. Economic unprofitability was pointed out as the reason for their abolition, and over the years they occasionally functioned only for events such as White Night, when in the center of Skopje there was a higher frequency of citizens.

Given that from December 28 the night lines are back in operation – bus lines 2, 22, 24, 41, 57 and 65B, will operate every day, and the rest on weekends or combined, as well as during the holidays, we assess Arsovska’s promise as fulfilled.




Assessed by: Miroslava Byrns


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