Video Misinforms – Member of the Azov Battalion Set Fire to Russian Soldiers on the Cross

Фото: Принтскрин видео

There is no evidence that Azov soldiers are burning Russian soldiers alive on a cross, and the video circulating on the Internet is seven years old and has nothing to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine


We are reviewing a post published on the social network Facebook in which a text from a portal is shared, with the headline: “Fascists from Ukrainian Azov burn Russian soldiers alive on a cross, and after crucifying them, slaughter them and shoot them in the head”.

Some friends sent me footage of the executions of Russian soldiers directed by the Ukrainian Nazi Battalion Azov. Burning alive on the cross after crucifixion. Slaughter. Shooting in the head.

Beauty. Of course I will not publish them. This is to know exactly what Putin meant when he said the denationalization of Ukraine. And let the pathetic perverts in Brussels know when they talk about The Hague and war crimes. Because the Russians will go to them with these recordings, the article says.

The text was published on March 1, 2022, after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Foreign fact-checkers have already written about such an event as described in the text. The photos they share can be viewed at the following link.

Just like in the post we are reviewing, their videos and photos claim that Ukrainian soldiers crucified a Russian soldier, that they burned him alive, and all this is correlated with the Azov Battalion.

However, the video has been circulating on social networks since 2015, so these posts are misinformation. Allegations that the Azov Battalion crucified and burned soldiers from Donbas have been circulating on social media since 2015, although there is no evidence to support that claim. Battalion officials deny any connection to the video.

In response to the video, the Azov Battalion said that it serves to discredit them and that it is an example of the information war against Ukraine. According to them, the uniforms of the soldiers in the video differ from those of the Azov Battalion, because the mark on the shoulder is much larger than it should be. They also point out that when the person is raised on the cross, he does not make a sound, and the video for unclear reasons stops soon after the fire is lit without any explanation.

In a Facebook post by the Azov Battalion, they also pointed out that the Ukrainian language spoken by the soldiers in the video is not fluent.

There is misinformation about Azov on the Internet and that they are involved in the hangings, but according to fact-checkers from Ukraine, the video showing the hanging of two people has been edited.

This is not the first time that the Azov Battalion has been the target of lies. In 2014, a photo was spread showing the recruits for this battalion. The photo showed a face with Nazi symbols tattooed on it. Fact-checkers have already established that the man has nothing to do with the Azov Battalion and the photo is a montage.

Due to all the above facts, we consider that there is no evidence that Azov soldiers burn Russian soldiers alive on a cross, and the video has been circulating on the Internet since 2015 and is not related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24, 2022.



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