Viral video shows Russian soldier saying goodbye to daughter, not Ukrainian

Фото: Принтскрин видео

The emotional video of a soldier saying goodbye to his daughter, which spread on social media and was then published by several media, does not show a Ukrainian but a Russian soldier, as the video was shot before the Russian attack on Ukraine


At a time when local and world media are flooded with news of Russia’s attack on Ukraine launched on February 24, there is an influx of emotional videos and photographs on social media that do not always correspond to reality. One such video has spread in a very short time via social media and a number of web portals.

It is a video of a soldier saying goodbye to his daughter. According to the video that spread and was broadcast by the Macedonian media, a Ukrainian soldier is saying goodbye to his daughter before leaving to defend the country from the Russian invasion. However, our review showed that it was not a Ukrainian, but a Russian soldier and that the video was shot before the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The emotional video of the soldier saying goodbye to his little daughter with tears in his eyes can be seen hereherehereherehere, herehereherehere.

A touching video has been published on social media of the moment when a father had to part with his daughter and wife, who headed to a safe zone, whilst he remained to serve his country. Let us recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine early this morning. The video shows the man from Ukraine grieving as he hugs his daughter and puts a hat on her head. The daughter and mother then board the bus in tears, which is headed to a safe zone while the father continues to cry, Lokalno reported.

A shocking video of a Ukrainian saying goodbye to his daughter and wife leaving a bus to safety has been circulating on Twitter since this afternoon. The unnamed Ukrainian is crying while hugging his daughter and adjusting her hat, as the girl separating from her father is also crying, Kanal 5 reported, citing The Independent.


However, according to the Serbian fact-checker, the video does not show a Ukrainian soldier, but a Russian reservist who is saying goodbye to his family just before the evacuation from Horlivka to Russia on February 21 this year.

The video was initially posted by the mayor of Horlivka, Ivan Prikhodko on Telegram, three days prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Prikhotko states in his post that on February 21 he witnessed a touching farewell of the “family head” with his wife and daughter.

A man who stayed in the city with a weapon in his hands, with tears in his eyes, to defend the Republic from the armed forces, sent his family to Russia in the hope that they would meet soon, Prikhodko wrote in the post.

It can be concluded that this is a Russian family from the father’s words in the video, as well as from the “free” sign on the bus window.

The bus is owned by the Russian truck transport company Gorsvet (OOO GORSVET), which can be better seen in a video posted on YouTube.

The so-called “State quality mark of the USSR” below the company logo is another indication that the video does not show a Ukrainian family, but also that both sides have civilians who suffer the consequences of the war, wrote.




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