We Pay the Most Expensive Methane in the Neighborhood, Although Gazprom Reduced Prices By 13% in February

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The Russian company “Gazprom” reached an agreement with “Makpetrol” to reduce the price of methane (compressed natural gas – CNG) by about 13 percent in the country. Thus, instead of 110 denars per kilogram, from yesterday at the gas stations of “Makpetrol” one kilogram of methane can be purchased for 96 denars per kilogram

The problem with methane in the country arose on 1 January this year, after the Russian “Gazprom” increased the price of methane more than doubled from the previous 46.5 denars per kilogram, which was valid until the end of December – 110 denars per kilogram. JSP-Skopje and the private bus carriers in Skopje reacted to such an enormous increase because they have many busses that operate on methane. They asked for government help to withstand the rise in prices.

According to the current data for the specialized site fuelo.net, which monitors fuel prices in the world, Macedonian drivers currently pay the most expensive methane among the countries in the region. In Bulgaria, the price of methane at gas stations is 2.86 lev per kilogram or 90 denars per kilogram. In Greece, the current prices of methane are 0.837 Euros per kilogram or 51.5 denars. Serbia, on the other hand, has been paying the cheapest CNG among the countries in the region for a long time, which means 94.5 Serbian dinars per kilogram, or 49.4 denars. Data from fuelo.net show that methane can be more expensive to buy in Italy and Germany, but in countries like Belgium and Spain, this fuel is significantly cheaper.

Meanwhile, after the enormous increase in the price of methane since the beginning of the year, the Energy Regulatory Commission issued a statement that it has no authority to regulate the price of this fuel, because according to the Energy Law the price of methane is determined by the market, along with natural gas.

The company “Makpetrol” announced yesterday that with the new agreement reached with “Gazprom”, the price of natural gas that will be delivered in the country will be reduced in February. The price of natural gas will be reduced by 204 Euros per 1,000 normal cubic meters compared to January, which will reduce the price of natural gas.

According to “Makpetrol”, they reached an “excellent agreement” with “Gazprom” in February, which will provide their business partners with a gas price 30 percent lower than stock market prices.

As a consequence of the enormous increase in natural gas prices since the beginning of the year in Europe, which affected the price of gas received by the country, central heating in Skopje increased from 1 January by 14 percent for end users. At the same time, the Government of RNM decided to declare a crisis in the supply of heat and the state company AD ESM temporarily took over the management of BEG and AD Skopje North to ensure the continuous supply of central heating to customers in Skopje.


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