Wiretapping scandal set 11: Have some ballots disappear!

When VMRO-DPMNE works on winning a city, there is “shrieking and screaming”. Photo: Screenshot


This set of wiretapped conversations played in Strumica by SDMS’s MP Panche Orcev, unveils the entire battle of VMRO-DPMNE with all the bodies under its control to unlawfully win the elections in Strumica as well as to “cook the goose” for the opposition in order to “conquer” this city on the local elections. The conversations between Nikola Gruevski, Ministers and MPs clearly show the pressures towards citizens and firms and we also hear about the hefty fining of firms and manipulations with the Roma population in Strumica.

In the first conversation between Mile Janakieski and a certain Gjoko from the Public Revenue Office (PRO), the then minister arranges inspections in the Turkish neighborhood after the recommendation of PRO’s director, Goran Trajkovski. Then we hear Spiro Ristovski telling Janakieski to be more careful with the inspections and warns him that his people “from the list” squeal him because of the inspections. The Minister of Transport brags with his successful action in Novo Selo, but also talks about the crime in the “flock” of VMRO-DPMNE. After this conversation we hear Janakieski and Trajkovski, whereupon the PRO’s director at that time, Goran Trajkovski, brags with the successful fining of shop owners and businessmen in Strumica, and some of them received fines of up to 4800 euro, and Janakieski is satisfied because there has been “shrieking and screaming”. Then, they arrange new inspections in four grocery stores in the “Gypsy neighborhood” i.e. the Turkish neighborhood. Slave Goshev, an MP, also plays his part in this story by pointing out the shops that should be fined.

The following conversation reveals the inspections in Strumica were ordered to “visit” an pressure the foreign investor Agrokor, because the company was “cooperating with Zaev”. Janakieski is furious because when Stavreski had been there “nobody came”, and also nobody from the government had been invited to the cornerstone ceremony. Then he gives instructions to his interlocutor on how to justify the inspections and to point out to the Croat to cooperate with the government until June 5th so there won’t be any problems…

Then we hear Silvana Boneva talking about the racket extortion done by Slave Goshev and VMRO-DPMNE in Strumica and Gruevski teaches her what racket extortion actually is. Then Boneva tells Gruevski that because of the racket extortion Janakieski shouted at Goshev and also tells that someone from the Union of Youth Force (UMS) of VMRO-DPMNE has been involved as well, and she explains the exact racket extortion procedure.

In the following conversation we hear the Minister Janakieski arranging the urgent production of 300 IDs with the head of the Sector for Internal Affairs (SVR) Strumica, Marjan Nakovski, and the superintendent says that the prosecutor is “their guy”; how Jankuloska instructs the MP Vasil Pishev not to sign the protocols in places where “the result is tight”, and then “we will pull the Gypsy’s legs one by one. Haha.” Then she gives the same instructions to the MP Slave Goshev, and tells him to make sure to “have some ballots disappear during the re-vote”. The next conversation between Jankuloska and Goshev is on the same topic, whereupon they count where they succeeded to achieve a second round and the difference they will “create”.

The following conversation is between Gruevski and Latas. Gruevski tells about the arrangements with DPA to “screw up” Zaev, and then we can hear some of the conversations that were previously played, in which he Mijalkov and Tachi arrange voting for objections in the State Election Commission (SEC) and how this task is assigned to Bedredin Ibraimi, who appropriately has to raise his hand in SEC.

Furthermore, we hear Jankuloska and Janakieski expressing their happiness because they achieved re-voting in Strumica and how they arrange to “push it hard” and even “the entire government to be in Strumica for the re-voting” and how glad will they be if they win in Strumica. Then, from the conversation between Jankuloska and the Government’s Secretary General, Kiril Bozhinovski, we hear about Jankuloska arrival in Strumica in order to re-control the positions of police officers from SDS. Regarding Boneva’s accusations that Zaev is giving away money, Jankuloska says that Zaev’s house to house visits and the fact that his wife’s car passed through the Roma neighborhood are not proofs that SDSM was giving away money for votes.

Afterwards, we hear a conversation between Jakuloska and Nikola Todorov in which they talk how to formulate the party’s reaction regarding the elections and where “to report” some incidentsb whereupon in these two conversation we find out about the husband of the director of a jail who shot with a gun in the air and how they will cover up this event by saying that he shot with a flare gun.

At the end, we hear a conversation from 2011 between Mile Janakieski and the president of the Supreme Court at that time, Jovo Vangelovski, in which the judge solicits an intervention from the Minister regarding another judge who causes problems in the case of “Global”, and we hear about a late signature, so the whole trick could be formally pushed through in favor of VMRO-DPMNE.


All of the “bombs” are here


Press conference of Panche Orcev, MP, in Strumitca, 18th of March 2015

(Below you will find the transcripts in English of the records played in this press conference)



Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hello?
MJ: Yes.
I: Gjoko, Gjoko speaking here. Director Goran gave me this phone number.
MJ: Yes.
I: From the Public Revenue Office. I need to speak to You. That’s what the director told me.
MJ: Listen. I called him about the gypsy neighbourhood…
I: I’m listening.
MJ: …in Strumica. Market [inspections] went in there today. One grocery shop has enormous stock of flour, others have closed. Could you please send inspections there, every day!
I: Listen, I am from Skopje. We know each other Minister.
MJ: Yes, yes. We know each other.
I: Look. This is how things stand. Ljube Boskovski is organizing a rally now. If we go there with the police, I guarantee there will be an incident.
MJ: When is Ljube’s rally taking place? Tonight or during the day?
I: Tonight. Ljube Boskovski’s rally is tonight. We passed by, people are gathering. Last time SDS had their rally, we went in, but cancelled [the inspection].
MJ: Listen people, this is not right. We’re letting them distribute…
I: Then, we should go in?
MJ: You go in and conduct the inspection. If they don’t have fiscal cash registers, close them. Why not!?
I: We’ll go in. Are [people] from market [inspection] already there or not?
MJ: They’ve completed their job.
I: So, we move in. What’s the store name? Or should we wait for the person before…
MJ: You call Goce Cingarovski. I don’t know them, but you should see which stores when on site.
I: Done deal. I’ll call Beti.
MJ: Do that.
I: Right away.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski

SR: Hello?
MJ: Kudos to me for locating the problems.
SR: What?
MJ: Kudos to me for locating the problems.
SR: Go deal with Strumica. What have you done with the inspections in Strumica?
MJ: Everything is under control.
SR: What’s under control? Martin called. Inspectors are in the field. You should coordinate with your people. People from your own list are blowing the whistle.
MJ: Who should I coordinate with? I’ll f**k that one from Novo Selo.
SR: He overdid it this morning. I’m fed up. Martin as well. He started calling this morning.
MJ: What does he want? Хххх is engaged in crime with them.
SR: Well, if he protects his criminals….
MJ: Spiro, they have lowered…
SR: …that’s not my problem.
MJ: Spiro, let me tell you what’s under control. They lowered the price of cabbage from 10 to 4 MKD, and tomorrow [farmers] want to go out on the streets and throw cabbage crops.
SR: I understand you brother. But, I’m telling you. He should stop sending messages, stop bothering Martin and me.
MJ: I called him, I told him. That’s the idea and now they have been pressured…
SR: Mother fucking spies.
MJ: … and tomorrow there will not be a strike. That’s it. You know what they did? Zoki went to the wholesale centre and bragged about the 10 MKD, cabbage was never 10 MKD. Next day, wholesale centres are closed and one day later he lowered cabbage price to 4 MKD. What should I do? Pat him on the back?
SR: You did him good, just continue.
MJ: You solve me the 100 pensioners. Bye now.
SR: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Goran Trajkovski

MJ: Hello?
GT: How are you?
MJ: Good.
GT: Satisfied with this today?
MJ: Screaming, yelling. What can I say?
GT: Yes?
MJ: There will be screaming and yelling.
GT: From 24 that were on the list you gave us, we imposed 8 severe fines in amount of 4,800 EUR and closed 2 establishments, you know, wholesale buyers, for not calculating personal income tax and shops. But those you are mentioning, the four shops in the gypsy neighbourhood, i.e. Turkish neighbourhood, that list was not given to my people.
MJ: No, no. You should find them on the site, there’s no list.
GT: How you mean on the site? Somebody should tell them. I asked my people: did you go to the gypsy neighbourhood, 4 grocery shops, check them. They say no, nobody took us there.
MJ: They should call Slave, our coordinator. Want the phone number?
GT: I have Slave’s number.
MJ: Call him, he’ll tell you.
GT: Yes, yes.
MJ: Bye now.
GT: I wanted to ask something else. You know that last Sunday, when we had the rally, we visited Marijan for inspection. Zoki requested it…
MJ: I know, I know.
GT: Why are they bickering? Same team from Skopje is there, should they visit him again?
MJ: Let me speak to Zoki first, to avoid any trouble.
GT: Good, should I call him? This would be the second time, and if we find irregularities, we will have to close his pizzeria.
MJ: Let me speak to Zoki.
GT: But give me a sign, not to keep my people there by tomorrow morning.
MJ: No, send them to the other location, talk to Slave. That should be enough.
GT: Bye then.
MJ: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Slave Gosev

MJ: Hello.
SG: Goran called me, the PRO Director.
MJ: I know. I gave him the number.
SG: OK then, but which are the stores you’re referring to? You have them or should I find them? Because…
MJ: You find them, they are uphill… I told you the other day, couple of days ago.
SG: OK. All right. I’ll find them.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: Gjoko?
I: Hi, Minister!
MJ: How are you?
I: I was just talking on the other phone. He called me, the guy from the Board of Directors at “Agrokor” from Croatia. Denis Spasievik.
MJ: I see.
I: I guess you know him, he’s responsible for here. There’s a problem. Yesterday, we were with the Deputy Prime Minister…
MJ: I know.
I: And today, there are around 10 inspectors there.
MJ: Yeah?
I: Dozen inspectors, market inspection, labour inspection, tax inspection…
MJ: So what? We’re a state, we control things. You tell him to work with Zaev again. Mother fucking cunt.
I: The Croat says that they have always supported us and have never dealt with Zaev…
MJ: They support us, my ass! You know what kind of support they gave us? First, Stavreski went there and nobody was there to welcome him. Second, they didn’t invite us to the ceremony for laying the foundations of the building.
I: I know, he told me yesterday. The Deputy Prime Minister told him yesterday and he explained that he had no idea how that happened. Now, the Croat says that he would go to the newspapers… that apparently this is not the way to work with companies. He’s my friend, and he came here…
MJ: What would he tell the newspapers?! That we sold him the land for 1 EUR [per square meter]? What is he going to say? Like there are no controls in Croatia. What’s this reaction about…
I: He’s using that, because Stavreski told him that yesterday, and now, just to spite him, inspections are send to his [company].
MJ: You tell him that inspections are happening all around Macedonia, so he need not worry. And tell him that if he cooperates with us until 5th June, we will be more understandable, because we will win the elections again and will have that in mind. That’s what you should tell him.
I: Should I give him your number?
MJ: No, no, no. I don’t know him.
I: Head of finance there is the president of the Women’s Union.
MJ: All right then.
I: Tanja is there, so through Denis, see if you can influence them…
MJ: People…
I:…he employed all people from Strumica…
MJ: Look. Our action is controlled, so don’t worry! And tell him not to worry! If he supports us on the 5th June, we’ll respect that.


Conversation between Silvana Boneva and Nikola Gruevski

SB: You need to be careful about the racket and about what you are telling me, everything has been replicated in Strumica. I told Mile, during the campaign, he lied to Stavreski so the latter would not yell at him. Because that has happened before Mile arrived in Strumica, extortion and racketeering of companies in Strumica. However, the racket did not happen in the beginning of the campaign, but somewhere in the middle, but of unprecedented scope. There’s not a single company in Strumica that has not been racketeered. That negatively reflects on…
NG: Who was racketeering?
SB: …the companies. By Slave Gosev.
NG: By whom?
SB: Slave Gosev. There’s not a single company left that has not been racketeered in Strumica…
NG: Wait, but racket, what is racket?
SB: And he is already co-owner of “Vega”…
NG: Weren’t they asking for sponsorship? Racket is blackmail, if you don’t give, I’ll close your establishment. But sponsorship is sponsorship. It’s when you tell them to help you, if they can.
SB: With all bells and whistles. They have threatened and have taken money for the most impossible things. They pursued every avenue possible. There’s not a single man….
NG: I don’t have such information from there, to be honest.
SB: Well, You were not told. Afterwards, Mile scorned Slave Gosev, and the latter came out of the meeting pale as a ghost, because the other local committees also said that they have heard the same. You know, we had a regional meeting, and they openly said that racketeering is widespread. Even more, the guy from the Union of Youth, how do you call him, was in on that. You know the guy I told you I would not vote for. It was confirmed on the elections that he should not exist. Mind you, he had been removed from the customs, and now extorts money from companies. First they said 50,000 and didn’t indicate any currency, so the people started complaining. They asked this amount in EUR, but if the business owners didn’t give them, they would mock them by saying: you’re stingy for 50,000 MKD. Then people had enough and would give 50,000 just to have them off their backs.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Marijan Nakovski (Commander of the Sector on Internal Affairs in Strumica)

MJ: Marijan?
MN: Yes, Minister!
MJ: You know there are 300 IDs for Strumica. Are you up to speed?
MN: To be made or to arrive?
MJ: To be made.
MH: Ufff…
MJ: Call Igor Janusev from my cabinet, I’ll give you the number.
MN: All right


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Marijan Nakovski (Commander of the Sector on Internal Affairs in Strumica)

MN: How can I help, Minister!
MJ: Marijan, please call this person, Saso Ninov. These people had been released from detention and now our people are frightful to keep watch.
MN: Let me speak to the guys. How could they release them? The prosecutor is one of OURS …
MJ: You tell me. Please see into this matter.
MN: All right, agreed.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Vasil Pishev

VP: Yes please?
GJ: Hello, Vase! How’s the situation?
VP: It’s good here, but [the support] is melting…
GJ: Look, I told Slave, whenever you think that [election results] are thin, don’t sign the minutes, leave space for complaints.
VP: All right, consider it done.
GJ: Because we don’t have control there. Leave space, and later we’ll bring out all Gypsies one by one, by their ears. Hahaha.
VP: All right. Agreed.
GJ: It’s has to be like that now, because the polling stations are closed.
VP: I’m on it.
GJ: Bye.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Slave Goshev

GJ: All right Mirko, if there’s something you call me. Hello? Hello?
SG: Minister?
GJ: Speak Slave.
SG: The difference is tight; there are two risk polling posts in the Gypsy neighbourhoods. We should do something there, to have repeated balloting. There are 3,000 voters there. We are losing by a difference of only 500 votes. I’m waiting for the results from three polling stations. What should I do? Speak?
GJ: Are the polling stations open?
SG: They are closed, but our people should make an incident inside, to have the balloting processed cancelled.
GJ: Tell them not to sign the minutes, make them do something.
SG: Is that right? All right. Bye.
GJ: Because if the polling station is closed, you can’t do anything. You should do something during the count of votes.
SG: They are closed, they are all closed.
GJ: Right, at 7 o’clock. It’s too late Slave.
SG: But the results are tight. We are losing by 500 votes, and there are only three more pooling stations to be counted.
GJ: It’s a shame…
SG: It was the Gypsies from uptown, to hell with them…
GJ: …to hell with them. Make sure you’re not signing anything…
SG: Let me spread the words…
GJ: …minutes, complaints…
SG: …agreed…
GJ: …to have repeated balloting [in some places]…
SG: All right.
GJ: Have ballots disappear, hahaha. Bye now.
SG: All right.
GJ: Bye.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Slave Goshev

SG: Yes Minister?
GJ: Hello Slave, what did you do?
SG: Well, nothing. There will be a repeat of voting for 4-5 polling stations, because of what we did or there will be a second round of balloting, we’re about to see…
GJ: Good…
SG: Definitely, according to the minutes…
GJ: So, he was not elected in the first [round], right?
SG: Nooo… of course not. They are nowhere in the town, ours are celebrating.
GJ: The 4 [polling stations] are in the Roma settlements?
SG: Well, two are in Roma, two are in the town where we can have influence, where we stand well among [the constituency].
GJ: We’ll bring out the Roma by ears, we can’t afford…
SG: That’s not the problem, but…
GJ: Important is that he wasn’t elected in the first.
SG: No, no. They are nowhere to be seen in downtown area.
GJ: You should have said that earlier Slave. You only call me when you’re in trouble, god dammit. Hahaha
SG: See now, boss….
GJ: Well done, bravo.
SG: Listen, I’m not Silvana Boneva.
GJ: Hahaha, no worries.
SG: Hahaha.
GJ: I’m very proud of you, to tell the truth. Very… very proud.
SG: The best thing is that nobody expected and now, you see how happy I am. Hahaha.
GJ: Look. You have eliminated a major difference there. It’s important to have a second round, second round means…
SG: We’ll see about that. I don’t have the definite number of invalid ballots and about the two other candidates, to be sure whether there will be a second round or repeated balloting for the four [polling stations].
GJ: Never mind, important is he wasn’t elected…
SG: Whatever, he didn’t win, he’s not celebrating. That’s it.
GJ: That’s most important. He starts from zero in the second round. They had a debacle. You’ll see. In the second round, we’ll make a difference of several thousand [votes].
SG: What’s the situation in other places? I don’t know what is going on.
GJ: It’s good, Slave.
SG: Here in Vasilevo, Bosilevo, we’re winning in the first round, all across our municipalities.
GJ: Yes, that’s right. As the commies would say “firm as concrete”. We lost Kicevo though.
SG: God dammit.
GJ: It is what it is.
SG: Because of the Shiptars, rights?
GJ: Yes.
SG: What about Skopje?
GJ: Skopje is good. All is OK. I don’t know about the City of Skopje, whether Koce won more than 50% [of votes], because there were too many candidates. Municipalities in Skopje are OK. We won everywhere. Not in Karpos, we may have to go to second round, we’ll see, we’re weaker there. But we won everywhere else.
SG: Since the situation is like that, from Tuesday…
GJ: That’s it. We are having the second round in Kumanovo, but won in the first round in Ohrid.
SG: From Tuesday, you and Zoki come to Strumica.
GJ: If only…
SG: You should know.
GJ: Hopefully, everything will turn out as expected there…
SG: It will or should be. One must hope.
GJ: Now we are mobilizing all resources for the places where we have second rounds. We’ll do everything needed. There’ll be a second round in Kumanovo, but we are in the lead by 1,000 votes.
SG: Great, well done.
GJ: So, we’re doing well. The results are good. Practically, SDS has not won a single municipality in the first round.
SG: Yes, yes. Only Stevce, but he’s not theirs.
GJ: Stevce is not theirs. Stevce… and we’ll have a second round there. The battle there is for around 100 votes…
SG: …we’ll get in on the second round.
GJ: …either we or Andrej will go in the second round. For me, the situation in your [municipality] is important to me…
SG: Nothing to worry about. He didn’t win.
GJ: That’s most important.
SG: We will not let him.
GJ: That’s most important to me. We start from zero now. Well done. Say hi to Vase for me.
SG: Thank you. Bye now.
GJ: Bye bye.


Conversation between Dragan Pavlovik-Latas and Nikola Gruevski

NG: He’s totally crushed.
DPL: Did you hear him?
NG: Yes, ye. Noooo, we’re making a drama in three acts from this.
DPL: Wait, this is their fourth time being caught selling the state.
NG: Let’s see what citizens in Kicevo would have to say about this.
DPL: Exactly that. I told Nino, first the person in Kicevo, and then you.
NG: The day after experts, they’ll make a retrospective on Sunday.
DPL: How much Zaev costs? How much is Zaev’s place worth?
NG: You should know what we are doing now. We’re in talks with DPA to gain their support and we’ll screw over Zaev. That would be the end game, hahaha.


Conversation between Menduh Taci and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Menduh?
MT: Speak?
SM: How are you?
MT: I’m here, with some people.
SM: I have an urgent request for you.
MT: Yes.
SM: Can you vote for us now, about Strumica, to have our complaint approved?
MT: In the [State Electoral] Commission?
SM: Yes, in SEC.
MT: Can do. I’m calling them now.
SM: But that should be…
MT: Right now.
SM: Because we delayed things a little.
MT: I’m calling them now and will let you know in a minute.
SM: Bye now.


Conversation between Menduh Taci and Bedredin Ibraimi

MT: Strumica is on the agenda now, right?
BI: we’re discussing that item.
MT: You’ll vote for these…. to have [the results] cancelled?
BI: …. in two minutes…
MT: Vote to have them cancelled, because we have an agreement about [Municipality of] Cair.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski

GJ: I’m not indifferent about this as well, some voted, others didn’t. Will there be a repeatof the voting in Strumica?
MJ: Definitely yes.
GJ: That’s great. We should stomp harder there.
MJ: We need repeated balloting and you know what would be good? I don’t know the exact process, I called Srcev and have just read that first you have repeated first round and then go for the second round. Is that logical?
GJ: Yes, yes. Because the second round would depend on the results from the repeated balloting. You know, the census [turnout] might drop…
MJ: If only Strumica is left, we’ll all go to Strumica, all of us.
GJ: Yes, the whole package.
MJ: Entire Government in Strumica, we can be presidents of local committees.
GJ: Yes, yes.
MJ: It’s easier when you only have one [municipality] to focus on…
GJ: I’m very pleased with that…
MJ: [they are] left with only one municipality… Strumica.
GJ: I’m very pleased, to be honest.
MJ: Zoki and I are very pleased, very.
GJ: I’m pleased about Strumica.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozinovski

GJ: That’s why I’m telling you, and I told you yesterday, that now we’ll be [attacked] from all sides…. I know about Strumica, know whom I am dealing with, I sat in my car and drove there, because our lady friend is making clamours. I talked to my people what needs to be done and then I had tea with the commander. And this lady friend came.
She immediately attacked the person: Marijan, all policemen are from SDS, this and that. He said: Silvana, not all of them, I was in charge of the patrol teams. He said: we employed this person, you praised him; the other person was praised by Slave. He said: I was responsible for composing the patrols; who would be in front of SDS’s campaign quarters, but people in the patrol are not from SDS. By default, Zaev is distributing money.
KB: Yes, yes.
GJ: How did Zaev distribute money? Have we seen him distributing money? Zaev went door to door and his wife’s car was seen passing in the Roma neighbourhood. That’s not distributing money. Vase Pisev also goes from door to door.
KB: Yes, yes.
GJ: You can’t prohibit that. Imagine the scandal if the police arrest him or his wife, or his brother, for going door to door.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov

NT: Yes?
GJ: Nino…
NT: Speak.
GJ: We need to coordinate about the tone we are pursuing after the elections, because really there are more incidents compared to the first round.
NT: Yes.
GJ: How should we pursue this matter?
NT: Look, I told everybody here to go with: it’s peaceful, with several small incidents here and there…
GJ: I postponed my press at 12, because I don’t know how we should act, and rescheduled it…
NT: Well, no. It’s better if there’s not much from your side, right? It’s OK for the Government to say, we scheduled
GJ: That’s why we need to coordinate, unless we decide that we need to raise the tension…
NT: Well no. It’s better this way. Go with [statements like]: it’s good, calm, this and that…
GJ: There’s a situation in Strumica that is not in our favour. The person who broke the ballot box is a commie, and we’ll go public with that information, but there was one of ours, husband of the prison director, they recognized him, but there’s no hard evidence… he fired in the air…
NT: He is the one who fired, mother fucker!
GJ: No… we’ll see how things develop there…
NT: With a scare gun…
GJ: God knows what he fired from, but we’ll see. Maybe we’ll motion a criminal charge for firing a gas gun or something like that…. We say he didn’t fire at a polling station, but in the air. We’ll think of something, but for the moment, you should be aware of it…
NT: Call him and tell him we will fuck his brains out.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski

GJ: There are problems and tensions in Kumanovo…
ZS: I assume it’s not Karpos, I meant Gjorce…
GJ: No no. Gjorce is OK and I called 100 times only for you…
ZS: What about Strumica? A fight erupted?
GJ: One ballot box has been broken this morning and later there were guns fired, ours had fired guns, but we are saying that it had been fired from a gas gun.
ZS: Good…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Jovo Vangelovski (President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia)

MJ: Hello.
JV: How are you Mister Minister?
MJ: Good, I’m in Gevgelija.
JV: That’s nice… Look, I’m calling about an urgent matter, about you know…. you follow me, right? Can you speak?
MJ: I’m getting in my car, speak…
JV: Well good. About the case “Global”.
MJ: Good…
JV: ..they have initiated a lawsuit, and it’s now in my court.
MJ: All right…
JV: But, one of the judges is causing me problems, because the ruling that I have adopted, does not have your signature…you know the documents from the case file…
MJ: Who had signed it?
JV: Nobody. The line is empty. I don’t know the reasons for that, probably only this copy is unsigned, because it’s impossible for a document not to be signed, the stamp is there…
MJ: Could somebody send the phone number of the judge by SMS…
JV: I’ll send you the number now and if it’s possible, you have it sent to me…
MJ: I’ll give you [the document] in person tomorrow.
JV: But don’t bring me an original, a copy. All documents are copies.
MJ: Agreed. Consider it done.
JV: And bring me copy of this, with your signature. I’ll send you the exact numbers by SMS.
MJ: Good. Bye.
JV: In order to have it finished, I’ll finish the job as needed…
MJ: Consider it done. Ciao.


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