Wiretapping scandal set 12: Corruption in the judiciary

The party above Justitia! Photo: AJEL/Pixabay


The conversations in this set are dedicated to the “marriage” of some people from the judiciary and the government. In the first conversation we hear that the president of the Court of Appeals at that time is “really ours”, she has previously done the trick for the VMRO-DPMNE and she will do it again. Then we hear that criminal charges for a traffic accident can be dismissed because the prosecutor works for Jankuloska, and not for the law; we hear that the MOI, according to the instructions of the Minister, and probably with the aid of “morally and politically eligible” judge, “will lose” a process in the Supreme Court against a wounded “country guardian” who has to reimburse the state – only because he “really does the trick” for the government – takes away members from “Dostoinstvo(Dignity – association of the state guardians – veterans of the 2001 armed conflict in Macedonia) in Kriva Palanka and in the Kumanovo region and assists the government “with the disabled persons”…

We also hear that the Prime Minister must be notified even before the open competition for judges is announced – Aleksandra Zafirovska, the president of the Judicial Council informs of the notice Gruevski’s secretary, because that was the deal “with the Prime Minister from the last meeting” – to notify him beforehand. Additionally, we hear Mijalkov checking with Jankuloska if he understood well what the topics at the party meeting will be that day and which job positions should be arranged in the judiciary; how Jankuloska arranges prosecutors in the Basic Public Prosecution Office with Mijalkov, because this has been requested by the Minister of Justice at that time, Blerim Bedjeti, and reminds Mijalkov that she has told her Minister colleague that Mijalkov makes the decisions, not her.

In the following conversation between two interlocutors, we find out that the eligible judges are written in Jankuloska’s notebook and are circled and have pluses, and there it is noted who reccomended the judges for promotion.

Next, in the conversation between Jankuloska and Aleksandra Zafirovska we find out that the expert associates of the Judiciary Council must be proposed by VMRO-DPMNE to be elected. In addition, we hear the public prosecutor at that time, Ljupcho Shvrgovski, soliciting from Jankuloska to elect the son of the president of the Court of Appeals for a public prosecutor, and Jankuloska replies that she will have to ask the Minister of Justice Bedjeti and she will promise him that VMRO-DPMNE will return the favor to DUI. In the next two conversation we see a situation development – Blerim Bedjeti solicits party support from Musa Djaferi in order to satisfy the demands of VMRO-DPMNE.

We also hear about Nikola Todorov’s interventions soliciting for a position as a judge in the Administrative court for the wife of a person he is close withas he says, “she is really ours” – and Jankuloska disappoints him, telling him that the names of the selected candidates were already arranged with DUI.

Then, in a conversation between Stavreski and Jankuloska, we can hear about a man working at the Ministry of Finance, who, as Stavreski says, was a good worker and honest man, but applied for a judge without Stavreski permission, and Stavreski solicits help from Jankuloska in order to “make his life bitter”. Plus, he offers ideas how to perform that – somebody from the party to tell him that he will not be able to achieve his goal, because the employment is not “from the party”.

In the last two conversations we hear a confirmation that Sasho Mijalkov is the man that you should know if you want to progress in the judicial hierarchy – he notifies his friend Sofija Lalichikj that the trick is done and she is selected for a judge. We also hear that if you do not know Sasho Mijalkov, you should bribe people with Swarovski, with cosmetician vouchers, you should suck, lick arses… Then we hear that Mijalkov arranged the judge position for someone from the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence, because she has done the trick regarding the commission from the Israeli equipment. Find more details about this in the 15th “bomb”.


All of the “bombs” are here.


Press conference of Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM, in Skopje, 19th of March 2015

(Below you will find the transcripts in English of the records played in this press conference)




Conversation between Filimena Manevska and Vlatko Mijalkov

FM: Yes?
VM: Good afternoon, Filimena.
FM: Good afternoon.
VM: I wanted to ask you something.
FM: Speak.
VM: Do you know Tereza Blazevska, she is responsible in the Court of Appeals?
FM: Yes, I know her, she works downstairs in the criminal department.
VM: Could we have a word with her regarding a matter? I won’t go in detail now over the phone.
FM: Mhmm.
VM: Is there room to discuss something with her? We might even meet her as soon as you feel better.
FM: Mhmm. Wait, you want to see her for a case?
VM: Yes, yes.
FM: Listen, go see Ljupka, the President.
VM: Ljupka, who?
FM: Ljupka Arsenievska, the President of the Court of Appeals. She is fully ours.
VM: I see.
FM: Don’t you remember? She was the one we wrapped the Karanakov thing through.
VM: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
FM: It was through her, wasn’t it?
VM: Yes, yes, yes.
FM: Go to her without hesitation. Tell her, Filimena sends me. No problem.
VM: I see, I see.
FM: And she will see the thing through with Tereza.
VM: I see, I see, I see. OK. Thank you for the advice. By the way…
FM: There it is. Be sure to go, introduce yourself and tell her I sent you. Ljupka…
VM: By the way, I saw you yesterday. You look very trim. Both you and Mihajlo.
FM: Oh, we are hanging on, we work, there’s nothing left to do.
VM: So you should.


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Martin Protoger

GJ: Yes
MP: Hello.
GJ: Mh, speak??
MP: Gorde?
GJ: Speak?
MP: Hey, do you remember that thing about my friend, Dime?
GJ: Yeah?
MP: About his wife, the thing… They charged her, criminally. For the crash she did.
GJ: Send me her personal details, I’ll see the thing through with the public prosecutor.
MP: Yeah, yeah, I’ll send them.
GJ: Listen, doesn’t matter that they charged her. The criminal charges should be dropped.
MP: Yeah, yeah, yeah
GJ: Wasn’t that the deal?
MP: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
GJ: You forgot? Send me the details.
MP: No, no, I remember.
GJ: Ееее, you see. Hahaha. Ok, send me the details then.
MP: Bye, bye.
GJ: Ok, bye.


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Saso Mijalkov

GJ: The second thing is… I have a request for you.
SM: Mhm…
GJ: There is this imp, mhmm, he’s called Velickovski Saso. We sued him, he is retired now…
SM: Ok…
GJ: … he was wounded in 2001. Look now, we decided as a Government to withdraw all lawsuits…
SM: Mhm…
GJ: all those things, but there was a small number of lawsuits we couldn’t withdraw, because they were already ruled on.
SM: Ok…
GJ: So now, this guy, his case is being deliberated by the Supreme Court, practically on our, MOI charges, and he has to repay damages. But, he also does a lot of things at the grass roots for us, splintering Dostoinstvo…
SM: So, what should we do?
GJ: Lose the case, we, MOI, in front of the Supreme Court.
SM: Fine. Send me the number and it’s a done deal.
GJ: I’ll send you the number, just so you know what the whole deal is. Just so you don’t wonder when I send it and…
SM: I get it. Send me the number and we’ll lose the case.
GJ: Because, you know, he’s already taken the money…
MP: As long as you don’t ask me to win a case. Losing is easy.
GJ: Get out of here. He already took the money. I mean, regardless of it all, even if he were a hog, he’s still a Macedonian, wounded in the war. Even if this wasn’t the case… Let alone that, he helped us in Palanka, in the region around Kumanovo, with all the disabled, you know, all sorts of people…
SM: Tell him we’ll finish the job and that’s it.
GJ: Great, I’ll send you the number. That’s all I called you for.
SM: Fine, that’s it then.
GJ: Ok, bye.
SM: Bye.


Conversation between Aleksandra Zafirovska and Lence Samardzievska

AZ: Hello?
LS: Hello, Good afternoon.
AZ: Good afternoon.
LS: Aleksandra, Lence speaking. My colleagues said you called.
AZ: Yes, just a moment. (I said, wait outside, I’ll call you in a minute). Look…
LS: Yes?
AZ: At the last meeting, we agreed I should notify the Prime Minister when… hmm… I open a position, or rather, before I open positions for judges.
LS: Ok…
AZ: So, you should notify him that I’m about to open positions for two judges in the Court of Appels Skopje…
LS: Ok…
AZ: … for President of the First Instance Court Skopje I and president of the First Instance Court in Kratovo.
LS: … Skopje I and for president of the…
AZ: … First Instance Court in Kratovo.
LS: I get it.
AZ: So, I will publish a call for these positions.
LS: Fine, ok, I’ll tell him.
AZ: Good.
LS: Ok, thank you, have a nice day.
AZ: Ok, good day.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Saso Mijalkov

GJ: Hello?
SM: Gorde?
GJ: Hey? Speak?
SM: I just wanted to check a thing with you. If I’m right?
GJ: Ok?
SM: Tonight we’ll discuss the judiciary, (First Instance Court) I, II, the Supreme Court and Krusevo, right?
SM: That’s all?
GJ: Well, I have nothing more, the others are done, aren’t they?
SM: Good. Ok, so that’s it…
GJ: The four ones, right…
SM: I didn’t want to miss something.
GJ: You have the materials, right?
SM: I do, I do.
GJ: Good. Ok, that’s it.
SM: I didn’t want to miss something.
GJ: No, no. In the meantime, I haven’t received a new envelope. Hahaha
SM: Ok, bye
GJ: Ok, bye, ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Gorde!
GJ: Hey, Saso, tell me?
SM: Blerim called, he wants us to appoint three public prosecutors for first instance courts… Basic public prosecutor’s office
GJ: Well, I told him. He called me saying, the three of them, this and that… I said, I haven’t been instructed on the matter Blerim, because you were discussing the whole package, right? So I told him I hadn’t been instructed. If it’s a matter of urgency, call Saso directly (I told him, n.a.)
SM: I was thinking… Since we’ll have to let them know anyway, let’s appoint their men, because Monday we have business in the Judicial Council, electing judges.
GJ: Let’s do it then. That’s precisely why I wanted to coordinate with you. Sincerely speaking, Saso, there’s not much room for maneuvering there, they have to come from the Academy.
SM: Yeah, yeah. The ones from the Academy and that’s it…
GJ: Precisely, whomever they chose, they chose.
SM: We’ll just call the guy in the Judicial Council and it’s a done deal
GJ: Yeah, yeah, whomever they chose, they chose.
SM: Let them get on their way then. Ok.
GJ: That’s it. Yu know we can no longer do what we did before, it can’t get through
SM: Yes, yes. Fine.
GJ: Ok then. You’ll call him, right? Because you and him…
SM: I’ll call him.
GJ: Good, good day.
SM: Ok.
GJ: Ok, bye


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Listen I wanted to ask you a thing. When we were appointing judges in (First Instance Court) I…
GJ: Mhm…
SM: I have a note here, no.72 Lidija Petrovska. Who nominated her?
GJ: Let me see in my notebook…
SM: Yeah, do…
GJ: I don’t recall her name now… let me just… I have it on my desk right here, just a sec, sorry… You say (First Instance Court) I?
SM: Yes, (First Instance Court) I, we elected her there. I saw her, and noticed her, she was good. I’m very interested to find who nominated her.
GJ: Wait, wait, I’m going through the notebook as we speak…
SM: Yeah.
GJ: Through the lists… (First Instance Court) II, II, Appelate… Eh, Murphy’s Law… (First Instance Court) I must be at the end… Ok, here it is, let me see… these are not circles, eh, here’s another one… Lidija Petrovska, Saska nominated her, number 72.
SM: Saska, hey?
GJ: Here. Yes.
SM: Good.
GJ: And there’s a handwritten note on top of it… because she is the one sending the materials, you know.
SM: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
GJ: She wrote it by hand plus. We even checked her name, after talking about her. I have an additional plus sign put after her name. I guess after the discussion we had among us. Whatever the case, Saska nominated her. And if you see on top of the list, you have the same one, it says 72 Saska Petrovska, handwritten.
SM: It says 73. It says 72, 73 is something else.
GJ: 72 and 73 something else, I can’t decipher it. A-na-ra-do-… something
SM: Ana Rajkova.
GJ: Well, I can’t read the Rajkova thing. In any case, Saska has this one.
SM: Ok, fine.
GJ: That’s it.


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Aleksandra Zafirovska

AZ: Hello?
GJ: Hello, good evening. Hi.
AZ: Good evening. Hi.
GJ: It’s a bit late, but I was with some people…
AZ: No worries.
GJ: … I don’t want to overhear who I speak to and so…
AZ: Yeah, yeah…
GJ: So, I’m calling now, at peace…
AZ: Yeah, yeah. Listen now. Saso called me today.
GJ: Mhm
AZ: Asking about the lists for appointment of counselors.
GJ: Mhm.
AZ: So he tell me: where did you get the lists. I said: where we agreed from.
GJ: From the party, yeah, yeah, yeah.
AZ: Oh, no, he says. Wait, he says. Let me see them, he says. But, I say, I already handed over everything relating to the inland, Stip, Bitola.
GJ: So you should have.
AZ: So I told him, and he… Part of them have already been contracted, some are finalizing the procedure, they now what they should do. So the only problems remaining now are Skopje I and II.
GJ: yeah.
AZ: Ant the Court of Appels, and… Lidija might had stirred up.
GJ: It’s most probably her. She is on good terms with him. But, let him see them, no worries. She might be even right about objecting.
AZ: No, no, it’s fine. I’m not saying anything.
GJ: Yeah, yeah. As long as things turn out fine, as they say…
AZ: Yes, boot look, they have the lists. I should go see hi Monday, so whatever she says, it’s final.


Conversation between Gordana Jankulovska and Ljupco Shvrgovski

GJ: Hello.
LJS: Hey, Goco hi.
GJ: Hello Ljupco.
LJS: Are you doing well? Take rest.
GJ: I am at home, to tell you the truth, having a rest. How are you?
LJS: Good, yesterday I was at a birthday party, so little longer sleeping today…
GJ: Yeah.
LJS: But, well, it’s now okay.
GJ: Well now, we deserve to take a rest too …
LJS: To refresh, certainly, certainly.
GJ: Yes, yes.
LJS: Goco, look now, Kizov called me and told me something.. tomorrow we should choose prosecutors.I promised something to the President of the Appeal, Saso called me yesterday too.
GJ: And about where is it?
LJS: For Skopje …
GJ: Well , ok …
LJS: … it is one place is and I promised the President for her son …
GJ: Lets then do this ….
LJS: You know, this woman … at least if we can to put him..
GJ: Oh I will call Blerim, to ask …
LJS: Ask this one thing, it is promised you know …
GJ: … to say it is very important, and will tell him about who it is.
LJS: And she is our, you know how it is …
GJ: Yeah yeah. No, I will tell him for whom it is. And I will say: Please, next time we will compensate for you…
LJS: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.
GJ: I was more about… I did not know that you were talking with this woman …
LJS: Well I was talking more and more, you know.. I will appear frivolous because I promised, Saso asked me, come on Ljupa, for her…
GJ: Yeah yeah, but you now we work with her. You know how it is …
LJS: And now you know, one place only.. Yes, yes, yes.
GJ: … I mean, you bet it is. Then I will call Blerim immediately.
LJS: Call him now, so let him know that is one place, to release it now ,and we will make up for it the next announcement, and that’s it.
GJ: It’s in Skopje, right?
LJS: In Skopje yes.
GJ: Okay, okay, then I will call him now.
LJS: Ok tell him.
GJ: And tomorrow if you have, I guess …
LJS: 12 we have to …
GJ: … before you start, you see …
LJS: Yeah.
GJ: … I mean, just the coordination …
LJS: Absolutely, I will arrange and I will tell. Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s my job.
GJ: we will tell them that. Okay.
LJS: Consider it done , just send me a message what have you done Goco.
GJ: Immediately. Don’t worry, I will ask, and I’ll call you. Okay.
LJS: Ok Goco. Good bye.
GJ: Greetings.
LJS: Bye, Goco, bye.


Conversation between Blerim Bedjeti and Musa Dzaferi

MG: Hello
BB: Musa how are you?
MG: Good Blerim.
BB: How is it going ?
MG: Well, i am out, I had one one conversation… before going home. You?
BB: Hey, I was at the office to work a little … tomorrow is the appointment of prosecutors, and Gordana called me to tell me about one place that is ours, she asked me if we can leave it to them.
MG: Where?
BB: In Prosecution ,in Skopje, because a candidate was the son of the President of the Court of Appeal. I said that is your place, but she it is an important one …
MG: Yes but they should give us elsewhere … because we already have become … think where else can they give us ..
BB: This is the thing … and the last time when they had an election for prosecutors, one of our places I gave to Mihajlo Manevski …
MC: And now again another one … two places …
BB: And another place I gave this friend, a man … he was a friend, the other one is not in the government …
MG: I know, I know … and now this …
BB: Gordana is quite logical… the truth is, they need, but we also need …
MG: Lets think this over … it became very… they should give us something … think …
BB: ok. Ok.
MG. But what can they give us?
BB: Well, listen, tomorrow will be spoken shortly about that different decision … for those funds to seven other places.
MG: Don’t you talk when new places will be opened… it is now about these three that we give …. You have to find a balance
BB: Ok. I will find …
MG: Search for something actual … because these will not care about that tommorrow …
BB: OK, OK … one more thing, I don’t know if I shall speak with you or with the boss, there is a place … in high public prosecution, replacing Susana (Susana Saliu) …
MG: Well?
BB: In your previous term he was president at the Court of Appeals Skopje … when we were working closely with that Bekir Iseini DPA, as a member of the Judicial Council,he helped me, when we were close to the Badinter …
MG: Is he ours ?
BB: Turk.
MG: Well if you can not put him, who else ?
BB: No, the others were unimportant …
MG: I do not know … let me think … lets talk later again …
BB: OK, because tomorrow at 12 …. I don’t want to bother the boss with these things …
MG: Let’s me see this last thing … now I am not concentrated … but what they are looking for and do not make up for it , I don’t not like it … we are a little bit more …
BB: Generous …
MG: Ok.
BB: ok. Bye..


Conversation between Blerim Bedjeti and Musa Dzaferi

MC: Speak Blerim?
BB: Hey , sorry for torturing you, but they are looking for me there too… they are require me to give them a pass …
MC: I am still working on it … but for that case you have to give to these … you call the President ..
BB: I was talking with the President, for the other thing … and I asked him, he said: talk with Musa ..
MC: Look Blerim, I don’t have nothing against our cooperation … but that position is not an unimportant one … for how long we can compensate?
BB: We will do it fast … in other positions.
MC: But in other positions, at the same level?
BB: Yes, yes. We will compensate it … In general, listen to me for a second …
MC: Yes
BB: From time to time we will need to do many things for our people …
MC: Yes
BB: … because here we speak about the first man (referring to the President of the Appeal) I think that we should give it this time too.
MC: Why? Why do you think so?
BB: Hey … you will know … and with these people doing these things … it is worth id ..
MC: And if it is our man you can not do it?
BB: Look, we are talking about the son of the President of the Appeal Court in Skopje ..
MC: Yeah. And he wants to be a prosecutor?
BB: Yes. Yes.
MC: Look, if you think in terms of … you know inside the structure that you need ,I do not have professional and political reasons, whether it is worth or not worth it … do you understand me?
BB: No, we will be in an advantage … because it’s like ..
MC: But in the future there will be such positions …
BB: Today, today there will be a call for new three in Skopje … prosecutors, and all three of them will be ours.
MTS: Ok.
BB: For the other … what to do … for the Turk? In place of Susanna … her father is in the Council of prosecutors, and when Bekir Iseni was there, they helped me … when I stopped them not to take the court in Tetovo.
MC: What is his name?
BB: This one was a president of the Court in the first term… Vedat says.
MC: Yeah. I do not know whether he was on both sides … what do you think?
BB: I know him personally … and my father knows him too … I have good relationships … what do you think? I feel that I owe him … he supported me twice … when we blocked … when it was critical.
MC: Where does he want to be?
BB: Where is Kasam, in the higher prosecution … and even if he is nowhere, that Kasam … because today I want to dismiss him …
MC: ok.
BB: But he wont be a head … I found one of Gostivar, because he doesn’t fulfill the requirements …
MC: So, he will be a senior prosecutor, but not head of prosecutors ..
BB: Yes, instead of Susanna … where was Suzana Saliu ..
MC: Ok.
BB: Of course, if these friends do not mind …
MC: Let’s see first then with those friends …
BB. ok


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska I Nikola Todorov

GJ: Hello?
NT: Gorde, it is Nino, what’s up?
GJ: Hey Nino. Fine, surfing a little …
NT: surf?
GJ: … to see what the communists are doing.
NT: What do they do? Haha. Nothing, what can they do. Zulum. Zulum.
GJ: I am gaping at them.
NT: Zulum.
GJ: What are you doing ?
NT: Gorde, you know why I called you? This Dimitar Trajanov, who is in the Committee for IT , we put him, is now as dean of the new Faculty.
GJ: Yeah.
NT: When we made FINKI, he was the in the video. I do not know if you know him…
GJ: I do not remember, but it doesn’t matter.
NT: Well now, I have been asked a dozen of times, his wife has put in for the position of judge there. I do not know how these things go, he is asking me for that position in Administrative Court, now he wrote me that on Wednesday it will be discussed about that matter. So I took an obligation, repeatedly telling him: I do not deal with those things …
GJ: Look …
NT: … I can not do you a favour …
GJ: … let me tell you…
NT: … and he is begging me now, calling me all the time. He is saying she is ours, just mention something …
GJ: Tell me the name …
NT: He says, because she is ours … de facto he is ours, because he is in the Committee for IT … is he a vice president or what …
GJ: Yeah yeah.
NT: Now, see if you have something, I do not know how to tell you …
GJ: Look …
NT: I am telling you as my party obligation …
GJ: Actually this competition is very difficult, because they already agreed to share with DUI-it is two days before the election.
NT: Yeah, clearly.
GJ: But write me her name, so we can know her. You know, sometimes one simply has luck, but you need to have information at that point.
NT: Yes. I will tell …
GJ: So, however, tell me the name .
NT: Yes, I will tell him. And I will tell you the name …
GJ: Tell him that you mentioned for him.
NT: I’ll forward the message that I received from him now …
GJ: I mean, I am saying to you the real situation, so you can sense the type of tone you’re going to talk with.
NT: Yes, okay.
GJ: Okay Nino. Bye
NT: Ok, thank you Gorde bye.
GJ: Ok, bye. bye


Conversation between Zoran Stavreski and Gordana Jankuloska

GJ: Hello?
ZS: Gorde?
GJ: Hey tell me?
ZS: Can you talk?
GJ: Yeah, just let me… I’m chairing a commission, let me get out, sorry, just a sec…
ZS: Ok then, ok, I forgot. It’s not urgent.
GJ: No, tell me, I’m out.
ZS: Hey…
GJ: Tell me, tell me
ZS: Listen, this bastard I have in the Office, the one that applied (for a position) in the Court of Appeals, is being stubborn. He is not withdrawing his application, he is playing the 30-day card, because in that way he’ll be automatically granted the decision right…
GJ: Yeah, yeah.
ZS: … he won’t be coming to work starting Monday apparently. I’m raving to tell you the truth, I want to make his life a living hell. Can you do something, through the party? So, it’s not me directly, so I don’t pick up the phone… Let Stojce, or whomever, call them up and tell them: thus guy cannot be employed, the employment must go through the party, and he is not a party guy…
GJ: Or we could do this, look… He is practically… the Court of Appeals … I mean, we could do it, to tell you clearly, he’ll call today. And the Court of Appeals will have to file a new request for approval from your side now.
ZS: Yeah, yeah, I’ll grant them for one person only.
GJ: No, you will grant… They are 10 at the moment, you’ll grant 9 (employments). And they will need to call and ask which one (should be dropped)? We’ll tell them: this and this are fine, that one no. You get me?
ZS: Yes. I could do that, because they don’t have an approval for 2012, so they’ll have to resubmit for 2011.
GJ: Yeah, yeah, and they won’t be able to register them. And then grant 9 instead of 10 employment positions….
ZS: Yeah, but I should check. They might have requested… I might have not signed, not planned it…
GJ: I see, ok. I’ll call anyways, but just to be on the safe side, you know. I’ll call the Agency as well, so they keep an eye on him.
ZS: I can call the Agency, or should your guy do it?
GJ: Well, whatever. I mean, I’ll call and you call as well, so we do a control system.
ZS: Ok, fine.
GJ: So we don’t screw things up, complicate them.
ZS: Yes, because he is playing it his own way.
GJ: Yeah, yeah, very cocky.
ZS: He won’t obey, cocky. I don’t usually mess with people’s lives, but he’s been cocky from day one and he hasn’t learned his lesson.
GJ: Listen, you would’ve been forthcoming if he were an ok guy, even if he made a mistake, but had said sorry, this and that, it’s important to me, a chance, for my career sake, right?
ZS: He did sms something of the kind, an apology, but you could say it wasn’t an honest one. He said that he was just caught in the middle. Look, he is a bright kid, he’s not dumb.
GJ: Yeah, yeah.
ZS: He passed the Bar Exam. And granted, he is a good employee. He’s not a bad employee, whatever the case.
GJ: Well no, he is even ranked pretty high.
ZS: And he is an honest man, as well. I feel bad this whole thing turned out like this, but if he wants to show off, he’ll be hammered, so he thinks twice whom he shows off to.
GJ: What was his name precisely?
ZS: Kiril Donevski.
GJ: Yes, because you mentioned it then…
ZS: He is from Veles. Kire Donevski.
GJ: Yeah, yeah, ok. You mentioned it then, but don’t have it at hand.
ZS: Good.
GJ: Fine, I will… Ok, bye.
ZS: Ok, ciao.


Conversation between Sofija Lalicic and Saso Mijalkov

SM: What are you up to?
SL: Nothing much, I’m in Ohrid.
SM: There’s snow?
SL: Mhm?
SM: Is there snow?
SL: A lot.
SM: A lot!?
SL: A lot, yes.
SM: Well, that’s good. We’ll remember that some things have been settled with the first snow.
SL: You kidding me?
SM: Yes, off you go, good luck.
SL: When?
SM: Monday.
SL: You kidding me?!
SM: I’m not kidding you. Just don’t tell anything to anyone.
SL: No, no, no.
SM: No one. Keep it to yourself.
SL: Sorry!? Oh, right. There was something else I wanted to ask. Who else did you agree on?
SM: There’s another one, from the Criminal Court, what was her name?
SL: Lidija Tupancevska, you’re kidding right?
SM: No, Petrovska, not Tupancevska.
SL: Her last name’s Tupancevska. She is Tupancevski’s cousin.
SM: Eh?
SL: It’s her maiden name, Tupancevska. She got Petrovska from her husband.
SM: Oh. By the way, who is she, is she any good?
SL: Well, she is Tupancevski’s cousin. I can’t believe it! She sucked up to Lidija, all the way through. She bought the entire Swarowski store to her and sucked up.
SM: Well, she nominated her, but I can dump her.
SL: Whatever, she sucked up to Lidija every day, bought her Swarowski presents. And bought Lidija with the presents at the end… I talked to you about Tupancevska a year ago, didn’t I tell you to remember Tupancevska?
SM: Common, so what if she’s Tupancevski’s cousin. I also have cousins I don’t know.
SL: Ok, fine, who else?
SM: That’s it.
SL: But there are three post.
SM: Well, the third one is open, until Monday.
SL: Get out of here!
SM: Tell me more about her, what’s she like?
SL: She is Tupancevski’s cousin. I’m on good terms with her, she’s fine. But she sucks up a lot, bootlicks a lot, she’s fake. You don’t know what she did to me, started treating me with various stuff, free cosmetics and stuff…
SM: I’ll call her up, see her, it can’t go down like this.
SL: You can’t even imagine what an bootlicker she is. She treated me with cosmetics vouchers, just so she buys me for this thing.
SM: She might turn her back on us in the future, then?
SL: Her? What can I say… Listen, what about Viki, Zane Belozova’s sister? Did yoy finish the job for her?
SM: What?
SL: Viki, Zane Belozova’s sister. Did you finish the job for her?
SM: No…
SL: Why?
SM: But we might.
SL: Get on with it.
SM: Where was she supposed to go?
SL: Well, either at our place, or somewhere else. She’s 53, she was born 1962.
SM: Where is she now?
SL: She’s counsillor at the Judicial Council, Aleksandra’s place.
SM: She’s no judge?
SL: Viki Arnaudova. No.
SM: Well, I didn’t know her name, that’s why.
SL: She is the one that was…
SM: Fine, fine, there’s room till Monday
SL: Good.
SM: There’s room till Monday.
SL: Fine. Anything else?
SM: There’s nothing else. I just wanted to tell you, as I said yesterday.
SL: Excellent.
SM: And we closed the deal today.
SL: Good, I will cheer to that now.
SM: So, we’ll party when it’s all done.
SL: Deal.
SM: Ok, ciao.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostovska and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Hello.
SK: Hello.
SM: Svetle, what you’re up to?
SK: Just packing Boss.
SM: Packing, eh?
SK: Yes.
SM: Well, I wanted to tell you a thing now. Will we be appointing you a judge or won’t we?
SK: What do you mean you won’t?
SM: Come again?
SK: I would want you to appoint me.
SM: Fine then, I had it all settled and you will be appointed.
SK: Really?
SM: Yes. It means you owe me one.
SK: Eh, I owe you for life.


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