Wiretapping scandal set 15: Israeli equipment

The commission for Mijalkov was lavish, notwithstanding it was paid in installments. Photo: Video beam screen shot



The conversations from this set disclose the equipment procurement for Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence (ASCI) from Israel, for which the director at that time Sasho Mijalkov received a commission of 540.000 euro the first time and 840.000 the second time, according to what Zoran Zaev said in this press conference. It also becomes clear that Nikola Gruevski knows about the details of this operation. The arrangements are led by Svetlana Kostova, Mijalkov’s associate, and we already found out from the “bomb” no. 12 about the corruption in the judiciary that she has been promoted as a judge via the party channels by her chief at that time.

In the first conversation Kostova and Mijalkov arrange that the equipment won’t be paid until the commission, i.e. “the last half a million”, is duly transferred, and Kostova telephones people in charge of the Macedonian part of the payment every day who ask her if they can pay the rest of the money.

In the second conversation between Kostova and Haim Hakeyny from Israel, Kostova talks about the payment and we find out that the Israelis are waiting for instructions where to pay the commission.

The following conversation was already played in the 12th “bomb”, and in this conversation Mijalkov notifies Kostova that the trick is done and she will be selected as a judge, and then Mijalkov is interested when the people from the Israeli Ministry will arrive and whether somebody from MOSSAD will arrive too. Kostova replies that she gave the necessary instructions about the equipment payment before her departure to France.

The next conversation is between Kostova and Hakeyny, and Hakeyny notifies her that he met “with the director” and they made a deal, and the commission payment instead in a bank in Budapest, will be made in another bank – the director gave them another bank account.

Afterwards we hear a conversation between Kostova and Vlatko Stajkovikj. She is interested if there are some news regarding the payment and Stajkovikj notifies her that they need “a hundred more” and the commission will be paid in full. He expresses his readiness to make the final payment of the commission from his own pocket, and afterwards as he hopes, the Israelis will pay all of the money. From the conversation between Kostova and the owner of the firm in charge of the commission payment we find out the remittance of the payment: “donation that includes expenditures and commission”.

Then we hear insisting on the payment, as well as arranging a visit to Israel.

The next conversation between Mijalkov and Kostova occurs at the time when Hakeyny is in Skopje, and we find out that Mijalkov is waiting for additional 200.000 euro from the commission. Also, he considers the money transfer – whether the money should be transferred by bank or in some other way. In the following conversation Mijalkov is interested whether they have money to the pay the Israelis, and then they arrange how to declare the equipment in the Customs.

Then, we hear a conversation between Jankuloska and Stavreski, previously played in the 6th “bomb” and we find out that Gruevski instructed not to cut from those “850 million denar on one item” during the budged re-balance, and from the last conversation between Jankuloska and Mijalkov it becomes clear that that money is for the equipment from Israel. Mijalkov says that “nobody should touch it” and he will arrange everything with the Prime Minister.

Several SMS text messages were presented in this press conference besides the audio recordings. From one text message we find out that the Israeli man sent 540.000 euro to Mijalkov. Here’s what Kostova wrote to Mijalkov:

“Director, our friend sent 540.000 euro today. Haim, as you already know, will visit us again on May 12th. Director, I would like to remind you that you should meet Haim. He called me this morning to ask when is he meeting you”.

From the next text messages we find out that 10 days after the meeting between the Israeli man and Mijalkov in Skopje, after the evident deal, Haim Hakeyny transferred additional 840.000 euro to Mijalkov, as they have agreed!

S: “The director gave the green light for the next payment”; H: “Good afternoon. Thank you. I will inform tomorrow”. After several hours the Israeli man confirms: “Hello. I just sent 840.000. Cheers.” and Kostova responds: “OK. I’ll notify the director”.


All of the “bombs” are here.


Press conference of Zoran Zaev, president of SDSM, in Skopje, 1st of April 2015

(Below you will find the transcripts in English of the records played in this press conference)



Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Sasho Mijalkov

SМ: Hello?
SК: Yes.
SМ: Svetle, what are you doing?
SК: I’m here, upstairs.
SМ: You are here? Tell me now, they should have sent it, I told you 3 times… how much they should send?
SК: Yes, but you said until those are paid, they shouldn’t send anything
SМ: I told you until we get the last half million, they shouldn’t send.
SК: А? Yes, they won’t send until… they’re waiting on me, every day they’re calling me. Ha?
SМ: Well, yes, OK, because I now… they’re calling you every day to send the money, right?
SК: They’re calling me and asking: Svetle, can we send?
SM: Say it’s because we haven’t got the last half million…
SK: Yes, yes, yes.
SМ: They shouldn’t send. When we get the last million…
SК: To tell him until the last cent comes, no paying…
SМ: Svetle, now I’m talking and you’re talking, listen to me while I’m talking.
SМ: So, you’re going to tell them: until we get the last money, that’s half a million, they won’t send. They next payment should be all at once, as we said, right?
SК: Yes. Three times they said and you said so and I…
SМ: Three times, how much was it?
SК: 900, somewhere 1000.
SМ: Three times by 900 and so, right?
SК: Yes, that’s right. He is said so, and they’re calling everyday to do it…
SМ: Nothing, they send nothing until we get this money.
SК: Yes. I told Vlatko to tell me when it is done so that I know on time.
SМ: No Vlatko. Vlatko I just waiting the money to transfer it…
SК: But Vlatko does not have them. Vlatko is only waiting for the money and he has to transfer them.
SМ: To the supplier.
SК: Yes.
SМ: Okay. Anything else?
SК: Well, director, I’m leaving on Monday. I wanted to ask you if…
SМ: Where are you going, Svetle?
SК: To France, we spoke about that.
SМ: How much time are you staying there?
SК: Several…four weeks.
SМ: Oh God, four weeks!!! Then how are we going to push this thing over there?
SК: Well, that’s what I wanted to discuss with you. So, they can keep sending me SMS, that’s the best in my opinion. I’ll contact you through messages if there is anything…
SМ: On the phone, then.
SК: I beg your pardon? Yes, yes, yes, I’ll keep you posted through messages, they will be calling me all the time. I think that’s the best.
SМ: Good, OK.
SК: OK. Bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Haim Hakeyny

SK: Hello.
HH: Svetlana!
SK: Yes Haim.
HH: Good day, how are you?
SK: Fine, fine, thank you.
HH: Long time no speak…
SK: Yes, I wanted…
HH: How is everything? Everybody ok?
SK: Yes, they are ok. I wanted to send a message just in a minute, but I had a meeting… that’s why I didn’t answer your message…
HH: Yeah.
SK: Until now, I don’t have any news about the rest of the money, but…
HH: Mhm. Yes.
SK: … but I spoke to the Director…
HH: Yes…
SK: And he said that as soon as we reveive the money, the rest of the money, you can start with the next payment.
HH: Ok. Then I’ll wait until the money will arrive.
SK: Yes. And…
HH: Ok.
SK: … Another thing. On Monday, I’m going to France, you know.
HH: To France?
SK: Yes. But I’ll be available, all the time, on the phone.
HH: Ok, ok, then I’ll be in touch.
SK: Yes. The Director knows about that and I’ll be in touch with the Director, and with you, of course.
HH: Yes. For how long yoy are in France? Few weeks?
SK: Four weeks.
HH: Oooh very long. How is the weather there? Hahaha
SK: I hope the weather is nice.
HH: Yeah, in March, April it will be ok. Yeah, yeah…
SK: I’m going to school. I hope it will be very nice.
HH: Ok then, next time we meet, we’ll speak in French.
SK: Of course, I’ll have to practice my French then.
HH: Ok, ok.
SK: Ok? I’ll be available…
HH: Ok, then I’ll keep in touch with you to tell me when to start
SK: Yes. As soon as I have any information about that, I’ll send you a message.
HH: Yes, because I believe that Alex spoke with the company, because it’s a little bit shaky, you see. Ok, I’ll tell him that everything is ok, not to worry, you said yes. But he is under pressure.
SK: Yes. I know that, I received your message.
HH: Ok.
SK: I tried to speak to the Director today and explain that you are asking…
HH: Because, if he gives us the ok to send all the money then it is a movement, you see?
SK: Yes. And you know, we agreed to send the rest of the money in three, three
HH: Yes, yes, I remember that.
SK: Ok, the Director agrees with that.
HH: Ok then. Have a very wonderful weekend and a very good stay in France and we will keep in touch.
SK: Thank you.
HH: Send regards to everybody there.
SK: Yes, ok.
HH: Bye.
SK: Bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Sasho Mijalkov

SМ: Hello.
SК: Hello.
SМ: Svetle, what are you doing?
SК: I’m getting ready.
SМ: You are getting ready, ha?
SК: Yes.
SМ: Well, I wanted to tell you a thing. Now we are appointing you as a judge or not?
SК: Why not?
SМ: А?
SК: I’d like you to appoint me.
SМ: Well, I had it all settled so you are getting appointed.
SК: Yes?
SМ: Yes. Which means you should treat me.
SК: Eeee, I will owe you for life.
SМ: One thing, another thing: when are you going, when are you coming back?
SК: I’m going today, through Prague.
SМ: And you’re coming back?
SК: I’m coming back on the 15 April.
SМ: Uuuu.
SК: Hello?
SМ: Yes, yes.
SК: Are you listening?
SМ: The job, what are we going to do with the job?
SК: I settled everything, director So, I saw Vlatko last Friday…
SМ: Is someone from their Ministry coming now?
SК: They aren’t, I arranged with them, too. So, they will tell on the phone…
SМ: And is someone from MOSAD coming?
SК: I don’t know about that. They may be coming, but these from the Ministry won’t while I’m absent.
SМ: While you are absent?
SК: Yes, they won’t come, but the whole communication will be on the phone, the exchanged e-mails. And everyone will be supposed to inform me, then I’ll tell him when the first one is done to start the second one.
SМ: Mhm. Okay.
SК: I mean, they all have my phone numbers, we arranged how it would function.
SМ: Fine.
SК: Thank you very much; I don’t know what to say.
SМ: Well…when you come back.
SК: Thanks a lot.
SМ: Bye.
SК: Good bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova и Haim Hakeyny

HH: Hallo, Svetlana?
SK: Yes Haim.
HH: Good evening.
SK: Good evening.
HH: Bonsoir, madame.
SK: Bonsoir monsieur, ҫa va?
HH: How are you doing Svetlana? Everything ok?
SK: Yes, everything ok. I’ve just come from the Court. We…
HH: You what?
SK: We’ve been to the Court today, to hear one process… on a hearing, in French…
HH: And you have homework and everything?
SK: Yes.
HH: Wow, so it is serious? Hahaha…
SK: How are you?
HH: Fine. You got my message yesterday?
SK: Yes, and I waited for your call…
HH: Yes. I met the Director, and it was a very good meeting, as usual. And the thing is like this: we changed now the bank, we have another bank, in another place…
SK: In Macedonia?
HH: No, in Budapest.
SK: Budapest, ok.
HH: We left it because it was very, very, very slow, and this is a problem.
SK: Mhm.
HH: The Director gave me details of another bank account in which we are going to put the money. But, on Monday, the company is finally going to pay the rest of the money for the advance. Because, they got the money from Budapest, I believe, yesterday or today, something like that. And then they are going to do that on Monday. We went over the figures and cetera, no problem and that’s it. I will keep in touch with you because it’s very important for me and all the project that you will be updated.
SK: Ok. I’m coming back next Friday.
HH: Ah, you are leaving 8 days from now?
SK: Yes, next Friday I will be in Macedonia, it’s no problem.
HH: Ah, ok. I will not give you the details, but you will see them by yourself…
SK: Yes.
HH: Ok, then if it is so, I will keep in touch with you to update you, either by messages or by call. But it is very important that you are updated and I’ll take care of it.
SK: Ok, thank you very much
HH: Ok. Thank you Svetlana.
SK: Ok Haim, have a nice week.
HH: Thank you, same to you. Bye
SK: Bye.
HH: Bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Vlatko Stojkovikj

VS: Hello?
SК: Hello Vlatche?
VS: Hey, how can I help you?
SК: Yesterday I forgot to ask you …
VS: Go on.
SК: Is there any news regarding the payment?
VS: Well, we’ll check today, I think we will, it should come, we received and advise and we’ll see if we could pay tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
SК: Do everything. Because…
VS: But I think…
SК: We’re having a meeting with the director, that’s why.
VS: …it is far from everything. I think 100 (thousand) are short.
SК: It will be missing again, ha?
VS: No, no, just 100 (thousand) short, they haven’t come yet or 90…
SК: When these come, will it be missing?
VS: No, I’m expecting those whether they have come. So it’s just these last 90..
SК: If they come, the advance can be finally closed.
VS: Yes, yes, yes. If they don’t come, I will try to put my money to close it. I guess they will send all.
SК: No, I will certainly see the director today, so, it is arranged like that…
VS: Tell him so, please. And talk about that finally because I spoke with him…
SК: Yes, of course, I’m doing something, I’m not putting something here, you know I made up something, but… I’ll tell you, just the director to see that first.
VS: Look, if possible, you can call me, it’s not a problem at all
SК: No, no, here I put amount of the donation will be that much, which is include or something like that, which includes and provision for the it will be something like that.
VS: OK, OK, it’ll work.
SК: Something like that, I’ll ask the director and we’ll put it like that.
VS: It must be put so that we know…
SК: For me it’s just thatI haven’t seen that yet, you should know.
SК: He just sent me and SMS they we’re meeting today…
VS: He told me, too, that he’ll call me, but…
SК: No, no, he must see me today, we’re having a meeting…
VS: OK. However…
SК: I think that we will meet.
VS: Deal. If you need me, call me, although I’ll be with some guests today, but…
SК: It’s not a big deal. I wanted to be sure what we have.
VS: Deal. Great, see you, bye.
SК: Deal, bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and interlocutor (IN)

IN: Hello.
SK: Hello.
IN: Svetlana?
SK: Yes.
IN: Hi.. Alon speaking, how are you?
SK: Fine, thank you. How are you?
IN: I’m fine, I’m fine. Do you have a couple of minutes?
SK: Yes, of course, of course.
IN: Ok. First of all I will speak about our business. Do you have information about the transfer?
SK: Ok.
In: Do you know something? Has it arrived?
SK: No, because I didn’t see the Director today. But I think that tomorrow I’ll see him tomorrow.
IN: Ok, because it’s important to know…
SK: … to continue, yes, yes.
IN: Ok, and the second thing about the visit…
SK: Yes.
IN: I checked it and I saw that the holiday is on the 7th and the 8th. So the second week is not good.
SK: Ok.
IN: So you have to choose if you want to come one week later, or two weeks later, or three weeks later, as you want…
SK: No, three weeks later is a bit impossible.
IN: So we have to decide if it’s the week that starts on the 13th or the 20th?
SK: I’ll have to check with the Director about that. Tomorrow I’ll ask him about the transfer and I’ll ask him about the dates and if it’s acceptable with the week starting on the 13th, you know…
IN: Do you want me to call you tomorrow this time?
SK: Yes, if you have time.
IN: Yes, no problem. So, about 4-5 I will call you
SK: Please, before 5 because I have French lesson afterwards. I have a test, that’s why.
IN: Ok, 4-5 your time?
SK: Yes.
IN: Ok, now it’s 4 o’clock. Let’s talk tomorrow…
SK: Yes, it’s acceptable.
IN: Ok, and if you tell me that this week is ok, then we will decide exactly the date, but I’ll know the week.
SK: Ok. I just want to ask him if it’s acceptable… if he needs something… I just want to be sure he’ll agree with the date.
IN: Ok, ok. So we’ll speak tomorrow… Thank you very much Svetlana.
SK: Bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and interlocutor (IN)

SK: Hello.
IN: Hi Svetlana Alon speaking, how are you?
SK: Fine, thank you. I was at a meeting and that’s why I didn’t answer the phone.
IN: Yeah, I also called you yesterday…
SK: Yesterday, I switched off my… on silent… I had a test in French and I forgot to put it on again. And then it was a private number…
IN: No problem. Ok, some news or not yet?
SK: He said he’ll check. About the dates is ok.
IN: The week that starts…
SK: Yes, from 13 June. But for the transfer, he said he’ll check and he’ll give me the permission to… But, until now, he didn’t give the permission to send another transfer.
IN: He didn’t?
SK: No, no.
IN: So we’re still waiting?
SK: We are still waiting for him to call me.
IN: Ok, ok, no problem. So, I will inform Haim. Probably he will contact you tomorrow, after tomorrow… You can send him an sms if you want.
SK: Yes.
IN: Ok, we will be waiting.
SK: Today I sent him a message again, because he is ill and he is not at work. I hope that he’ll answer.
IN: Ok, so we will wait with the second transfer.
SK: Yes, because he said he will give me the permission to…
IN: Ok, I will tell Haim and we will wait. Ok. About your visit… I think you should come on Sunday, if it’s ok for you?
SK: Ok, ok.
IN: You arrive Sunday evening, late in the evening and then we can start Monday morning.
SK: That’s 12 June?
IN: Yes, 12 June is the flight to Israel. The flight back… I don’t know yet. It will be or Thursday or Friday. Depends on the flight…
SK: Ok, this depends on you.
IN: We will have at least Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… At least three full days or four. Is it ok for you to come back on Thursday or Friday” Is it ok for you?
SK: Yes, it’s ok. But is depends on you… How you’ll be able to arrange everything… But, I’ll be free that week.
IN: Ok. So we decided you come Sunday, 12 and we’ll see the day when you can come back. Ok, I’ll let you know
SK: Ok, thank you.
IN: Thank you Svetlana. Bye


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Sasho Mijalkov

SК: Yes.
SМ: Svetle, what are you doing?
SК: I’m reading, director.
SМ: You’re reading, ha?
SК: Yes, I’m at work.
SМ: Tell me, who has come now?
SК: Haim has come.
SМ: Haim who?
SК: Haim from the Ministry of Defence, they are…
SМ: Aha.
SК: You know, people went to the inspection, to…
SК: … In Russia, they are here, too, to arrange the last details.
SМ: OK, look now. Do you remember what we were supposed to arrange?
SК: Yes, yes, I remember.
SМ: What?
SК: We should see how they should bring the 200 thousand for the commission, what to do whether to transfer them through a bank or not? To see when this ends up, how the goods will arrive to us and such details.
SМ: Good. Okay. Look now, I will receive him around 2-3 o clock, tell him. I’m at a funeral now, I don’t know when I will finish, but tell him at 2 or before 2 we will call him and tell him and receive him. Bye.
SК: OK, OK, they are at the hotel, it’s not a problem.
SМ: Which hotel?
SК: At Best Western.
SК: They’re always there.
SМ: Bye.


Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Sasho Mijalkov

SК: Hello.
SМ: Hey, Svetle?
SК: Director, how can I help you?
SМ: You called me for something?
SК: I beg your pardon?
SМ: You called me, I’m saying.
SК: Well, yes, I called you, on Sunday I’m going to Tel Aviv.
SМ: What?
SК: On Sunday I’m leaving.
SМ: Who?
SК: Me, I’m going to Tel Aviv, right.
SМ: Aaa, yes, you’re going.
SК: Yes…
SМ: When are you returning?
SК: Sunday afternoon.
SМ: When are you returning?
SК: Aaa, when I’m returning, on the 17th.
SМ: That means in…
SК: I’m returning right on Friday.
SМ: On Friday, OK.
SК: Yes.
SМ: OK, and?
SК: So, I checked with Vlatche, from the second, from those 840 thousand, 100 thousand have already come.
SМ: More than how much?
SК: A hundred thousand, something like that.
SМ: That’s little.
SК: That was on Friday. But today I don’t know, because they’re coming, he is saying, money is coming all the time.
SМ: I had a missed call from them this morning, now I’m calling them to check that job.
SК: Tell me, they’re asking, should they send the third or not?
SМ: Let them wait today and tomorrow, OK?
SК: OK, but you tell me before I go so that I know what to tell him.
SМ: I’ll tell you for sure, we’ll speak on the phone. Bye.
SК: Good. OK, thank you.

Conversation between Svetlana Kostova and Sasho Mijalkov

SК: Yes. Hello.
SМ: Hello?
SК: Yes.
SМ: What are you doing, Svetle?
SК: I’m at work, director.
SМ: You’re working?
SК: Yes. How can I help you?
SМ: Tell me about the donation contract…
SМ: Is it done?
SК: Yes. Let’s arrange for the whole equipment to be included in the annex.
SМ: Mmm…
SК: As Annex 1 to the contract, there must be specification of the equipment, not to be in the contract.
SМ: But we have to meet for that job.
SК: Yes.
SМ: When is the contract to be signed, tomorrow?
SК: You say when. Say when.
SМ: Svetle, tomorrow at 11’clock be at work, OK?
SК: No problem, I’ll come.
SМ: And to arrange for the customs.
SК: Yes, yes, I’ll come, all right.
SМ: Tell me, how are the things with the customs?
SК: Excuse me?
SМ: How are the things with the customs?
SК: We met with Vlatche then, I gave them to him, I indicated which documents and now we have to see how we’re going to regulate it. I hope that he prepared the documents.
SМ: Vlatko prepared them, but who has to decide on that?
SК: What do you mean who has to decide on that?
SМ: Well, regarding the customs?
SК: If we do it through the Ministry of Interior, we can do it through the Ministry of Interior. Our…
SМ: Can there be exemption?
SК: Yes, of course, but the one who exports the goods will have to, must request that.
SМ: Request?
SК: Yes, yes, to request, there is a form for exemption request from…
SМ: When is it to happen?
SК: At the time when the goods arrive at the border. Or before…
SМ: Then. But before it must be arranged…
SК: Yes. It must be arranged with the Customs. And we stand as MOI for the equipment…
SМ: Svetle…
SК: Yes.
SМ: Can you meet Vlatko now? Let’s not postpone it for tomorrow, tomorrow is the last day, the day after tomorrow the equipment arrives.
SК: I’ll meet him, director, but will we stand as MOI regarding the equipment with the Customs?
SМ: As MOI, how else?
SК: Well, then we have service, Gjoko’s, we have a man who is responsible for the Customs and who knows everyone there.
SМ: Who?
SК: There’re people at Gjoko’s who are responsible for that, we can do it with them, to make a deal with the Customs.
SМ: Well, it is not a bad idea to meet Vlatko and Gjoko’s people to arrange the job.
SК: Good.
SМ: Not to postpone it until tomorrow.
SК: Okay. Good.
SМ: Deal?
SК: Deal.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski

ZS: Aaa, for the budget…
GJ: Yes.
ZS: You gave only 188 millions for budget cuts
GJ: Yes.
ZS: And you have to cut more than 600.
GJ: Aaa, Zoki, I don’t know from where to cut 600. I don’t have that much…
ZS: I can’t close the budget.
GJ: OK, let’s talk to the Prime Minister.
ZS: So, I have to give in my resignation as a Minister of Finance if I can’t close the budget.
GJ: I understand you, but if I mustn’t cut those where there is money, 850 million per item.
ZS: Why mustn’t you cut them?
GJ: Because it is agreed on with the Prime Minister like that.
ZS: Never mind, you’ll cut, I’ll tell the Prime Minister that this has been cut, I don’t care, I can’t go to jail because of someone.
GJ: That’s why I wanted to talk to you. I put all the items where there was money to zero.
ZS: It should… cut, as the whole country suffers, I won’t bother myself, I’ll talk to whoever I should, what I should, I won’t…
GJ: Fine, so, that’s the reason, from all the other places, no matter how much you cut, you know we can’t cut from the salaries…
ZS: But you should propose a budget, including everything cut, not like this.
GJ: So, we talked to him when we made the budget, right, he told me one hundred times, don’t touch one denar there.
ZS: Who told you that?
GJ: The prime minister.
ZS: It’s not like that.
GJ: So, not in the context of the rebalancing, previously he told me one hundred times, do whatever you do; but from there a denar mustn’t be missing.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Sasho Mijalkov

GJ: Yesterday we had a government meeting and among other things we have to rebalance the budget.
SМ: Aha.
GJ: So that linearly all the ministries have to cut 30% of capital expenditures, but you know for us, there is money only for one item, the big one.
SМ: Aaaa, it can’t pass like that…
GJ: Even if we cut, if think, I don’t know what to say… we’ll get stuck even more.
SМ: No, it’s all agreed on and there’s no cutting there, like the others…
GJ: Yes, yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you, now you know…
SМ: No, there is no cutting…
GJ: I will… cut a little somewhere else, we’ll take a little, but in fact that is the only place where really there’s money , you’ll have to see that with the Prime Minister so that it doesn’t turn out that MOI didn’t send…
SМ: Yes, we should clear that this year, it should be cleared in June, July and not to talk or think about that…
GJ: No, that’s why now, in order not to be in a situation now, me explaining at the government meeting because it’s not to be said in front of the others. If you are in a situation to tell the Prime Minister not to touch there…
SМ: I’ll tell him, I’ll tell him, yes…
GJ: I mean from others…
SМ: No, he knows, we won’t touch there.
GJ: Well, OK, but you know… hehehe… I should react in advance, so that we don’t argue in front of the others.. I just wanted to tell you so that you know… You know, we put there around 850 millions, I think, if we can’t propose cuts, but if we know something is cheaper or we have surplus money, because I doubt we have surplus money…but…
СМ: No, no, we don’t touch there, I’ll talk to the Prime Minister, no touching there, that should be cleared… and to arrange that…
GJ: Nooo, OK, that’s why I’m saying, hypothetically if you say that there is surplus, no problem, however, that item should be there…
SМ: No, no, there’s a shortage, no surplus, we should close it and done, there’s no cutting…
GJ: That’s what I’m telling you, we’ll cut from everywhere else, we’ll do something… bust generally, we have that amount and we know that…


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