Wiretapping scandal set 21: Crimes in Ohrid

The Ohrid police department had to be “refilled” from Skopje. Photo: Truthmeter


In the first part of today’s wiretapping records set, i.e. in the first two conversations – between Martin Protugjer and Dragan Pavlovkj – Latas, we hear about the scandal-mongering on the basis of only one photograph, but the truth will be additionally revealed, and it is contrary to what VMRO-DPMNE adorns. Protugjer, as a chief of Gruevski’s cabinet, instructs the pro-government media to present the photograph as an evidence of pedophilia. This is a rude attempt to discredit a director, without checking the facts, just because he was appointed by a mayor from SDSM. They skillfully arrange the situation to enrage the parents so “one of those parents will beat him on the streets” and party protests, and furthermore we hear that a party protest will be organized, as well.

Afterwards, we hear a set of three conversations between Martin Protugjer and Mile Janakieski. From these conversations, we can find out why the Ohrid City government under Bakracheski’s rule is not interested to protect the Studenchishta Swamp, why the Swamp zone that has to be protected is drastically diminished…

Janakieski suggests to Protuger to regulate the ownership of the land at Racha, near the remains of the Studenchishta Swamp, and also Protugjer solicits from Janakieski to arrange a foreign company to purchase the land owned by Protugjer and his close relatives. Also, they arrange insertion of the property, change of plans, urbanization and possible land sale, although that area has been planned for tourist and development zone has as well as for a protection zone for the Studenchishta Swamp.

Next, we hear a larger set of 11 conversations that reveal the electoral misuses, the electoral crimes of VMRO-DPMNE in Ohrid, so they won’t let the “commies” win. The first conversation is between Jankuloska and Stavreski. Both say that they are tired of what’s going on, especially in Ohrid.

In the second conversation Protuger wants to engage 5-6 people from the police or the military, who would be in Ohrid during the election campaign and would act under his command. In the following conversation, Protugjer informs Ljupcho Todorovski – Radnikot, the director of the Bureau for Public Security at that time, that he made an agreement with the director of the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence (ASCI) to form a Para police that will be under his control until the voting day. Protugjer requests, and Todorovski agrees to free these people from their everyday police obligations. Jankuloska is also familiar with the formation of this Para police. She refers to these people as a group of “crooks”, but she adds that nobody will cause them any problems.

Then we hear Protugjer requesting from Janakieski to threaten the owner of the “Ilinden” private firm in order to immediately stop all construction activities in Ohrid, and to stop the paving of the streets in the city. Also we hear Janakieski telling Vladimir Todorovikj to employ VMRO-DPMNE’s members in the “Tinex” supermarket in Ohrid.

In the sixth and the seventh conversation from this set, we hear Protugjer requesting the engagement of high police officials during the pre-election activities in Leskoec. They go from door to door with VMRO-DPMNE’s mayor candidate and persuade Albanians, Turks and Roma to vote for Bakracheski. They pay special attention to the Roma population, i.e. as Protugjer says “the gypsies”.

There are also instructions for increased police activities, for stopping vehicles, for searching them, all this with the goal to prevent SDSM from winning the local elections.

In the last two conversations from this set, we hear Jankuloska stating that Protugjer gathered, as she says, “the greatest crooks in the MOI” but besides that, she stays idle and does nothing to stop their exorbitance in Ohrid. In fact, the cover “attack of an authorized person” hides the real violators from MOI’s internal control.

At the end, there are two conversations that can unveil the government’s effort to put the former mayor of Ohrid in jail. In the first conversation Janakieski requests the arrest of Ace Petreski. In the second conversation, Protugjer asks Jankuloska whether “there will be something” for Aco. Jankuloska says there is, but they needed “a bit time” for, as she says, “we want to make it look right”.


All of the “bombs” are here.


Press conference of Tomislav Tuntev, president of the Basic organization of SDSM in Ohrid and an MP, in Ohrid, 16th of April 2015

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