Wiretapping scandal set 8: Тhe abuse of government institutions

The “rerun” of the electoral manipulation and threats was played in the Universal Hall. Photo: Screenshot

This conversations set reveals details regarding the preparation of fake IDs for VMRO-DPMNE, stealing electoral rolls, that the members of VMRO-DPMNE could not “conceal” the phantom voters due to negligence, organizing voting for prisoners and professional soldiers and how crooks have been gathered to disseminate fear among the voters. 


In this recordings set we can hear about the arrangement of “party” IDs for citizens of Strumica, i.e. for the “phantom” voters; the struggle in VMRO-DPMNE for a place on the candidate lists and because of that an important task for the party is not completed, which, of course, has to be kept as a top secret. We also hear who creates the forged IDs for VMRO-DPMNE – in a shop in the old bazaar. Furthermore, we can hear how a VMRO-DPMNE party member from the Municipal Election Commission in Centar secretly took four electoral rolls and hid them in his car in order to deliver them to Mile Janakieski, who on the other hand requests not to renew the documentation for the ill voters. Later on, Janakieski informs Sasho Mijalkov and solicits for a person from MOI who could take out electoral material from the sealed black bags without cutting them. Mijalkov tells him to stop talking because he is “on a foreign network” i.e. abroad, so it is unknown who could wiretap him… Then, Janakieski tries his luck with Gordana Jankuloska and tells her that there are four lists in plastic bags and again solicits a man who could open the sealed bags in order to see the lists and to find out who voted and who did not, so they can visit the homes of the people who did not vote and to persuade them to vote for VMRO-DPMNE… Jankuloska finds this strange, so Janakieski explains to her again.



In the next conversation the knot is additionally unfurled – from the quarrel between Janakieski and Biljana Brishkovska – Boshkovska we hear about phantom voters from Pustec, Gazi Baba, Kavadarci, who vote in several polling places, and we also hear whether they can vote in 4 or 34 polling places and how to cover up the whole thing… Then, we can hear that Amdi Bajram added deceased persons from 2012 in the refined electoral roll of 2011 and sent his people to vote with the deceased persons’ identities, and that worked out because “these idiots” did not look at the IDs as they should have.

The following conversation is between Jankuloska and Stavreski and in it we see the hardship VMRO-DPMNE has in Kumanovo, so they consider voiding of the voting in places where the Albanians have been making “contingents”, and that was easy to do, because as Jankuloska says, you do not need arguments in order to void voting, just objections, and the decision will be easily reached. Then, they talk about the disappointment in Centar, and that turned Janakieski obstinate and requested voiding the voting in all 66 polling places. The victory plan with the assistance of “these from the province” failed too, and we find about this in the next conversation from this set. Those phantom voters have also been registered in a large number on the same address. That’s done in a highly amateurish manner, because they are not registered on addresses of VMRO-DPMNE’s members, yet on random addresses, and this is because enough “eligible” addresses were not obtained beforehand, thus the entire cycle is already collapsing on VMRO-DPMNE’s head, we find that out from the conversation between Janakieski and Kiril Bozhinovski.



The set ups in Center, but in Ohrid as well, disgusted Zoran Stavreski and Kire, Jankuloska’s chief of staff, but disgusted Jankuloska too, and we find that out from the conversation she has with Stavreski. The next conversation between them is with the same tone, Stavreski is mad that such machinations took place, and Jankuloska emphasizes that everything is obvious and cannot be unnoticed and Stavreski replies that if they came to the point to perpetrate crimes and irregularities, they should not be in office. As we can hear, Stavreski found out about the whole situation from the media, meaning that the party has been preparing for the election set ups in utmost secrecy.

Then, we can hear that the voting of the imprisoned persons is “under control”, we hear how professional soldiers are forced to vote for VMRO-DPMNE in Centar, and there have been requests for engaging an Army general in order to achieve the goal. We also hear how Protugjer is going to send 4 or 5 police officers in Ohrid to intimidate people and Jankuloska warns Protugjer about one of them, but she also states that he won’t cause a problem because that police officer is not directly under her jurisdiction, yet under the Sector for Internal Affairs (SVR). Protugjer solicits from Jankuloska to slur over the usage of police officers for the needs of VMRO-DPMNE, and she replies that it will not be a problem, they just have to tell their boss about the “task”. In the next conversation we hear about the problems caused in Ohrid whereupon Jankuloska says that Protugjer chose the worst crooks, and that VMRO-DPMNE must be a very bad position when they came to a point to use Utka. Then, Jankuloska instructs “cleaning” in Ohrid so “ours could be OK” but without making a mistake so they won’t have to clean additionally. We also hear how the Bureau for Public Security detains people under the order of the party, because the Ohrid police department has not been willing to do so.



Furthermore, we hear how elevators are turned off in “unsuitable” buildings, so elderly people who would not vote for VMRO-DPMNE won’t be able to reach the polling places. Gievski did not turn the elevators’ power off, so now they have to be blocked mechanically, Janakieski says. But it is too late, according to Todorov. Jankuloska and Todorov talk about the things that can be and cannot be said regarding the election incidents, whereupon they must emphasize that “everything is resolved and the institutions are working”. They will mention the incidents caused by the “commies”, “so everyone would know who are the hooligans in this country”, Jankuloska says. Later, we hear about a devious plan for a problematic president of a municipal committee, who must be sacked and his wife must be sacked too, and to burn down their restaurant, as well. We also hear about a former member of SDSM who offers himself to meet with Zhernovski while “wired”; how VMRO-DPMNE releases criminals found guilty for violence in Gjorche Petrov thanks to its Ministers; about the arrangement of planes to transport voters of VMRO-DPMNE from Switzerland; we hear about urgent hindering of a firm from Ohrid, that has to asphalt the city, because the mayor of Ohrid signed the contract; how all mechanisms of the country are engaged in order to block Agrokor because this firm “dared” to cooperate with Zoran Zaev, whereas the Ministers were not invited to the cornerstone ceremony… The message is “cooperate with us until June 5th and there won’t be any problems”.



Moreover, we hear about party employments in Telekom and how the other employees are threatened and forced to vote for VMRO-DPMNE, and we have the same situation in the City of Skopje as well. They also arrange to locate around 700 people who have moved out from the surroundings of Struga, so they would be brought back to vote for VMRO-DPMNE… Then we hear how Stevco Jakimovski solicits from Sasho Mijalkov to solve the problems of Dragiša Miletić regarding the candidacies in municipal election commissions; how Musa Xhaferi solicits to do the trick about a complaint in the Administrative Court regarding the voting in Dolneni; we hear Menduh Thaci stating his “fidelity unto death” to Mijalkov and Mijalkov requests from DPA to vote in favor or VMRO-DPMNE in the State Election Commission regarding the case in Strumica, i.e. to void the voting from some polling places, and then Thaci assigns this task to Bedredin Ibraimi…



In the next conversation between Vlatko Mijalkov and Mile Janakieski we can hear about the usage of state resources in order to locate problematic employees and also that the managers are instructed to threaten those employees, regardless the party they are members in, in the Customs Administration, various other institutions, Telekom, ELEM, Mepso, Public Revenue Office… to vote for VMRO-DPMNE… The same goes to employees at faculties with place of residency in the Municipality of Centar, only with a slight difference, someone from the Ministry of Education and Science has to “persuade” these particular employees. We also hear that some police officers from Gjorche Petrov should be disciplined because they did not bring five neutral voters to be persuaded to vote for VMRO-DPMNE, as well as about Zhana from Centar… The following conversation covers the same topic, with a slight difference that they talk about employees in the Enterprise for Organizing and Construction of the City of Skopje (PUIG), who should persuade their relatives to vote for VMRO-DPMNE. We hear about communal workers and their families who have to vote no later than 9:00 AM, and if they don’t, they will be drastically punished. Additionally, there are resignation threats for managers whose subordinates won’t fulfil the requests of VMRO-DPMNE, that a director of a Juvenile Protection Center will pay the fares of the young people who expressly stated they would go home to vote for VMRO-DPMNE.

At the end, we can hear that Toshe Proeski’s family is against VMRO-DPMNE and due to that reason Janakieski requests the closure of Proeski’s museum, sacking of a certain woman, and stopping the assistance worth 3000 euro…


All of the bombs are here


“The truth about Macedonia – Election robbery” rally, Universal Hall, Skopje, 10th of March 2015

(Below you will find the transcripts in English of the records played in this rally)



Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Marjan Nakovski

MJ: Marjan!
MN: At your service, Minister.
MJ: Listen, there are around 300 personal identification cards for Strumica. Are you familiar with that?
MN: To be made, or tо arrive?
MJ: To be made.
MN: Ouch.
MJ: Talk to Igor Janisev from my office. Write down his telephone number. 071 269 606.
MN: OK, I’ll talk to him.


Conversation between Spiro Risteski and Gordana Jankuloska

GJ: Hello!
SR: Gorde, how are you?
GJ: I’m OK, Spire. I woke up later today and I’m checking who did what wrong.
SR: I just talked to Kire… then I called these dumb-assess.
GJ: What can I say? Isn’t it enough that we are doing all of this high risk thing?
SR: Yes, of course.
GJ: It’s very frivolous.
SR: Unbelievable. They have done nothing, [although] their top priority was to decide who will be on which list. Last night, we argued until 2 o’clock in the morning, because now it’s their top priority, but they have not fulfilled a single activity, including this one…
GJ: Yes, of course. This [activity] is crucial. I told Kire the other day, I said: call everyone needed, people, and so on, and so on.
SR: Kire and I called them yesterday to a meeting in my office.
GJ: Because, you know, even here, those who are taking pictures and sitting at the stands are fined.
SR: Yes, yes…
GJ: So, you need to make combinations, in order not to be discovered, what can I say.
SR: It’s a disaster and irresponsible.
GJ: I called you for that, so we can see how we can solve this, push things ahead a little.
SR: Yes, of course. Now I call them one by one, but they don’t answer my calls. They know why we are calling.
GJ: Yes, yes, they don’t answer Kire’s calls too.
SR: We’ll see in half an hour.
GJ: That’s why I sent you and Spire Bozinovski the same message, so that he knows who is he dealing with.
SR: Yes, yes.
GJ: That’s it.
SR: OK. I’ll call them, and I’ll call you once again.
GJ: OK. In a bit, Kire and I will go at work at MOI, but the thing was, you know, to be quick. To get this thing done quickly, not to be heard all the way to Spain.
SR: Exactly.
GJ: OK, Spire.
SR: OK, Goco, we’ll be in touch.
GJ: Bye, bye.
SR: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and collocutor

C: Hi, Mile.
MJ: Where did you get this information?
C: A?
MJ: Where did you get this information?
C: This guy, Pepic, that makes the IDs for us.
MJ: Where did he get the information?
C: Where did he get it!?….
MJ: We finished an hour ago…
C: I’ll ask him where did he got it. They work at the bazaar, they have a shop there.
MJ: Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Kosta

MJ: Good afternoon.
K: Hello, Mile, Kosta speaking from the municipal election centre. How are you?
MJ: OK, Kosta?
K: I succeded to pull out four-five Voters’registers that were out of the bags…
MJ: Good.
K: So, when you have the time today, we should meet, so I can give them to you.
MJ: Why don’t you come at my office immediately?
K: Where are you?
MJ: In the Ministry of Transport, behind the Parliament [building].
K: Behind the Parliament, in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
MJ: Yes. And one more thing.
K: Tell me.
MJ: Is it possible not to update the documents for the ill people?
K: I would like to do that, my logic says so. However, instructions given by the SEC are such.
MJ: Four or five voters’registers or…?
K: Yes, four or five.
MJ: Can’t get more?
K: No. The people counting and looking from the Commission were outside, they were not here, and I managed to put the registers aside, and I put them in my car…
MJ: Did you copy them?
K: No, no, I have the originals.
MJ: OK. Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Saso Mijalkov

MJ: Saso?
SM: Mhm?
MJ: Just a consultation. I’m with the Prime Minister in a bilateral meeting. Just a consultation.
SM: Aaa, OK, speak.
MJ: I went outside. The electoral material.
SM: Yes.
MJ: I got four voters’ registers to see precisely who voted and who didn’t. Now, the electoral material is in a room and we have a key.
SM: Aha.
MJ: The material is tied up in balck bags, as I was explained, and they have those plastic things, if you recall, those plastic [bands] things that can be tightened?
SM: Aha.
MJ: Is there any expert person from MOI, or someone, to see if we can open them without shredding them?
SM: Well, when I… Listen, let’s solve this when I come back. Let’s not talk on the phone, because I’m in a foreign [mobile] network. I don’t know who is listening, I’m abroad.
MJ: OK. Call me.
SM: I’ll be in Skopje by 12-01 o’clock tonight.
MJ: Call me.
SM: I’m getting on a plane now and coming back to Skopje.
MJ: OK, Call me. Bye.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Mile, how are you?
MJ: I’m fine, I’m in Jagunovce, and I’m coming back.
SM: Tell me, what are we going to do with the members of the municipal commissions today? What time?
MJ: I told them tomorrow. They won’t be able to finish today. Today, they are all counting and have meetings all day.
SM: Well, OK. Tomorrow it is.
MJ: We’ll send you tomorrow. But, listen… why I called you yesterday.
SM: Speak.
MJ: From the electoral material, we have already found four voters’ registers and we’ll find out who did not vote and then go door-to door.
SM: Mhm.
MJ: The others are in black bags. So… they are in bags and stored in a depot in the Municipality of Centar. We have a key from there, but…
SM: The voters’ registers?
MJ: Yes.
SM: Don’t we have the complete voter register already?
MJ: No, no, no. I mean the voters’ register from last week. Where people signed.
SM: Right.
MJ: We can see who voted and who didn’t. We found the registers for four polling posts, while the rest is stored in black bags. You know those plastic bags that can be closed? When you pull it, it closes. Like a zipper. It’s plastic and has a seal.
MJ: Could someone go, I don’t know whether you have such people, to open them, but not to be noticed that it has been opened?
SM: I can’t tell you now, we need to see that mechanism. I can’t remember the mechanism precisely, but…
MJ: Oh, you know, it’s plastic, long and it tightens up like a rope.
SM: Oh, like a wire.
MJ: That’s right.
SM: I know that, it goes one into another and it’s like a wire.
MJ: Right, that’s right. Can someone from your people go…
SM: Can’t we put up a new one?
MJ: But where will we find an identical one?
SM: A? We’ll find them. Who is putting them?
MJ: Because they are sealed. SEC.
SM: Well, SEC can give us new ones, and it’s done.
MJ: No, they put a seal.
SM: And what will it serve us, to see who didn’t vote?
MJ: Yes.
SM: And what the point?
MJ: Well, on that basis we’ll go door to door, and if they are ours we’ll press them to vote.


Conversation between Biljana Briskovska Boskovska and Mile Janakieski

MJ: Yeah?
BBB: Mile, please have them tell us: we know that there are four polling posts with these people. So, they only need to confirm that these are the right people. They should have known them by heart by now.
MJ: Thirty four, Biljana, they wrote to me yesterday.
BBB: Not thirty four, I tell you four polling posts.
MJ: That’s wrong. How can I prove it to you, I saw them yesterday.
BBB: Well, I see them now, so we have them by polling post, those four are from Pustec, where there are people. Four.
MJ: But Pustec is not the only problematic one.
BBB: Well, if you have other problematic ones…
MJ: What about those from Gazi Baba, Kavadarci, and other places?
BBB: Well, there are a few more. In Gazi Baba there are 80 people.
MJ: I was looking at them yesterday. I will not lie to you. There were thirty four.
BBB: OK, I will put aside those I found, and leave you the others. OK?
MJ: No, no, no. That’s not it. Tell me how many people you will put aside, so I can tell you.
BBB: So, I will tell you exactly per polling spot… So if you think that…
MJ: I’ll find other officers, yes I will.
BBB: You can’t find any, because they are with me in other places. How will you find them? I must let the observers go to other places???
MJ: I’ll come there Biljana. It’s the most important for me to know who the observers are. How can I explain?
BBB: Can you come to the headquarters?
MJ: Well, I’ll come.
BBB: Please come, so we can solve this. OK.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and collocutor

MJ: Amdi Bajram is the man.
C: Hahaha, why?
MJ: A?
C: What did he do?
MJ: Nedzet Mustafa and the other one complained what did Amdi do to them, how did he win the. Do you know what did he do?
C: What?
MJ:…. You know that the Voters’ register was updated in conclusion with 2011, right?
C: Yes.
MJ: So, he took all persons deceased in 2012, made a list…
C: And?
MJ: And he had people voting in their places.
C: get out of here. And? Does somebody know it?
MJ: Well he says so…
C: Did he got caught?
MJ: I say that his brain is working.
C: How can he have other people voting? How will he prove that they are the same? IDs, or something?
MJ: Well, somebody goes to vote instead of a woman that is deceased. No one notices…
C: OK, but you have to show the ID. What, you’ll give the old ID?
MJ: Well, these idiots were not looking.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski

GJ:…without them there is no winning in Kumanovo. I mean, that’s the ethnic structure. Macedonian candidate can never, except if they offer ultra weak candidate, as in our case last time with Petar Pop Arsov, pass in the first cycle of voting.
ZS: He cannot pass the qualification cycle, if there is one.
GJ: Yes, but I can say that in optimal political struggle, there’s no way to win there without the Albanians.
ZS: Yeah. OK.
GJ: The structure is 30% ethnic Albanians. In reality, there is a chance if voting at some polling posts is annulled. The difference is not big per 88.000…
ZS: What’s the difference?
GJ: 1.700 votes, per 88.000 registered people.
ZS: Aha.
GJ: It’s nothing, but…
ZS: No, it’s not much, but…
GJ: Nevertheless, you need them, because there is nothing to annul with the Macedonians… no contingent…
ZS: You have annulments somewhere?
GJ: Well, yeah, complaints will be submitted, you know how the annulments go. They are not based on arguments…
ZS: From these here, Mile informed me that in [municipality of] Centar he will annul all 66…
GJ: I see, last night they were submitting complaints, we are fooling around…
ZS: They did all sorts of things.
GJ: We’re making fools of ourselves. I know, my entire Cabinet works on [Municipality of] Centar.
ZS: I know.
GJ: I mean I’m well informed about [the situation] there. Ten rounds of cancelled balloting would not….
ZS: Same.
GJ: It’s…
ZS: Same.
GJ: Those are the people there…
ZS: That’s it.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozinovski

MJ: Are we withdrawing from Centar?
KB: See bother, I don’t know what to do with these people from small towns. They were enlisted on several [voters lists]. You know that? You should get involved in that matter, with Zoki and with Kire, so inquire whether everything is OK?
MJ: But Kire has already done that, there are ten [people] on one address….
KB: No, no, no. If the situation is the same with people from small towns across Macedonia, you understand, if there are too many [per address], the risk is the same. You know. I discussed this earlier with the person that accompanied me on my visit to you. If, by any chance, the situation is less tight with them, then we should go with them. You understand. They are 135. Cancel the other thing, because we are going to make a major problem for us, you know.
MJ: It was done in amateur manner, but it’s too late now.
KB: It’s definitely amateur work, you understand. It’s definitely amateur work, they should have disbursed them. The municipal party branch president should assume some of the guilt. We have been working for three month and he has not provided a single address, and should have provided three hundred addresses.
MJ: Kire, nobody told me. Why didn’t you tell me, brother? Why didn’t you?
KB: How should I know brother? Spire did my work with the municipal [branch presidents]. Kire did my work, Gorde completed the official part, you know. In essence, all he had to do was to find three hundred families. Each with four members. You understand. Nothing. He did not provide a single. That’s why they have moved to the second [plan]. What can I say now?
MJ: Bye.
KB: Bye.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski

ZS: …As if I-don’t-know-what would happen if Koce allocates one hour [of his time].
GJ: but how many doors can Koce knock on within an hour and Koce is not familiar, I mean…
ZS: Things being done [to win] in Centar make me sick, I mean, really, even we are fed up… although we are VMRO.
GJ: You know, yesterday I talked with Kire, from my office, you know, my chief of cabinet. He lives in Centar and we’re discussing this other thing. He says I should tell that it’s not…. Because I tasked him with some errands to assure me that we are legally covered. He says: if it’s not for us, for the party, you don’t know how disgusted I am with this entire thing.
ZS: Well certainly…. everything is invested in Ohrid and this.
ЈГ: I don’t even want to talk about Ohrid, I mean, Ohrid.
ZS: It’s like we are… I’ll tell you [in person]. Yesterday I started talking…
GJ: I have sked Cvetko, the person who wants to buy our apartment…


Conversation between Zoran Stavreski and Gordana Jankuloska

GJ: Helo!
ZS: Look, I don’t like what we are doing, to be completely honest.
GJ: Me neither.
ZS: I’m against it and don’t like it. I don’t want things like that and…
GJ: Especially because it does not have a strong effect. But, even if it had, it’s not OK.
ZS: No, no. I don’t approve such things.
GJ: Same here. I mean, you know, I said what I said then, especially because that’s official information, you know. It’s not confidential data.
ZS: You can’t make it unofficial document/information. That’s it.
GJ: It’s obvious. With exact name, surname, address, everything. So, it cannot be hidden.
ZS: and afterward Cacko will be blamed. It will end up in reports, everybody will note it.
GJ: Yes, of course.
ZS: Don’t fool around. I mean, whatever the stakes, I can’t approve of the procedure.
GJ: Well, didn’t I say then…
ZS: If it’s to that, why don’t we lose that thing and distance ourselves, why not.
GJ: Well, now. Yes, yes. It’s clear.
ZS: There are boundaries to how far you can go with some things.
GJ: You’re right.
ZS: So, that’s why I don’t answer with texts, I can’t write message about this, but wanted to tell you, even before, when I saw and read about this in the papers, after the other thing. I’m reading and say to myself: what’s this, why in this manner.
GJ: We haven’t talked earlier, but there are too many stupidities.
ZS: Yes. We’ll talk tonight.
GJ: We’ll talk.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Zivko Pejkovski

ZP: Hello
MJ: Zivko, how are you?
ZP: Good Minister. How can I help?
MJ: I wanted to ask how is balloting progressing among the prisoners?
ZP: Well, we are organizing to have them vote on Saturday. The other day we were visited by people from the electoral committees, we agreed and prisoners will vote on Saturday.
MJ: Do you have control?
ZP: Yes, yes, yes.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

I: Hey Mile?
MJ: Borce?
I: Speak?
MJ: I talked to Sase yesterday and he said to get the general involved. I’m calling you for Centar. Soldiers are voting in Centar, forty something soldiers, they should vote for VMRO, otherwise they will not be soldiers.
I: Why didn’t you say earlier? They voted today.
MJ: Soldiers are voting today?
I: Today.
MJ: Today. Please, press them.
I: All right. To turn out.
MJ: Call Sase as well. Not to turn out! To turn out and vote for VMRO!
I: Yes, I know. We should have checked them earlier. You only thought of it now.
MJ: Saso was running thing, but he’s no good at it.
I: I’ll talk to Saso.
MJ: Do that.


Conversation between Martin Protoger and Gordana Jankuloska

MP: Listen.
GJ: Speak.
MP: I’m going to Ohrid tomorrow and will be there until the Election Day.
GJ: Mhm.
MP: I have arranged one team, you won’t like this, but I wanted to ask you, to turn a blind eye to this matter. So, one team, 4-5 people from here, Macko’s brother, people like him, they’ll be with me there.
GJ: Vandals.
MP: Yes. They’ll be with me there. Because I need them, there are lots of stupidities there, and plus, our people need to hold their fear, and so, I’ll keep them close.
GJ: Macko’s brother will create greater stupidities, but since you hand-picked him, you keep him.
MP: Let him come now, I know him. I’ll keep him in order as far as I can. Should I send you the names and surnames of the people coming with me?
GJ: No, no need. Just go, not a problem, but they should report with… Because, he is not under me, he’s in the Sector on Internal Affairs.
MP: Aha.
GJ: They should tell their bosses so they won’t write them something. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry, no problem.
MP: Thanks a lot.
GJ: No worries. Bye.
MP: Ciao.
GJ: Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Protoger

GJ: Yes. Hello.
MP: Gorde, how are you?
GJ: Say it Martin. I’m OK.
MP: Look, yesterday we had a small action here… we apprehended three people distributing money for Aco, and that’s that. Under the fence, attack of official person and now they have lodged a complaint to the internal control department.
GJ: All right.
MP: You should be brought up to speed. This is coordinated.
GJ: Look, I told you. I mean, godspeed for a win in Ohrid, but with the gang there, I mean, with your gang, there’s no satisfaction in that thing. Nothing will happen to them, don’t worry, but come on Martin, choosing the biggest vagabonds in MOI.
MP: They are the best guys.
GJ: Come on. When Utka is your associate, you must know that we have hit rock bottom, but no problem about this matter.
MP: C’mon. It is what it is.
GJ: Greetings.
MP: Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor (Ane)

GJ: Hello, Ane.
А: Hey there minister.
GJ: About the case in Ohrid, which you are deciding upon, make sure our people are OK, make sure they turn out clean.
А: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, normally.
GJ: Good, good. Don’t allow somebody make a mistake, so that we have to clean up afterwards.
А: No way, there will be no mistakes. It’s crystal clear, our people must be clean.
GJ: Yes, yes. OK. See you.
А: No need to reiterate.
GJ: Agreed. Bye now, ciao-ciao.
А: Agreed minister. Ciao.


Conversation between Martin Protoger and Ljupco Todorovski (Radnik)

MP: Hello?
LjT: Hey Martin, you called?
MP: Yes. Look. They know here, in Ohrid, who needs to be located and protected somehow.
LjT: Who?
MP: The man is called Straso, they need to locate him. I think it was Straso Petkovski.
LjT: Straso Petrovski?
MP: Straso Popovski.
LjT: I’ll make the call now.
MP: You understand, he must be picked up. One person is already apprehended, the Jane, with other two gays. Straso is next, and we have solved the equation here.
LjT: I’ll make the call. I’ll call them immediately.
MP: Agreed Ljpco. Thank you. Ciao.
LjT: Agreed. Ciao.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Nikola Todorov

NT: Heeey…
MJ: Same as in the second round Nino…
NT: Same as the second, ha?
MJ: 200 votes less and that’s it… last time were 2550, now there are 277…i.e. 2770, there were 2660 votes in the second round and now there is 2500…
NT: Did we brought out our people in smaller numbers or the same number as before?
MJ: Under smaller pressure.
NT: So the [difference of] 200 [votes] are actually our people, hahaha.
MJ: Yes, of course.
NT: hahaha… we haven’t done anything…
MJ: That’s why I say it’s the same…
NT: Yes, yes.
MJ: No way out, elderly people are massively turning out…
NT: They are turning out, you say?
MJ: Gievski f**ked us this morning. He should have turn off electricity for elevators, and now we are going to turn them off mechanically… it will be difficult.
NT: To no avail. That should have been done this morning Mile, not in the afternoon. People are not turning out [to vote] in the afternoon, they are turning out in the morning…
MJ: Small turnout. Biggest turnout is between 10 and 12…
NT: Between 10 and 12, but look at the structure of constituents turning out. Their structure is more normal, to speak the truth…
MJ: Now, there are two and half thousand votes balloted to present, 10 percent, not 10 and half.
NT: It is what it is. Don’t go into shambles now. I talked with the chief; he’s embarking on a plane.
MJ: I talked with him as well…


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov

NT: Yes?
GJ: Nino, did you finish with the chief, about the statement?
NT: Well, he probably finished it, I don’t know.
GJ: Good..
NT: He told me it will be at two [o’clock], but I need to ask.
GJ: All right. I thought to check if there is something extra that you think we should say…
NT: No. Important is to reiterate: it’s peaceful, peaceful, peaceful… five times peaceful. That’s it.
GJ: Importantly, yes, yes.
NT: [the process] is going peacefully. That’s it.
GJ: Look. We’ll say there were several incidents at polling stations where the commies are involved.
NT: Yes but also they have been resolved and that the institutions are functioning impeccably.
GJ: So it would be known who the hooligans are in this state.
NT: Yes, yes.
GJ: That’s most important.
NT: OK Gorde.
GJ: Because, if they later start grumbling, we’ll say: you are to be blamed. I see the journalists coming in. OK, talk to you later.
NT: Ciao.


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozinovski

GJ: Let me tell you about this fool… Ivica Toshevski.
KB: Еh?
GJ: Do you know what he was saying?
KB: What?.
GJ: Since we resolved he issue with him – we moved him… he apparently said that he had gone through difficult times but he managed to get this settlement – got the transfer and now he was a big shot! Big shot, really! He was chief, and now he is an ordinary cop. He is saying that he pulled strings to get transferred here… he is still keeping his cool! Now I am going to send him somewhere not cool!
KB: Look… I was thinking about him this morning… A message should be sent… because if we leave it as it is, the guy would be practically winning over us.
GJ: Yes, yes… He was previously president of a municipal committee, so he has some kind of a structure in place.
KB: Not just the municipal level… He is also a cop which is quite influential in those parts.
GJ: Yes… regardless of his personality.
KB: I think he must go! His wife… I just started searching her workplace… We should leave them with nothing.
GJ: You know… he’s quite dumb… Now we are going to make him an inspector.
KB: And we should burn down his restaurant… So, those three things need to be done.
GJ: You know what I think? He doesn’t know how to work, he is incapable. Everything that he has, he got it from the party!
KB: Yes…
GJ: I will be waiting for his first mistake to get rid of him one and for all… This way, we move him around and he comes up with stories that he was rewarded which is an additional tease for me.
KB: No… we should sack him… Him and his wife… And destroy his restaurant… Just like that!
GJ: The first mistakes he makes… and he will make a mistake because he doesn’t know the procedures… we will get him and f…
KB: That’s right… Assign someone to watch over him… That’ll do!
GJ: Even without the watch, he will screw up… the man is so stupid! How can I put this… The man cannot do anything!
KB: I see…
GJ: Therefore, once he goes out on the street, he will make a mistake and out he goes!
KB: Yes, yes… Focus on him… since, you know… we will be sending out a very bad message if we do nothing!
GJ: Yeah…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Mile?
MJ: Saso? The young man that was on the meeting… the one who was previously in SDSM…
SM: Yeah?
MJ: Zhernovski wants to meet him. I offered to be wired… to see what he will he will offer… he might be able to get something out of him… to talk about money or stuff like that…
SM: Mile, keep him there, I’ll be there in a sec… We are just finishing here in the Government. I’ll be there and we will see.
MJ: Shall I call him in my office?
SM: Yes, do… Ciao!


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Trajko Veljanoski

TV: Еh, Gorde…
GJ: Yes?
TV: Can you talk?
GJ: Yeah… You are calling about the event? The one that just happened?
TV: In Gjorche? Yeah…
GJ: Yes… we will deal with it… I don’t what to talk about it too much… everything will be OK… I drop in tomorrow so that we can discuss the details… The main thing is that everything will be OK tonight!
TV: Will they let them go now?
GJ: Yeah, yeah… Don’t what to talk too much… it will be OK… Tomorrow, you and I will get into the details… I was just going to call you… Did not what to talk too much on the mobile…
GJ: Right…
TV: They let them go now?
GJ: Sure… just need some time to manage the situation so that everything will be fine… It’s not enough to let them go just like that… I don’t want a scandal… you understand…
TV: Yeah…
GJ: We cover everything… My people from the office were here… but I don’t want to talk on the mobile… Everything will be just fine… I was just planning to call you, you know…
TV: Fine, bye..
GJ: We’ll see each other tomorrow and figured it out…
TV: Fine, fine…
GJ: Ok, ciao!


Conversation between Zoran Stavreski and Gordana Jankuloska

ZS: What’s up, Gorde? The police officers are from SDSM. Well, they shouldn’t have been from SDSM. You were supposed to be sure that they are not from SDSM today! Send them in Gazi Baba!
GJ: I can’t! SDSM cops must be at work so that they cannot vote.
ZS: Ok… No problem… What can I do?
GJ: So, you are calling me to scream at me… without the intent to talk…
ZS: Ok, don’t waste time… Let it be… Go on with your work!
GJ: But… really…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozhinovski

KB: Yeah
MJ: So, Treviso…
KB: What?
MJ: Treviso… 350 people… One is 190, the other 160… 105 thousand euro both…
KB: That’s a lot…
MJ: That’s the price, Kire
KB: 105 а? On top of everything, Switzerland!
MJ: Quite expensive… There’s a cheaper offer from Basel, but I’m looking for another one now… Basel, Switzerland… I can only find a big one with 240 passengers… I don’t know… 90 thousand euro is expensive as well… still looking for something cheaper…
KB: I was told that for Switzerland there’s maximum 120 people… They have secured 86 seats… I told them to make it 100… or more…
MJ: But, KIre, 100 is one thing…
KB: I know… I mean a bigger plane does not do the trick… since there’s nothing…
MJ: I am looking for a 120 seats… If it is 100, it’s an entirely different plane? Get it? The price goes up…
KB: Yeah… See what can be done and let me know.
MJ: Here’s for Treviso, let’s get it over with. Who should we pay to get it over with?
KB: Ok, I’ll make some calls.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Trpevski

ТТ: How can I help you, Minister?
MJ: Kire called me about the payment.
ТТ: Yeah?
MJ: 150 thousand euro should be paid.
ТТ: So, how much?
MJ: 150.
ТТ: No, no… Kire called me afterwards… it works differently…
MJ: What?
ТТ: He said, 100 and a document will be sent to me… But…
MJ: Proforma invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. Give me your e-mail…
ТТ: Not really… Kire said… When did you see Kire?
MJ: I didn’t see him… He just called me and said 3 planes… one is 105, the other 50…
ТТ: Well, I waiting for you to send them to me…
MJ: Give me your e-mail… so that I can send you the proforma invoice…
ТТ: On my e-mail or…
MJ: E-mail, give me your e-mail…
ТТ: Well, T trpevski…
MJ: Send it to me by SMS…
ТТ: Fine…


Conversation between Martin Protuger and Mile Janakieski

MJ: Yeah?
МP: Mile, how are you?
MJ: Fine… I’m going to a small meeting.
МP: I’m looking for Vlado… Is he with you?
MJ: Yeah…
МP: I’m trying to reach him… I want to speak to him afterwards… I have something to tell you… There’s this company, Ilinden, a construction company from Struga… The company is paving the roads all over Ohrid on the order of Aco… Make them stop… tell them that I will f…
MJ: I’ll call Rade.
МP: Call him immediately! Tell him that he is paving the roads of Ohrid… he is working for Aco… tell him that we will f…
MJ: Right…
МP: Yes, yes… put Vlado on the phone…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor (Gjoko)

MJ: Gjoko?
Gj: Hi, Minister!
MJ: How are you?
Gj: I was just talking to the guy who is on the Board of Directors of Agrokor in Croatia, on the other line… you know… Denis
MJ: I see…
Gj: Surely you know him… he is responsible for here. There’s a problem. Yesterday we were with the Vice Prime-minister…
MJ: I know…
Gj: Hes got a dozen inspectors in his premises…
MJ: Yeah?
Gj: A dozen… market surveillance, labour inspectorate, Public Revenue Office…
MJ: So what? This is State, you know! We are entitled to control stuff… Tell him that he can continue to work with Zaev… F…
Gj: The Croat is saying to me that he has always supported us and that he will never support Zaev…
MJ: No support whatsoever! You know what kind of support they gave? Firstly, Stavreski went there and nobody was there! Secondly, they did not invite us on the ceremony of starting the construction!
Gj: I know… He said so yesterday… He mentioned it and he said that he had no idea how that had happened… And now this Croat is saying that he will reveal everything to the newspapers… that apparently is not the way to work with companies… He was my friend when he came here…
MJ: Reveal what? That we sold him the land for one euro per square metre? There’s nothing to tell! Doesn’t he get auditors in Croatia? So what’s the big deal?
Gj: He’s using that now! Since Stavreski told him that yesterday, and today – just to spite him – this is what is done….
MJ: Tell him that audits are happening all around Macedonia, so he need not worry. And tell him that if he cooperates with us until 5th June, we will know how to appreciate that. If not, since we will win the elections and be in power, again we will take that into consideration… Tell that to him…
Gj: Shall I give him your number?
MJ: No, no, no….
Gj: Head of finance… in the ministry… the president of the Women’s Union works…
MJ: All right then…
Gj: Tanja is there… So, through Denis… To be able to influence the people from Strumica…
MJ: We have everything under control, don’t worry! Tell him not to worry! If he supports us on 5th June, we will respect that!


Conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Kiril Bozhinovski

GJ: Yeah…
KB: How are you?
GJ: Fine, going to Kumanovo… And you?
KB: Fine… Јust finished in Struga. We’ve got a list of people who live outside Struga, all over Macedonia… They managed to locate some, but about 300-400 cannot be located… In the Voter List they are put down as Petko Petkovski from some village, you know…. Can we help them?
GJ: Their address is some village?
KB: For example a village or settlement in Struga… whatever… That’s all thay have on him and now they cannot located him in Skopje, in Stip, in this and that… You know… it’s a significant number…
GJ: Does he have a personal identity card from Skopje?
KB: No, no… He’s in the Voter List…
GJ: I see…
KB: Is it possible for some operational guy from your ministry to help us locate these people? So that we contact them… offer them transport…
GJ: Check the neighbourhood… they know best. We can only check their address… for example, Kire is my neighbor and normally know whether he went to Skopje or Kochani… See what I mean?
KB: Yes, yes… Can we find… I don’t know… let’s say Petko Petkovski in the database?
GJ: Yes… the database will tell us where the his personal identity card or passport was issued… Let’s say, Kire, regardless of whether he lives in Skopje, if he has a passport in Struga, we will get his details… Understand?
KB: I see….
GJ: You need info if he is outside Struga…
KB: If he has a personal identity card issued from another place… then it won’t help…
GJ: That’s what I’m saying…. The best way, I think, is to get info from the people that know him. If you are my friend, I would know whether you are in Skopje or Veles.
KB: Yeah…
GJ: To approach him… Then in Skopje, if someone tells me that Kire has moved to the same building as Mile, then I’ll send Mile to talk to him… some that knows him…
KB: I get it, but they can’t find such people… From 700, they managed to find 300… They can’t locate them.
GJ: Relatives? Do they have relatives?
KB: Most of them are from the villages… went here and there… noone left…
GJ: What if we try with the telecommunication companies… provided they have mobiles or something…
KB: Yes, yes…
GJ: From their telephones, we can check where they live… from the contract signed…
KB: That’s right…
GJ: You see, we will find him… but we will have the official address, and beyond that we have nothing!
KB: The one listed in the Voter List
GJ: Yeah… but will not do you any good. Unless, through the telecommunication companies… if he has a mobile in Skopje… at least we’ll know he’s in Skopje…
KB: Whom do I need to talk to about that?
GJ: Someone from there… let’s say, Miroslav, works in the IT department in Telekom… Miro needs to extract the list…
KB:Or maybe Zhare?
GJ: Well Zhare needs to delegate that to a lower level… Zhare will certainly not extract the names himself… he will delegate it to someone…
KB: Right… good idea…
GJ: After that we can try to cross-examine the list with the data from our database…
KB: Ok, done…
GJ: It is different if we had a name to give to Security and Counter-intelligence Administration (UBK)… Such and such lives in Kochani… Then they world find him…
KB: Yes, I get it…
GJ: Now we are looking for such and such in Macedonia… They might find him, but it will take much more time.
KB: You’re right…
GJ: And we don’t have time!
KB: Ok, done…
GJ: Ok, buy Kire.


Conversation between Stevco Jakimovski and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Hello?
SЈ: Good morning…
SM: Hi, Stevco, how are you?
SЈ: A big apology from my side… I know that it’s early, but I have a big one…
SM: No problem, we are already working.
SЈ: I have a big problem with Dragisa Miletic. Listen carefully what is happening. He needs to take the full set of documents, with the account number and everything, to the Municipal Election Commissions in Kumanovo and Staro Nagoricane by 10 o’clock however…
SM: So, why doesn’t he?
SЈ: Well, this is what’s happening! We intervened in the Central Register last night and the people were quite helpful… But they need at least half an hour for the document to arrive from Komercijalna Bank by e-mail so that the final document can be issued by the Central Register.
SM: Who do you what me to contact?
SЈ: The Municipal Election Commissions in Kumanovo and Staro Nagoricane… to tell them to accept the submission after 10 o’clock… the documents with the account… as requested… I don’t want to screw the guy… Maybe here in Skopje it’s a different story, but there it’s his main spot!
SM: Оk, Ok… I’m dialing now…
SЈ: Thanks a lot…
SM: The MEC… which means State Election Commission?
SЈ: No… but you can do it from SEC… If someone from SEC made a call that would be great!
SM: Or should we contact the commissions directly from the party?
SЈ: Whatever… directly from the party or from SEC… someone should call to tell tham that Dragisa Miletic…
SM: No, no… directly is better…
SЈ: Fine…


Conversation between Musa Dhaferi and Saso Mijalkov

MD: That Violeta person… I don’t know her name… She is waiting for you… at the Administrative Court… That’s what she apparently said…
SM: Мм, Violeta? Who is she? What was her name?
MD: Well, she’s the vice-president of the Administrative Court. I think her name was Violeta. She wants to be mentioned… She is the presiding judge of the case Dolneni… or was it an appeal?
SM: Yeah… Оk… After meeting the guys at 3 o’clock, I’ll call you…
MD: I’ll be in town… I will be meeting a friend for the case…


Conversation between Menduh Tachi and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Menduh, how are you?
MT: Hi…
SM: How are you doing?
MT: I’m not calling you for a favour… don’t be afraid!
SM: No… You can always call me.
MT: Just to let you know that I’m available if you need me….
SM: А?
MT: I’m here… if you need anything… whatever… until death!
SM: Ok, fine.


Conversation between Menduh Tachi and Saso Mijalkov

SM: Menduh…
MТ: Yes?
SM:Hоw are you?
MT: Fine… sitting with some people here
SM: I need an urgent favour to ask.
MT: Tell me…
SM: Can you vote for us now in Strumica?
MT: In the Commission?
SM: Yes, in SEC.
MT: Yes, we will… I’m calling them immediately.
SM: You need to call at once… It starts in 5 minutes… we are holding on…
MT: At once… I’ll call you back in a minute to let you know.
SM: Great!


Conversation between Menduh Tachi and Bedredin Ibraimi

MT: Now it’s Strumica’s turn? Right?
BI: We are talking about it…
MT: You will vote for annulment…
BI: …. in about 2 minutes…
MT: Vote for annulment because we agreed about Chair…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Saso Mijalkov

MJ: Hey, Sase!
SM: How are you? How are you feeling today?
MJ: Let me return to the office since I’m visiting local committees. I’ve gone through half of them… I’ll call you in 10 minutes to get info about the turn out…
SM: Right… Where are you? Are you in the party headquarters or in your office?
MJ: In the Ministry. The central Headquarters is within the ministry… Now I’m visiting local branches.
SM: Ok, I might drop by later.
MJ: Ok…
SM: Ok.


Conversation between Vlatko Mijalkov and Mile Janakieski

MJ: Hello
VM: Mile?
MJ: М?
VM: I’ve got an idea… It’s actually an old idea that was quite successful. I’m talking about the newly employed.
MJ: Ok…
VM: We are visiting the local branches… Mile, listen to the concept now! I just came to the Customs Administration and I started to work on this. I gave an order to extract all personnel from the total of 1200 who live in the municipality of Centre. I got the number 72 immediately… Them I asked someone to tick all those that are social-democrats… I know our guys. Of course…
When I get that within 15 minutes, I will call their superiors – who are mainly our people… I will let them know how many of these people they have under them… You have 5, you have 2, you have 10… And I will tell them to summon their people and until tomorrow (or I don’t know when) to give me 20 new people… Let’s work institutionally! Every institution has a software for the M3 (employment) application forms for the purpose of social security and pension payments they must have the addresses for payment purposes…
MJ: We already did that in the big institutions such as MEPSO, ELEM, TELECOM… The large ones are done… Now we need to do that with the micro… I already did it…
VM: We have the large? No, we don’t!
MJ: Yesterday and today I will be getting the lists… all of them…
VM: But you don’t have Customs, for example…
MJ: No, not Customs… but I have the list for these 3-4 companies…
VM: I called Customs now… and the PRO… And we can do it with…
MJ: I thought we can do that from Monday…
VM: But in fact that covers a greater pool – as Martin would have said – of people compared to this micro level. We will be resolving the problem straight away since the heads of departments will be working on it. I will deal with only one person, not with 100… I will be getting the stuff immediately and that’s is how we will be setting up a network.
MJ: EA will be sending a list with our people employed… and that’s how we will be working… Ok?
VM: Who?
MJ: Employment Agency.
VM: Yeah… right… from all over…
MJ: I need indicative data from the Employment Agency – how many people have been employed and where.
VM: I was thinking of calling Kire since I need to contact someone from the Government. Kire should extract such a list and Kire should tell everyone to recruit 20 people. Тhat’s the best way. Instead of calling someone from the Government that doesn’t know me, I can call Kire…
MJ: Оk, call Kire
VM: Was I clear?
MJ: Yeah, yeah… let’s do it
VM: We would be much more successful and more intense!
MJ: Ok, ok… Bye.
VM: Bye…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski

MJ: Just a consult! I’ve extracted names of people employed in the faculties who live in municipality Centre.
SR: Ok…
MJ: Such as the faculty of pedagogy, law faculty, this and that faculty… Can some of your people start calling them in… one by one?
SR: How many are they?
MJ: Not many… 50-60 people…
SR: How many?
MJ: 50-60
SR: Right… send it to me… today I’m in…. Now I’m in Ohrid, tomorrow I’ll be in Bitola all day…
MJ: Someone from your Cabinet can deal with this, brother!
SR: Ok, I’ll delegate this to Natasha Janevska.
MJ: Ok, then…
SR: How will you send it to me?
MJ: I’ll send it to Natasha… No need for you to…
SR: Fine.


Conversation between Zoran Stavreski and Gordana Jankuloska

GJ: Hello?
ZS: Gorde?
GJ: Yes…
ZS: I sent you a SMS with 3 names of employees in the Ministry of Interior who delivered on their task to propose 5 more people from Gjorche Petrov. The others… well some gave three names, some did not give anything.
GJ: Right…
ZS: Please ask someone to call them and to explain to them that they were employed in MIA by VMRO-DPMNE.
GJ: Do we have the contact details?
ZS: Not now… but I can find out… I have their names and surnames and I will send them to you.


Conversation between Cvetko Grozdanov and Mile Janakieski

CG: Minister, did not manage to talk to you all day. You tried to reach me, I tried to reach you…
MJ: Cvetko?
CG: What can I do for you?
MJ: I don’t know whether I told you… You must get the people employed by us who live in the municipality of Centre to give you 3 names of people who are not affiliated to any political party.
CG: What?! I don’t understand…
MJ: Your employees in the Public Housing Company…
CG: Yeah?
MJ: Who live in Centre…
CG: Yeah…
MJ: Тhey should come up with 3х5 list… Also appoint 2-3 coordinators who will force them to vote.
CG: Noone has said anything… This is the first time that I hear…
MJ: That’s why I telling you… Do it tomorrow.
CG: Fine, I’ll do it tomorrow…
MJ: Call all employees, one by one, and make a list of their relatives who will vote for us.
CG: Ok… done.
MJ: And 2 coordinators and 3 people who will call them to force them to vote.
CG: Ok, you’ll get the list tomorrow.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor (Albert)

NN: Hello?
MJ: Yes?
NN: Hello, Minister
MJ: Yes
NN: I am very sorry… Albert speaking… I am conducting a meeting with collaborates… I told them – as you said today – that they should vote together with their families up to 10 o’clock.. After that, they should go to their local branch and sign in.
MJ: Yeah…
NN: They will not be going to work.
MJ: If anything goes wrong, we shall call on the teams… I’ll coordinate the teams… They shouldn’t go anywhere… If we need them, I’ll call them.
NN: Ok… I told them… and I also told them that you will reward them as a minister … you said three free days, right? If they do not go out and vote before 9, they will work 72 hours.
MJ: Right…
NN: I told them, Minister…
MJ: Ok, ciao.
NN: Ciao…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: Hello
NN: Bad connection…
MJ: What’s happening with Zana?
NN: Who?
MJ: Zana.
NN: I don’t know… What’s up with her?
MJ: Everyone gave a list of support people except her.
NN: I have no idea… It’s the first time I hear about this.
MJ: I’m going to sack her.
NN: She’s working in Centre.
MJ: Yes, Centre…. She was supposed to give names of people who will vote for us… Everyone in the ministry did except for her… Call her in tomorrow… Call her before I do….
NN: Ok,… I let her go today… She’s in that electoral unit… what was it called?
MJ: Look into the matter.
NN: Sure…


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor

MJ: If we find one person who hasn’t delivered, you will be sacked on Monday. Tell him that the minister sends his regards. Just one person is enough…
C: What about employee?
MJ: Member or employee who haven’t delivered a list! Tell that to Elena. Tell her that the minister said she is in charge!
C: Ok…
MJ: They will all be sacked…
C: Right.
MJ: So it’s clear… There’s bound to be someone… They are such a lazy bunch and the easiest way out is for them to say that they cannot find more people…


Conversation between Saso Mijalkov and interlocutor

SM: Do you know what my cleaning lady told me today?
C: What?
SM: She apparently has a friend who needed to come to come to you tonight. I asked where tonight and she said, the Ministry of Transport. And what about that, I asked. Well, she’s crying and screaming, she said. Why, I asked. Because she’s afraid and she’s screaming “Why is Mijalokov summoning me?” hahaha
C: (Laughing)
SM: Crying and screaming… And I say, “Yes, she needs to come over… I don’t know her… I was told about her”… She is so afraid, she’s crying… She doesn’t understand why she has been summoned… So, I told her that needs to get something done… That’s why I am calling her…
C: I write to you… See you…
SM: Fine.


Conversation between Mile Janakieski and interlocutor (Director of the Centre)

DC: Look, minister… I asked in the Centre since I live nearby… We have two kids with identity cards from Skopje and they will vote here in the Centre. Those are Kolev Viktor and Elizabeta. The other 6 kids are of voting age and they would like to vote for Gruevski if we pay the their travel costs… this is what they say.
MJ: If the travel costs are paid?
DC: We have a kid from Vinica, three kids in Kumanovo, one in Gostivar and one in Ohrid.
MJ: Ok… tell them that we will reimburse their costs… they should hold on to their receipts…
DC: No problem… I can reimburse them from here – the Centre. I’m just letting you know that 6 kids will be sent to vote in their living places according to their identity cards…
MJ: You will be responsible for those 8 votes… Bye
DC: These two will vote here…


Conversation between Elizabeta Kamchevska Milevska and Mile Janakieski

EKM: Hi, Mile!
MJ: Beti?
EKM: Yeah?
MJ: I’m in Krushevo.
EKM: Yeah?
MJ: Toshe’s family is against us. What are going to do? We can sack one of them, take away the 3000 euro we are paying them and close the museum.
EKM: A few days ago the Prime-minister called me. When he was here, he apparently saw everything. He saw Slave on the meeting. They talked… just like we are talking now… Just as we agreed on the details, he said, Slave called me and told me that Toshe’s father does not want the grave there. He also wants the whole thing… Then the Prime-minister was thinking of doing the whole thing. Then he asked how that will look like. Opposite him is the grave of Pitu Guli… a whole empire is scattered about… Then he said, let’s think about this… and that’s it…
MJ: No, Beti, that’s too much!
EKM: They have their conditions
MJ: So many things have been done for Krushevo…
EKM: Yeah….
MJ: Тhey are a big family, plus the wolley-ball team, plus the foundation, plus this and that… And they are against us.
EKM: We give them 3.000 Euro every month… Every month!
MJ: What more do they want?
EKM: 3.000 Euro each month and a whole memorial centre worth 5.000.000 Euro…


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